Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

It's also known as Saturday.  Friday night is what got the ball rolling though.  I have a sister that is 13 years younger than me.  We're very close.  Since the day she was born, I was a little mother and that never really changed.  Our mom moved away when my sister was just 15 so the mothering continued.  She's just shy of 24 now and she got engaged last night.  After the congratulations and the Facebook status update and the picture of the ring, things started to fall apart.  As she got older, this was always my greatest fear.  That she be getting married and I'm still not.  And here we are, she's nearly 24 and engaged and I'm nearly 37 and NOT.  Open the floodgates.  Pretty sure I cried myself to sleep.

My alarm went off to go to the gym for a run and Barbell Blast class and I didn't want to move.  I hit snooze a few times which shortened the time I have to run and got up.  I got ready to leave and then walked out the door and saw the results of our first snow.  I wanted to go back inside and go back to bed.  I finished scraping off the car and left.  I get into the gym changeroom and realize that I've forgotten my water bottle.  I hadn't changed yet so I just wanted to leave but didn't want to walk past the Y employees at the front desk who had just scanned me in.  I get dressed and at that point realize that I have two different running shoes.  Same-looking shoes but one has run for a year and a half and one has not.  I almost cried.  No water and two different shoes??  Really??  I put on my two different shoes, bought a bottle of water and went up to the treadmills.  I am proud of myself for going to the gym and doing my Saturday morning run and class but not so proud of what followed.

I got home from the gym, still tired from the sleep, puffy from the cry, and exhausted from the workout.  I dove headfirst into tortilla chips and guacamole hummus.  I didn't have tortilla chips in the condo but I do live 100 feet from a convenience store.  I walked in there to get eggs but I got eggs and tortilla chips.  Then I finished up with some jelly bellies and then crawled into bed and slept for 4 hours.  Now I feel awful in more ways than one.

The silver lining is that I actually went to the gym today and sweat like crazy and I have no weigh-in on Monday (because of a cooking class) so hopefully I can repair the damage by the following Monday.  I'll have the eTools code in the next couple of days.  Sleep, tracking, water, and exercise and going to be the keys for me for the next week to be successful.  I have the new motivator of not being the fat, 37 year-old spinster sister of the bride.  Sigh.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Confessions & Non-Scale Victories

I have a confession.  It's a Weight Watchers confession.  I haven't been physically tracking, I've been mentally tracking.  The mental tracking has been going alright but actual physical tracking would probably be working better.  Take last week for example, I stayed the same.  I don't think I went over my points and I didn't have any crazy meals or treats but I don't know that I didn't go over.  This has to change!!  To change it, I looked into Weight Watchers eTools.  I've read on other blogs about the recipe thing where you put in all the ingredients and it calculates a point value per serving, that could be helpful!  And I like the idea that with online tracking you'll have the previous weeks to look back at rather than the little pamphlet which I always lose to the abyss in my bag.  I've also seen screen prints of the online trackers on other blogs.  Today I faxed a copy of my weigh-in booklet to the head honchos at Weight Watchers so that they email me an access code for eTools.  I assume the access code is good for a limited time and then you have to pay for it so I'll have to assess how it worked before I pay.  I have to say it would be really great if it was free with a paid pass and then free for lifetime members.  In order for me to maintain my weight once I'm at goal, I'm going to need to keep tracking!  I didn't do that last time and look where it got me!

On to the good stuff, I finally did something with the big yam that's been staring at me from my countertop for over a week.  SOUP!  When the temperature dips, like it did here drastically this week, I love soup.  Nice, thick, filling soups.  It was quick and easy.  One big yam, a few carrots, chicken broth, garlic, pinch of cayenne, bit of salt, simmered for 20 minutes and then blended it all up.  I've got a big container in the freezer and another one in the fridge.  That's a little dollop of light sour cream in the picture.  Helps to add the creaminess without adding actual cream.  

