Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It's Finally Happened!!!

Mark your calendars people!  Today was the day that I, Michelle, lover of the sofa, fell in love with a class at the gym.  I know.  I can hardly believe it myself.

I started off strong with the gym a few weeks ago and then just let it fall away.  A love of exercise doesn't come easily to me.  At times, it's been better but it definitely isn't something that comes easily.  I envy the people that say things like "I just love feeling the burn in my muscles" or "I love a good sweat".  Say whaaat?  I'm feeling pain and icky sweat, not a nice warm feeling towards physical activity.

Likely knowing that I needed to get back to the gym again to supplement counting my Weight Watchers points, my wonderfully fit friend Stephanie suggested a couple of days ago that we do a class at the Y together once a week.  She also suggested a couple of classes, either Barbell Blast or Studio Cycle (spinning).  I tried Studio Cycle in May and the week following was such a painful experience that I still can't talk about it and when I can, it will need its own blog post.  I opted for Barbell Blast.

While my DVR recorded Survivor, I was in a weight training class.  Come on!!  Not knowing what to expect or what to use, I started taking the equipment that other people were taking and then I asked a regular what we needed.  Two bars, one with lighter weight, one with heavier weight, one set of weights, one mat, and a step.  Because I had no idea what to expect and because I would like to walk normally in under a week (reference to the spin class), I took the lightest option for the bar and then the second lightest option as my heavier set.  It really ended up being perfect.  It was still a challenge as I haven't done any weight training in ages and it's a good starting point to figure out where I'm at.  We'll see over the next couple of days if I should take the same weights next week, or add a little.  Oh yes, I said 'next week', I'm going back!

What I liked about it . . . it wasn't an aerobics class.  It didn't require a ton of coordination.  The instructor was supportive, not intimidating.  If the instructor had seen my light weights and said something like "come on, you can do better than that, push yourself", I probably wouldn't have gone back.  I got a full-body weight training workout done in 45 minutes with someone watching my form.  Awesome!!  I also think he teaches a couple of other classes, namely, Body Sculpt, and a 30 minute ab class.  I am now interested in those too.  Who is this unfamiliar person I'm talking about!

Oh, and that thing happened.  That thing people talk about when they say that you will have more energy after working out.  It really did happen, I was amazed.  After work, I was tired, grumpy, and worried.  After the workout, I had energy, I felt happier, I did the dishes, tidied up a bit, set the coffee maker for the morning, and sat down with my protein float to watch Survivor.  Oh how I love my DVR.

Michelle :)

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