Monday, October 4, 2010

Weigh In - Hollah!!

First off, earlier today, I was feeling a little blah about this whole weight loss thing.  Sometimes it feels okay and doable but other times it feels daunting, overwhelming, discouraging.  When I came home from work today I logged into blogger and went through the blog roll and my eyes fell on the word Perseverance and after reading this post by Keelie, I felt a lot better.  I am a quitter too.  I'm not the only one.  It is completely hard to do this. It's hard to change.  It's hard to give up, even partially, the food that you like or the amount that you couch.  It's even harder to do it long enough to make it a new habit, a new lifestyle, a new you.  And worse?  It takes time and we always want it to happen faster than time will allow or our bodies will allow.  Anyhow, I digress . . . on to the weigh in!

I was down 5 pounds!  I knew I was going to be down 2 - 3 pounds but to be down 5 was awesome.  I'm glad to have lost the three I gained last week and then some.  And I desperately needed the boost and to know that I wasn't wasting my time & energy.

Usually during the meeting, I'm hungry.  No one eats supper and then heads to a meeting to a weigh in.  That's just silly!  Today was no exception, I was really hungry.  On a normal night, I go to WW, weigh in, find a seat and then listen to the motivating talk and participate.  But in the back of my head, I'm going through all the options of the 'something horrible' that I'm going to have after the meeting.  I know so many people who have a bad reward meal after the weigh in and then start fresh the next day.  Because it's 8 pm by the time I get out of the meeting, I usually go for fast food.  Whopper with cheese combo or Big Mac combo or pizza.  Last week, I went to Subway which isn't too terrible but I did get the mayo, cheese and cookies.  This time was different though, and I actually felt the change somehow. Tonight, I was thinking about all the bad food options and I didn't feel like any of it.  None of it!  McDonald's nope, Burger King nope, Taco Bell/KFC nope, Dairy Queen blizzard nope.

I knew I had healthy yummy options at home and started thinking about those things.  I needed something to be ready quickly.  I came home and made an open-faced tuna melt, some veggies, and a protein float.  I can't explain how much I'm enjoying this protein float.  I got it from Daisygirl over at A Future Success Story and while it's not exactly like a Root Beer float, it's close enough that it feels like such a treat and really curbs that sweet craving.  She has also used orange soda and says it tastes like a creamsicle.  Ummm . . . come on!  I could not be more excited!

Also, as far as meal planning and food prep goes, I made a big pot of rice, (this recipe also came from Daisygirl and it's great!)  I thawed a couple of turkey sausages and I have salmon & cod fillets in the freezer and fresh & frozen veggies.  For breakfast, I usually go with a granola bar, fruit & yogurt or a smoothie.  Stuff that's easy because I have very little time in the morning as I'm out the door to catch the bus downtown by 6:45 am.  My favorite granola bars right now are the Special K bars.  The Mocha one tastes like puffed wheat cake.  Yum yum yum!!  I'd really like to make my own granola bars sometime but I would like to find a low point recipe.  Somewhere in the 2 - 3 points range so no more that 100 - 150 calories.  Although I don't have everything written down for each meal, I feel this is a good start to my future in meal planning & preparation. :)

Damn, I feel good!!


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