My next non-scale victory is a bit of a two-parter.  I haven't been to the gym yet this week.  I know, it's Thursday.  Shame!  My friend Stephanie emailed me this afternoon and asked if I want to go to the gym tonight.  Everything in me was screaming no but what I responded with was "yes, argh!"  I went, I did week three in C25K, and I feel good for having done it.  After all, how the heck am I supposed to say no to Fit Mom??  The second part of this non-scale victory is that I have been desperate for ice cream for the last few days.  Pretty sure it's pms.  I wanted to go to Dairy Queen to get a blizzard right after the gym.  And I didn't!!!  Oh I could taste it, I was ready to turn around, and I didn't.  Although the picture I just added with this is killing me.  I'd better publish this post immediately so I can stop looking at it!!

Oh, and I'm excited!  On Friday, Fit Mom and I are making a run for the border.  We are driving to Grand Forks, ND for the day.  It's about 2 hours and totally worth the trip to hit Target and take advantage of all the fantastic stuff we don't have in Canada.  And cheap cheese!!  I think I've mentioned it before but I LOVE CHEESE!  Super Target here I come!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Weigh-In: The Scale Doesn't Care that Black is Slimming

Well, I posted a couple of days ago that I was feeling heavy and that I would be happy if I stayed the same at tonight's weigh in.  So, true to my word, I'm going to be happy.  I stayed the same!  I really am just happy that I didn't gain.  I didn't want to have to move the weight loss ticker up and I definitely didn't want to change my Healthy You Challenge button from 10 lbs to 5 lbs.  I'm just going to keep on going.  I am registered for a cooking class next Monday so I will miss Weight Watchers and be going two weeks between weigh-ins.  Scaaaary.  After about seven days, I start to get antsy, munchy, restless, hungry.  For the next two weeks, I intend to stay within my points, try a couple of recipes, do the running and the Barbell Blast and a Boot Camp class or two.  Keep on keeping on!  Ugh, hehe.

I finally tried spaghetti squash.  I bought it over a week ago and it sat on the counter with the yam for three days.  It was looking at me like "now what?".  I baked it and nearly squealed with glee when I started shredding it with a fork.  Really!  This is the coolest vegetable!  Very versatile too.  It produced so much shredded squash I was amazed.  First I made Spaghetti Squash Cakes, for a few days I ate some as a side with a bit of salt, and one night I used it instead of pasta with spaghetti sauce.  All very delicious!!!  I'm starting to wonder how many other cool vegetables there are out there that I've never bothered with . . . any suggestions?

I've also been trying to be a little more creative with omelets (I love eggs!) and with pizza.  I just use whole wheat tortillas for a crust.  This one was onions, mushrooms (love), broccoli, and sundried tomatoes (new love).  Instead of pizza sauce I used a Laughing Cow wedge and topped it with some Italian cheese blend.  The cream cheese really enhanced the cheesiness that I love about pizza.  About anything really.  I LOVE CHEESE!  I also made an omelet with all these same things in it, minus the cream cheese and it was wonderful.

And yes, since starting this blog I have been drawn to taking random pictures of food I prepare.

Michelle :)

p.s. If you have any favorite veggies or creative ways to prepare them to make them more fun, feel free to share!  Thanks :)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

I'm Feeling Like A Heavy Runner!

I'm feeling heavy.  I've been feeling that way for the last couple of days.  I haven't strayed from my points.  I did my run and did Barbell Blast on Wednesday, Boot Camp on Friday, and my run and Barbell Blast this morning.  I still feel heavy.  The scale tells me I'm heavy too.  This is discouraging.  I realize that I could be retaining water, I'll have to check the calendar on that one.  With the weight training classes, it's possible that I could have gained some muscle, although that seems a little ridiculous to me.  Could I have gained a pound of muscle?  Really?  A pound?  I'm nervous for the weigh-in on Monday but I HAVE TO GO.  I'm registered for a cooking class the following Monday and I don't want to have three weeks between weigh-ins.  THINGS GET CRAZY when I skip weigh-ins.  So my plan for the weekend is to work out, eats lots of veggies and drink lots of water!!!  I'm off to a good start with my run and Barbell Blast class this morning.  On a side note, I was telling a girl at work about the Barbell class and she drove across town to go with me this morning and she loved it and was already asking if I was going to be going the next week too.  Yay!  Oh, and I mentioned above that I did the Boot Camp class on Friday.  Yes, it was the first time that I'd done that class and it was . . . CHALLENGING.  At one point, sweat actually dripped off the end of my nose and I cursed under my breath more times than I'm willing to admit.

