Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Office Treat Guy

Every office has one.  You know them, the person in the office that always brings in treats and sends out a little email or two letting you know of all the delicious goodies lurking around the corner.  I really credit the office treat guy with at least 5 of my extra pounds.  Three pounds was Easter alone, I'm sure of it.  He had chocolate eggs, mini Cadbury eggs, mini Caramilk eggs, and even a chocolate bunny!  He brings in Lindt chocolate too.  Evil!!!  This week, it has been cookies . . . twice.  And today is only Wednesday.  He called them Italian Stallion cookies.  I did not even venture over into the area of his desk to see what they were.  So yay me for resisting the treats!!!

Ever notice how the office treat person is always thin??  Take note.  95% of the time, thin!!

1 comment:

  1. I say we start a movement to take down all skinny office treat guys and gals!