Friday, May 30, 2014

NYC Part 8 of . . .

Don't worry!  I promise this is almost done!  And then I'll get back to weight I'm not losing ;)  Now I'm at Wednesday, December 4th.  The forecast was originally supposed to be cloudy and I woke up to a stunning sunny day and pretty warm too.  Especially considering I'm from the Canadian Prairies. I headed straight to Central Park.  Although Central Park was walking distance from my apartment, I wanted to be further uptown to check out the upper part of the park so I took the subway there and made my way all over the place on foot after that.  
The apartment.

Loved the right on the sidewalk Christmas trees.

I could wander for days and days around Central Park.  It is so amazing.

I even stumbled upon a wedding!

Real estate envy.

The Guggenheim!  Didn't manage to see it this time.  Next time!

Fred Lebow!  He started the NYC marathon. :)

This day is about to get super cool.  As if it wasn't fabulous already. Oh . . . and I'm a geek.  Don't say you weren't warned.
If they keep winning best pizza, you gotta stop!

It was amazing!

I have zero recollection why I took this picture and I'm thinking it's from a show or movie and I just can't remember!

The Friends building.

Carrie's stoop from Seasons 1 - 3 of SATC.  What?  I told you I was a geek!

Carrie's stoop Seasons 4 - 6 and the movies.

The cupcake shop from SATC.

The garden where Steve & Miranda got married.

After this, I wanted to head to the High Line.  But first, I was hungry so a stop at a Fish & Chips place I'd heard of called A Salt & Battery.  Super tiny, just a few counter seats but pretty busy with takeout. 

While I was sitting at the counter eating my fish & chips, I noticed a whole bunch of movie trucks out front.  I didn't see any action so I didn't think much of it.  I finished up and headed in the direction of the High Line.  I'd walked about three blocks when a young woman touched my arm and asked me to wait in a minute because I was about to WALK INTO THE SHOT!  Um . . what???  Then I hear "ACTION!!"  Shut up seriously??  I look over to where everyone else seems to be looking moments later Rose Byrne and Jamie Foxx burst out of a restaurant and to an SUV followed by movie paparazzi.  Then they are followed by Cameron Diaz and Bobby Canavale who proceed to have an argument on the sidewalk. So cool!!!  They were shooting the remake of Annie!

Okay, now on my way to the High Line.  The High Line is a park/walkway built on an old elevated freight track.  It's about 1.5 miles long and I wanted to walk the whole thing.  

Time to head back to the apartment. It's a big night!  I have a ticket to Wicked! and it's the lighting of the Rockefeller tree!  I was so so so excited for this my whole trip but at the same time knew that it meant I was near the end of the trip.  Got a few pictures on my way back to apartment of course :)

Today must have been Celebrity-day because on my way to Wicked! I saw the guy who plays Riggins on Friday Night Lights.  I thought it was him, he walked so close to me, we brushed shoulders as we passed each other.  This happens a lot in NYC in the theatre district and probably everywhere except, hey, famous people.  So anyway, I thought it was him and did a double-take and then a few teenaged girls behind me freaked out.  Baha!  Yep, it's him.  I googled later just to see if he was in NYC and he was for a premiere the night before.  And this is exactly what he looked like minus the Starbucks and the sunglasses.  

Now Wicked!  This was the most incredible show and I know I don't have a lot to compare it to but wow wow wow.  Do it.  You won't regret it.  

I don't know how I can ever top that!!  While I was in the show, there was a CRUSH of people waiting and watching the performances and the lighting of the tree. I was not interested in staking out a spot and then standing there shoulder to shoulder with thousands of people for hours.  Once Wicked! let out, I headed straight for the tree.  There was still a ton of people around but not nearly what was there before and the police had taken most of the barricades down.

After that I went for a walk down Fifth Ave.  It's like once the tree is lit, everyone else lights up too!

Then home!  To the apartment that is, for a good night's sleep.  Next day will be last full day.  :(

Super long post but at least there's not a lot of reading!?