Next up, the running.  I need to put more into it.  I need to make sure that if I'm running before I go to a class that I get to the gym early enough to get in the full intended workout.  It's the only way I will get better.  To help with my motivation I registered for a race.  The New Year's Day Resolution Run, a 5km.  I love this race.  I've done it three times before.  It's a fun atmosphere, winter runners in Winnipeg are hardcore, there's always a good race package, and an awesome breakfast after with prizes.  It's also a great way to kick off a new year.  Last year was so cold (-45) that you could only take your gloves off for a few seconds.  Made it hard to take pictures but we did it anyway!  This is one of my favorites.  Frosty finish line photo.

Off to eat a bag of veggies and down a jug of water!  At this point, I would be happy if I just stayed the same for the weigh-in on Monday.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone!

And thanks for the comments on my previous posts!  I'm working on the zzzzz's.

Michelle :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Let's Talk About Sleep Baby, Let's Talk About You & Me!

Don't be bashful, we all do it.  Some of us are doing it more than others and I want to be one of them!!  Sleep, I want sleep!  I've never been a great sleeper.  I've had better phases here and there but I'm not consistent.  Recently, I've been wide awake when I should be getting sleepy.  I stay up too late, have trouble falling asleep, sometimes wake up multiple times during the night and can't fall back to sleep.  The alarm goes off just before 6 am, I hit snooze a few times and drag myself out of bed.  If I've had a rough night, it ruins the rest of the day and throws me off.  Take yesterday for example; I had slept less than 4 hours, I felt alright until about 2 pm and then I hit the wall.  That thwarted all plans I had of going to the gym.  I came home from work, made a strange supper, and sat down to watch The Biggest Loser.  I slept last night only because I was so exhausted.  A good night's sleep was awesome but I don't want to have to have a really bad sleep in order to have a really good one.  

This sleep thing is bothering me more now since I've been actively trying to lose weight.  If I don't get enough sleep, I make poor food choices.  If I don't get enough sleep, I won't work out.  And according to Dr Oz in You On A Diet, if you don't get enough sleep, it actually increases your cravings for sugary foods and increases your appetite overall because your hormones are regulated while you sleep!  I already have hypothyroidism, I don't need any more hormonal or metabolic issues!  So this week, I'm going to do my best to be in bed, lights out by 10:30 pm at the latest.  I don't quite know what I'm going to try yet in order to get sleepy.  Maybe tea, reading, relaxing music.  Sigh.  Oh, and the only caffeinated thing I have these days is a coffee at 7 am.  After that, nothing caffeinated.  Any suggestions are welcome! 

Next up, it's Weigh-In Wednesday on the Blog Hop.  I weigh-in on Mondays but there are a few topics/questions that go along with it.  To check it out visit Transformational Diaries.  

What worked well for you this week?   Meal planning and preparation worked great and I'm starting to get encouraged by my cooking skills.  Previously hidden cooking skills!  The other thing that went well was week one of my Couch to 5K running.

What hiccups did you have and how did you go with them?  I had a lunch date with a couple of women from work yesterday.  We went to Moxie's and they added a sandwich to their menu that I have been dying to try and I pretty much was going to try it no matter what.  I ate a light breakfast, ordered the Lobster & Brie Grilled Cheese sandwich with salad instead of fries, and ate a low point supper of fish and lots of veggies.

How did you feel physically and mentally during the week?  Both actually had their ups and downs which you can see based on the posts this past week.  Every day is a new day.

