Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Soooo close!

I weighed in yesterday at 200.6.  A loss of 2.2 pounds which is awesome.  Onederland is so close!!

This week for sure, this week for sure!!!  I just have to lose 0.8 to see my weight start with a one again!

I do however get to update this little guy because I have passed 25 pounds now so that's kind of fun. I'll take it!  I never thought it would be thrilling updating the badge every 5 pounds but it really is :) This week was pretty good food-wise right up until the end.  More on that in a bit.  Almost all of our classes at the gym were cancelled due to Spring Break this past week so the only one going was boot camp on Tuesday night which I DID GO TO!  Then on Saturday morning I went for a brisk 7 km walk with one of my boot camp girls (Lindsay :).  It finally felt like spring, then promptly snowed the next day.

Now I'm going to whine a little bit.  It's not really weight-loss related but it did make me jump head first into a giant bag of chips and container of dip last night.  I ATE THE WHOLE THING.

For the most part, the older I get, the more okay I am with being single.  People that know me in real life will scoff.  But it's true.  The older I get, I'm getting better at it.  It's not something I would EVER choose but hey, that's the way it is.  That and hearing annoying stories about friends husbands sometimes makes me glad I don't have one. :) Keep them coming ladies!

However, there are times when the pangs strike and strike hard.  Jealousy gets the better of me.  I feel sour, old, and bitter.  Those times are usually brought on by babies, travel, and financial calamity.  Babies is self-explanatory.  Married couples who are having trouble conceiving aren't the only ones having trouble conceiving.  Travel - my issue here is that it's so expensive to plan a trip as a single.  Everything is based on double occupancy and honestly, most of my friends didn't start going through the trouble of traveling till they found their person, then they were all about the vacations and trips.

This brings me to the last one, financial calamity.  The one striking pain right now.  By this I mean the unexpected things.  The unexpected $$ expensive $$ things.  While I LOVE the condo I bought last year, sometimes I do feel the weight and the pressure of being a single income and would so love to split the mortgage and bills sometimes.  The pressure that would alleviate would be wonderful.  When I'm really into worrying, I start thinking about money for retirement and where that's going to come from and hope like crazy that I won't be an old lady eating cat food.  I mean, what would my cat eat??  Or when something breaks down, it would be so nice to say "hey, can you deal with this one?"  I've had one thing after another this past year and most recently, which has prompted this whole whiny thing, is my transmission.  Yes, sigh, my car.  I have a 97 Honda Civic with very low kilometers on it and right now, it's been at the garage since Thursday and my mechanic (I love him) is looking for a used transmission for me because my choice is scrapyard or transmission for around $1300 or $1500.  I can't afford a car payment of any kind at the moment so my choice is really transmission or no car at all.  No, I won't rob a bank!

Not my car but exactly my car.
No car wouldn't be the worst thing in the world however, for me, I would feel the loss of independence greatly.  I hate asking for rides or always needing to be picked up.  I like to go where I want to go and leave when I want to leave.  My car means freedom to me.  I worked hard for it and I distinctly remember the day I got to pick it up and it was so exciting.  I have loved this car for nearly 10 years and fingers crossed, with a transmission, I could love it for another couple years.  So for now, I'm hoping Frank (mechanic) calls soon saying he's got the perfect transmission for me.  I'm looking at where I can tighten up my budget further and keep an eye on the job postings at work.  Seriously, there's about three hens I would love to push into retirement with my foot.  One literally SLEEPS at her desk and the other surfs the net and talks to her retired friends all day.  I cannot believe those two make more money than I do for a job I can do better.  Hopefully, my car will live long enough for me to get into a higher paygrade.  :)  ENTER THE POTATO CHIPS.  All of this money stuff that's been plaguing me since Thursday finally cracked me last night and I walked to the convenience store on the corner and bought a bag of chips, container of dip, and a lottery ticket.  I'm so weak.  Not really, but in that moment I was.  I ate it all and then crawled into bed, cried a little and fell asleep with an upset stomach.  The one silver lining is that I haven't eaten chips & dip in so long (New Year's Eve) that my stomach actually didn't like it anymore.  That's gotta say something for all my healthy eating!!  :)

Better go start taste-testing cat food.  KIDDING!!!  I'm going to make a tuna melt, shower, get my pj's on and settle in for The Good Wife.  So happy it's a new episode tonight. :)

Can't believe I've got 99 followers that I know of.  That's crazy.  Crazy awesome but crazy all the same :)


  1. Hi Michelle! I am one of your new followers and I just wanted to say congrats on your WL this week and I look forward to next week when you hit Onederland!

  2. At first - WOOOHOOOOOO!!!! Almost ONEderland and a new badge for HYC!!! Then - dang... life crept in. I'm sorry to hear that you were down, but definitely don't let one indulgence create a domino effect and go into a binge. Life sucks sometimes, it's just a reality we all have to deal with, and turning to food doesn't and will never change that. I know you've probably heard it a million times, but everything happens for a reason, and it will all work itself out. The journey of life has its ups and downs, and we grow stronger through our struggles. Things will begin looking up for you before you know it. Keep your head up girlie!! I'm rooting for you and your weigh in to be in the 100s soon!!

  3. Congrats on almost being in onederland! I just started following you!

    It sounds like you are overwhelmed right now! I hope it all works out for you. You are doing SO well.

  4. Yay!!! Onederland is a wonderful place, you're going to love it! Congrats on doing so well, and I hope things work out for you with the whole car thing. I'm also on the budget tightening, but it's so hard when no jobs are up at work so I feel your pain!

  5. So, so sorry on the car - repairs are a super-wench.

    However, YEE HAW on 25lbs loss! That's awesome - go, you! :D

  6. Can't wait to celebrate your cross over into Onederland.

    Must be something in the air with transmissions - my car is in the shop now waiting for a new (rebuilt) one.

  7. I could have written a similar post about 10 years ago. I lived in LA and under similar circumstances. I remember coming home one day and realizing that I had no mail, no email, and no voice mail messages. I know I walked to a corner store and bought chips because that's what I did back then.

    Good for you not beating yourself up over eating the chips. You're going to do it again but now it probably doesn't get you off track - you move on. Yay!

    And you lost 25lbs! Awesome.

  8. You will make it to your goal...because you're awesome! Setbacks will come on the way, but you're strong enough to shrug them off and move on. And back on track with the Gym schedule (and the new bike) will totally help!
    And I absolutely love that you used a Get Smart clip to start this blog off :)