Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Too Early for PMS so What Gives??

Oh the cravings.  Not necessarily cravings for chocolate or cravings for chips or cravings for pizza, but just cravings.  All day I've wanted to dive headfirst into . . . something bad.  Anything bad.  I didn't though and I'm really hoping this feeling isn't with me tomorrow.  What do you eat when you want something bad and you want it bad!??  

I went to the gym right after work today in spite of every thing in me willing me not to.  It really is so much easier to just sit around and do nothing and that makes me even more proud of myself for going.  If it was easy, everyone would be doing it and obesity wouldn't be an epidemic.  The hardest part is just getting there.  Once I'm there, cranking out 45 minutes of cardio isn't a problem.  Lots of people watching, a few sitcoms on the equipment tv, or some upbeat tunes on my iPod really help the time fly by.  What do they say?  Six weeks till it's a habit?  I just want it to become something I do without question, just part of my lifestyle.  So four and a half weeks left till it's a habit.  Better start crossing off the days on a calendar!

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