What are your personal goals for this coming week?  (They don't have to be food or exercise related.)  I have two goals this week, sleep & clean!  Obviously, sleep is self-explanatory at this point in the post.  I say clean because since I've started the journey this time around, the majority of my housekeeping has fallen by the wayside and believe me, those skills weren't too strong to begin with!  I used to use household chores as an excuse not to have time to work out.  I also want to continue with the Couch to 5K week two!  I guess make that three goals.  :)

Okay, I have to go start some pre-bedtime rituals . . . . Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz . . . 

Michelle :)

p.s. Barbell Blast tonight was awesome and I ran for two minutes at 6.5 miles per hour.  This has NEVER happened before.  Thought my legs would fall off, but in a good way. : )  And I asked the instructor about the Boot Camp class and I think I might try it.  Scared? Yes.  But I think I'm going to do it.

p.p.s.  I somehow managed to cut my leg at the gym and I didn't even notice that I'd done it.  I finished Barbell Blast and glanced down at my leg and spotted this.  Does anyone know how to get blood out of a shoe???  This is only the second time I've worn my new runners too!  Sigh.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Weigh-In Monday - Can I Getta Whoop Whoop?! (with a side of Waaah)

I was down 3 pounds!  Keep in mind though that this was a two week weigh-in because last Monday was Canadian Thanksgiving.  Still though, I'm thrilled.  It's exciting to update the weight loss ticker and I get to change my Healthy You Challenge button to the 10 pounds button!

Originally this post wasn't going to be about this but it's all I can think about so it's getting typed.  Do you ever play this oh-so-damaging game in your head?  Oh you know, the game where you run into someone that you haven't seen in a while and the whole time they are talking, you are trying to remember the last time you saw them so that you can figure out if you currently weigh less or more than you did the last time or if you were happier or less happy the last time.  This is quickly followed by a speedy evaluation of how you look right that moment.  This happened to me today.  But what is especially pathetic is that it happened on the phone.  Yeah, you read right.  I didn't even see him.  My ex-boyfriend got in touch with me because his parents need a little help/guidance in an area in which I am employed and could be a valuable resource.  I would do anything for his parents so this part is not a problem.  Through the whole conversation, my thoughts bounced back & forth from "don't ask me for coffee" and "am I 30 or 40 pounds heavier than when I was with him?"  I got off the phone quickly by telling him I'd call his mother.  He has since sent me two text messages that don't actually require a response so I'm not going to keep it going.  No way am I arranging to meet him when I look worse than when I was with him.  I"m supposed to look better not worse!  I'm supposed to be hot and he's supposed to be sorry!  Ahahahaha!  

Anyhow, after helping his mom and getting off the phone, the victory of my 3 pound loss seemed so far way even though it was only 2 hours ago.  Now I'm feeling a bit like a fat, lonely, failure to be completely harsh and honest.  And I want to EAT EAT EAT!!!!    This is especially disappointing because it's been over a month since an eatfest.  I keep telling myself that succumbing to those cravings will make me feel better for about 30 seconds and then I will feel much much worse.  My solution to avoid the eatfest is to finish this post, have a shower, and go to bed with my book.  I'm sure I will feel better in the morning.

Okay, moving on to the positives.  Can't finish with a negative!  A couple of friends have asked me why this time that I'm losing weight is different.  It is actually different, it just took me a little while to figure out what I'm doing that's different.  The first time that I lost weight (60 pounds) on Weight Watchers, I did so at a fairly consistent pace and it took about 12 - 18 months.  I hit one plateau in there and I maintained it for a few months.  That first time around, my menu was boring and I wasn't too into exercise.  I lost it mostly based on my diet.  My boring diet.  I ate a lot of packaged foods and pre-portioned foods.  Lots of Lean Cuisines and Smart Ones, and so on.  The pros were the built-in portion control and easy points tracking, the cons were the sodium, the monotony, and the expense.  This time, I'm actually cooking.  I am intentionally seeking out lower point recipes that will satisfy what I have liked about fatty, high calorie foods in the past.  I am seeking out recipes for vegetables and trying different ones.  The more ways I have to prepare things that I like, the better off I'll be.  And if I am actually enjoying what I'm eating, I won't miss the stuff that I used to enjoy.  I don't want to just eat something because the points are low, I want to eat it because I like it.  

