Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Weigh In & Weigh Down!

My normal Weight Watchers meeting/weigh-in night is Monday but this past Monday was a stat holiday so no meeting :(  I was going to wait the two weeks but with the way I've been feeling over the last couple of days, I decided it was best to find a meeting pronto.  Without a weigh-in and the pep talk to go along with it, I would likely be halfway through a Whopper combo right now.  I was down 4.0 pounds!!!  That was 9 days not 7 so I had a couple extra days in there to contribute.  Now instead of feeling awful about a Whopper, I'm waiting for my marinated pork tenderloin and veggies to be ready.  Smells so good!!

I love the WW leader.  I drove further than I needed to just so I could get to a meeting where it was my regular leader.  She is very motivating and is never short of excellent tidbits to get us through another week and tonight was no exception.  I'm going to start taking a pen & paper to jot down some of the things she says.  

So in a nutshell, I totally needed that and now have the motivation to keep on going!  Oh!  And I got to update my little weight loss ticker thing!

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