Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Running, Non-Scale Victories, & the Office Treat Guy Celebrates Halloween

Quite a lot of topics I know!  I'll start with the Office Treat Guy.  I've posted about him a couple of times before.  Three days out of five days he had cookies.  Yes, cookies.  That was nothing.  Now it's nearly Halloween.  A couple of days ago, he shows up with enough candy and chocolate to fill not just his Halloween candy box but he had to pull out his Easter basket too!  When he went for his coffee break this morning, I snuck over to his desk and snapped this picture.  Oh yes, those orange wrappers peeking out are Reese Peanut Butter Cups.  Easily in my top three favorite chocolate bars.  Reese Peanut Butter Cups & Snickers are always in the top two, the third often rotates.  I'm so fickle.

Next up, Non-Scale Victories.  These non-scale victories are new to me.  I've seen them on a number of other weight-loss blogs and I really love the idea.  There is something a little bit dangerous about relying solely on the scale to measure our successes.  I know there have been weeks in the past on my various weight-loss journeys where I have done everything right; stayed within my points, exercised, drank my water and so on, yet the scale did not reflect that when I needed it too.  Then the following week, I didn't try as hard and I'm suddenly down 4 pounds.  So yes, I am definitely on board with weekly non-scale victories.  With Monday being my Weight Watchers meeting night and this past Monday being Canadian Thanksgiving, I didn't have a meeting or a weigh in.  I usually start to melt down a little after 7+ days without a meeting but this week, I'm counting on these victories and my newfound blogging community to carry me through!  My Non-Scale Victories for this past week:
1.  I found a class at the gym that I LOVE!  Barbell Blast.
2.  Office Treat Guy has had his candy out since last Thursday and I haven't even had one piece.
3.  I noticed today that my jeans are getting loose and I have to pull them up a bit.
4.  I opened the door to running again after my ankle injury.

And finally to the last topic of this post, my running.  In my previous post, I mentioned that I had increased the speed on the treadmill three times for a minute just to test out the ankle.  It swelled slightly after that but wasn't painful and responded quickly to an ice pack.  Based on that, I decided it was time to start the Couch to 5km program and get myself back into running regularly for real.  I'm excited!!  On Monday, I went to the gym and did the week one run which was running for a minute 8 times with walking breaks.  It was great and my ankle was fine.  Can't wait to do it again tomorrow :)

Anyone have any Non-Scale Victories they'd like to share?

Have a good week!

Michelle :)


  1. Hi Michelle,
    I just love non-scale victories!!! They've helped me so much in overcoming my obsession with the scale. I also love to look back over the months and see how far I've come.

    You've already read my non-scale victores for the week, so there's nothing new to share yet. But I do want to congratulate you on the big decision to start running again. How in the world do you do it in the winter months (in Canada of all places)?

  2. NSVs are awesome - I love being able to (and sometimes being challenged to) focus on non-weight-related victories. Congrats on yours! :)

  3. Good for you, not eating treat guy's candy. He's like a drug dealer trying to push is drugs...JUST SAY NO!

  4. You must feel great with the running side of things ... and congrats on the NSVs! They really make a huge difference and change the focus to what you can actively do, rather than weighing what you've done in the past (or not!). Then it's not so much of a lottery either when you do weigh in on the scales!

  5. Non scale victories are terrific. :)

    I'm a new follower...would love for you to stop by! :)


  6. "I noticed today that my jeans are getting loose and I have to pull them up a bit."

    Isn't that the greatest feeling? Congrats.

    I failed miserable with the cupcakes delivered to the office today. Sigh. One day at a time.

    Thanks for stopping by our bloghop! Hope to see you back next week.