I've linked to a few recipes in  past posts but most recently I tried Garlic Honey Asparagus and Banana Bread (left) and I'm in love with both.  I bought a spaghetti squash for the first time the other day and I'm looking for recipes for that.  Should be interesting!!

I'm going to stop here since this post got so long!  Oh, me and my neuroses.

If you have any favorite ways to prepare spaghetti squash, feel free to share!  I have a big yam, too.  :)

Michelle :)

p.s. My followers/readers have increased by about 5 times over the last week so I just want to say thanks to everyone who is reading and commenting/encouraging!  Love it!  

Friday, October 15, 2010

A Million Little Choices

I had a day off work today.  Yay!  However, on working days, I drink more water, I eat more consistently, and it's easier to stay on plan.  Today my plans included getting a massage, checking out an organic market with a friend, and getting a haircut, in that order.  I had those plans down pat but what I didn't plan was food.  How is it that after about 3 cumulative years on Weight Watchers I don't have the "planning" aspect down yet??

My first mistake: I got up and and enjoyed two cups of coffee while watching Grey's Anatomy from the night before and just lost track of time.  Before you know it, I'm scrambling around 15 minutes before I have to leave getting myself ready and trying to find something filling, enjoyable, and fast to eat.  I made my latest favorite wrap.  Ridiculously delicious.  Then I took off for my appointment.  Following my wonderful massage was where I made my second mistake.  I should have grabbed a granola bar or a yogurt or something and tossed it in my bag.  Even a bottle of water would have been great!!  I went straight to my friend's place to go to the market.  As soon as we came back from the market, it was time for me to get across town to my hair appointment.  Now it's been 5 hours since I've eaten and I am stomach-growling hungry and a little bit angry about it.

I had to stop for gas, so there I am wandering around the tiny convenience store picking up and putting back chocolate bars and chips over and over.  Finally, I leave with just the gas and a Coke Zero.  Why didn't I just get water??  Then I'm driving in rush hour past every fast food restaurant that exists and suddenly wanting a burger badly, trying to convince myself that I deserve it.  It's then, in the car on the way that I realize that I still have my purchases from the market.  In that box were some Blue Diamond Nut-Thins crackers and a small container of hummus.  At the next red light, I checked the nutritional info, counted out my 16 crackers and ripped open that container of hummus.  Oh, and I now have two new loves and their names are Hummus & Nut-Thins.  I digress.  The crackers, hummus and coke zero hit the spot long enough for me to get my haircut and get home to prepare a regular supper.  

As I was preparing supper, I started thinking about how it could have turned out differently.  I could have hit a drive-thru and ordered a big combo meal and polished it off without even thinking about it.  When I was in the gas station looking at the candy and chips, I made a choice.  With every fast food restaurant I drove past, I made a choice.  With every 7-Eleven and Mac's I drove past, I made a choice.  On their own, those choices seem so small but put them all together and it's a lifestyle choice.  A million little choices got me to where I am now and a million little choices will get me back to where I need to be.  Those little choices don't seem so little all of a sudden.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Running, Non-Scale Victories, & the Office Treat Guy Celebrates Halloween

Quite a lot of topics I know!  I'll start with the Office Treat Guy.  I've posted about him a couple of times before.  Three days out of five days he had cookies.  Yes, cookies.  That was nothing.  Now it's nearly Halloween.  A couple of days ago, he shows up with enough candy and chocolate to fill not just his Halloween candy box but he had to pull out his Easter basket too!  When he went for his coffee break this morning, I snuck over to his desk and snapped this picture.  Oh yes, those orange wrappers peeking out are Reese Peanut Butter Cups.  Easily in my top three favorite chocolate bars.  Reese Peanut Butter Cups & Snickers are always in the top two, the third often rotates.  I'm so fickle.

Next up, Non-Scale Victories.  These non-scale victories are new to me.  I've seen them on a number of other weight-loss blogs and I really love the idea.  There is something a little bit dangerous about relying solely on the scale to measure our successes.  I know there have been weeks in the past on my various weight-loss journeys where I have done everything right; stayed within my points, exercised, drank my water and so on, yet the scale did not reflect that when I needed it too.  Then the following week, I didn't try as hard and I'm suddenly down 4 pounds.  So yes, I am definitely on board with weekly non-scale victories.  With Monday being my Weight Watchers meeting night and this past Monday being Canadian Thanksgiving, I didn't have a meeting or a weigh in.  I usually start to melt down a little after 7+ days without a meeting but this week, I'm counting on these victories and my newfound blogging community to carry me through!  My Non-Scale Victories for this past week:
1.  I found a class at the gym that I LOVE!  Barbell Blast.
2.  Office Treat Guy has had his candy out since last Thursday and I haven't even had one piece.
3.  I noticed today that my jeans are getting loose and I have to pull them up a bit.
4.  I opened the door to running again after my ankle injury.

And finally to the last topic of this post, my running.  In my previous post, I mentioned that I had increased the speed on the treadmill three times for a minute just to test out the ankle.  It swelled slightly after that but wasn't painful and responded quickly to an ice pack.  Based on that, I decided it was time to start the Couch to 5km program and get myself back into running regularly for real.  I'm excited!!  On Monday, I went to the gym and did the week one run which was running for a minute 8 times with walking breaks.  It was great and my ankle was fine.  Can't wait to do it again tomorrow :)

Anyone have any Non-Scale Victories they'd like to share?

Have a good week!

Michelle :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

So I Used To Be a Runner . . .

It's true.  I used to be a runner.  I started running about six years ago through a Learn to Run clinic at the Running Room.  I ran fairly consistently for about a year.  Then I had a few surgeries for endometriosis and after the six weeks of recovery, I wasn't able to run for a while and I just didn't do it again.  About two years ago, I decided it was time to do it again.  I did another Learn to Run clinic at the Running Room and right after it, I moved into the 10 km clinic.  I ran rain, shine, sleet, snow, and windchill.  Big windchill especially here in Manitoba.  After the 10 km clinic, I moved onto the Half Marathon clinic and registered for the Hypothermic Half Marathon in February of 2010.

This picture on the left was the first time I ever ran 16 km, October 11, 2009.  I knew I was going to do a long run but I was thinking 10 - 12 kms but I joined the group that was going 16 km and decided that if I didn't want to go that far, I could always turn around.  I didn't!!  On November 22, 2009 (picture on right) was the first time I ever completed the half-marathon distance.  We were out for the Sunday long run which was supposed to be 18 kms and we decided to just keep going so we knew what it was like to do 21.1 km without snow on the ground.  Oh, and I was about 177 pounds then.

Training outside in the winter was difficult at times but not impossible.  I actually prefer the minus 30's to the plus 30's when it comes to running.  This picture was the New Year's Day Resolution Run of 2010.  The temperature was -45 with the windchill.  This is one of my favorite running pictures.  Yes, those would be my eyelashes.  And I'm wearing a Santa hat.  

These pictures are from the Hypothermic Half Marathon on February 28, 2010.  Running for the finish line and so happy after.  This is my first and only (to date) half marathon.


After the half marathon, I needed a break from running.  It was very time consuming and tiring to train for it.  It was a major commitment.  But my one - two week break, turned into a couple of months.  In May 2010, I ran the Winnipeg Police Service Half Marathon relay and a 10k in Fargo, North Dakota with a bunch of friends who went to the States for the weekend and then after that, I didn't run at all.  

Then, when it's in the back of head to get started again, this happens.  Sniff Sniff.  I missed a step and turned my ankle right over.  I heard the crunching sounds, felt it too!  It was twice its size within 30 minutes.  I thought I broke it but I actually tore the ligament in my ankle.  This was June 25, 2010.  I had the cast for 5 days and then an air cast for a few weeks. Glad I'd recently had a pedicure!

This brings me to right now.  My right ankle still isn't quite right and I'm starting to think that it never will be.  It's always stiffer than my left ankle.  I don't have the range of motion that I used to and it still swells sometimes.  I really want to run again though.  Today I went to the gym and used the treadmill for 20 minutes and three times, I increased the speed and ran for a minute, just to test it out.  I'm going to keep doing this for the next week or so and if all goes well, I will start the Couch to 5 K program.  I don't want to be a one hit wonder when it comes to running and half marathons!  And I have two new pairs of runners that I'd bought on sale!  One here in Canada at the Running Room and the other from the Nike store set up at the Fargo Marathon in May.  Had to, it was a new color we didn't have and they were half the price than at home.  Had to!!  

So yes, I definitely want to be running again.  I do my ankle exercises and i"m working on making the muscles surrounding my ankles stronger.  Oh how I hope I can get back to where I was.  I miss it.  I love entering races and I have a pile of bibs that I've saved and a few medals too!!  I want more!!

I'll keep you posted and wish me luck!!  

Michelle :)

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It's Finally Happened!!!

Mark your calendars people!  Today was the day that I, Michelle, lover of the sofa, fell in love with a class at the gym.  I know.  I can hardly believe it myself.

I started off strong with the gym a few weeks ago and then just let it fall away.  A love of exercise doesn't come easily to me.  At times, it's been better but it definitely isn't something that comes easily.  I envy the people that say things like "I just love feeling the burn in my muscles" or "I love a good sweat".  Say whaaat?  I'm feeling pain and icky sweat, not a nice warm feeling towards physical activity.

Likely knowing that I needed to get back to the gym again to supplement counting my Weight Watchers points, my wonderfully fit friend Stephanie suggested a couple of days ago that we do a class at the Y together once a week.  She also suggested a couple of classes, either Barbell Blast or Studio Cycle (spinning).  I tried Studio Cycle in May and the week following was such a painful experience that I still can't talk about it and when I can, it will need its own blog post.  I opted for Barbell Blast.

While my DVR recorded Survivor, I was in a weight training class.  Come on!!  Not knowing what to expect or what to use, I started taking the equipment that other people were taking and then I asked a regular what we needed.  Two bars, one with lighter weight, one with heavier weight, one set of weights, one mat, and a step.  Because I had no idea what to expect and because I would like to walk normally in under a week (reference to the spin class), I took the lightest option for the bar and then the second lightest option as my heavier set.  It really ended up being perfect.  It was still a challenge as I haven't done any weight training in ages and it's a good starting point to figure out where I'm at.  We'll see over the next couple of days if I should take the same weights next week, or add a little.  Oh yes, I said 'next week', I'm going back!

What I liked about it . . . it wasn't an aerobics class.  It didn't require a ton of coordination.  The instructor was supportive, not intimidating.  If the instructor had seen my light weights and said something like "come on, you can do better than that, push yourself", I probably wouldn't have gone back.  I got a full-body weight training workout done in 45 minutes with someone watching my form.  Awesome!!  I also think he teaches a couple of other classes, namely, Body Sculpt, and a 30 minute ab class.  I am now interested in those too.  Who is this unfamiliar person I'm talking about!

Oh, and that thing happened.  That thing people talk about when they say that you will have more energy after working out.  It really did happen, I was amazed.  After work, I was tired, grumpy, and worried.  After the workout, I had energy, I felt happier, I did the dishes, tidied up a bit, set the coffee maker for the morning, and sat down with my protein float to watch Survivor.  Oh how I love my DVR.

Michelle :)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Weigh In - Hollah!!

First off, earlier today, I was feeling a little blah about this whole weight loss thing.  Sometimes it feels okay and doable but other times it feels daunting, overwhelming, discouraging.  When I came home from work today I logged into blogger and went through the blog roll and my eyes fell on the word Perseverance and after reading this post by Keelie, I felt a lot better.  I am a quitter too.  I'm not the only one.  It is completely hard to do this. It's hard to change.  It's hard to give up, even partially, the food that you like or the amount that you couch.  It's even harder to do it long enough to make it a new habit, a new lifestyle, a new you.  And worse?  It takes time and we always want it to happen faster than time will allow or our bodies will allow.  Anyhow, I digress . . . on to the weigh in!

I was down 5 pounds!  I knew I was going to be down 2 - 3 pounds but to be down 5 was awesome.  I'm glad to have lost the three I gained last week and then some.  And I desperately needed the boost and to know that I wasn't wasting my time & energy.

Usually during the meeting, I'm hungry.  No one eats supper and then heads to a meeting to a weigh in.  That's just silly!  Today was no exception, I was really hungry.  On a normal night, I go to WW, weigh in, find a seat and then listen to the motivating talk and participate.  But in the back of my head, I'm going through all the options of the 'something horrible' that I'm going to have after the meeting.  I know so many people who have a bad reward meal after the weigh in and then start fresh the next day.  Because it's 8 pm by the time I get out of the meeting, I usually go for fast food.  Whopper with cheese combo or Big Mac combo or pizza.  Last week, I went to Subway which isn't too terrible but I did get the mayo, cheese and cookies.  This time was different though, and I actually felt the change somehow. Tonight, I was thinking about all the bad food options and I didn't feel like any of it.  None of it!  McDonald's nope, Burger King nope, Taco Bell/KFC nope, Dairy Queen blizzard nope.

I knew I had healthy yummy options at home and started thinking about those things.  I needed something to be ready quickly.  I came home and made an open-faced tuna melt, some veggies, and a protein float.  I can't explain how much I'm enjoying this protein float.  I got it from Daisygirl over at A Future Success Story and while it's not exactly like a Root Beer float, it's close enough that it feels like such a treat and really curbs that sweet craving.  She has also used orange soda and says it tastes like a creamsicle.  Ummm . . . come on!  I could not be more excited!

Also, as far as meal planning and food prep goes, I made a big pot of rice, (this recipe also came from Daisygirl and it's great!)  I thawed a couple of turkey sausages and I have salmon & cod fillets in the freezer and fresh & frozen veggies.  For breakfast, I usually go with a granola bar, fruit & yogurt or a smoothie.  Stuff that's easy because I have very little time in the morning as I'm out the door to catch the bus downtown by 6:45 am.  My favorite granola bars right now are the Special K bars.  The Mocha one tastes like puffed wheat cake.  Yum yum yum!!  I'd really like to make my own granola bars sometime but I would like to find a low point recipe.  Somewhere in the 2 - 3 points range so no more that 100 - 150 calories.  Although I don't have everything written down for each meal, I feel this is a good start to my future in meal planning & preparation. :)

Damn, I feel good!!


Friday, October 1, 2010

Weigh Up - oops

Well I fell off the wagon for a week or so.  Not tracking, not working out.  I went to my WW meeting this past Monday and was up three pounds.  I knew I was going to be up and was actually thrilled that it wasn't the six pounds I'd already lost.  I've since been tracking my food and drinking all my water and trying some new recipes.  I realized today that I really have to plan ahead as far as meals go.  I wait too long to think about what's going to be for lunch or supper and then it's upon me, I'm starving, and I make poor decisions.  I'm going to work on planning ahead and also beginning preparing my meals before I'm actually hungry.

On Tuesday, a friend emailed me a burger recipe from Hungry Girl.  It was called Avocado Aficionado.  The picture looked so good and the only thing I had to run out to buy was the avocado so I had it that night.  I replaced the Boca vegan patty with a Jennie O turkey patty.  It was delicious!  So delicious that I had it the next night for supper again.  I love avocado so I like having another way to enjoy it other than making a big guacamole recipe and diving in.  Today for lunch I made a wrap using Mountain Bread flatbread.  So good.  Extremely thin and just 72 calories for one.  I spread half of a Laughing Cow wedge in the middle, then layered half a Gardenburger patty sliced, tomato, red onion, and avocado and rolled it up.  Again, delicious!  I love having two more things that I can add into my meals for variety.  It looked so colorful and pretty on the cutting board, I took a picture.

Next WW meeting is Monday and it would be really, really great if I lost all three pounds!