Sunday, March 10, 2013

"Spring" Forward?

Sometimes I wonder why I have this blog.  Except that sometimes I think that this blog is the reason why I'm 212 pounds and not 275 pounds or more.  If I wasn't always thinking about it or willing to try again and write about it, maybe I wouldn't try again.

So since my last post, my half-marathon run clinic has started.  It is TOUGH.  I won't lie. Yes, I'm getting it done but holy crap.  I'm at the back.  THE BACK.  Well, there's a few others at the back with me.  When they show up.  Because I have shown up for all the clinic nights and all the group runs so far and they have not, then I'm at the back.  By my lonesome.  Just me and whichever group leader was designated to me.  I try to say please go ahead, I'm okay back here by myself.  I know where everyone else is.  I know the area but they always stay.  It's nice because I think I run longer because I'm with someone. We've been doing ten minutes run, one minute walk.  If I was by myself, I'd probably be doing 5 - 7 minutes run and then the walk.  Clinic night is Thursdays, group runs are Wed & Sun (long run) and our goal is to be getting in two runs on our own during the week as well.  The goal is FIVE DAYS!  So far I've gotten in one of the runs by myself in, so four runs per week.  Here's my activity:


Feb 26 - Sculpt class
Feb 27 - Core & More class
Feb 28 - Zumba! -- first clinic night, 3.5 km
March 1 - by myself, 3 km
March 3 - group long run, 7.5 km
March 6 - Core & More class, group run, 3.9 km
March 7 - clinic night, 4.2 km
March 10 - group long run, 7.2 km

See the Zumba above.  That was my first Zumba class ever.  I have Zumba for the Wii and I've done it sporadically so this is the first time I did a class...with witnesses.  This class was no joke.  I was sweating buckets and breathless.  I had a headache all afternoon and then had to lay down and close my eyes for a while because that night was my first run clinic night.  It was so much fun though and I will do it again.  It's offered on Thursdays at lunch at work.

Speaking of that sweaty face - when looking at nutrition labels of really crappy foods.  It would be so great if they had a list of things you'd have to do in order to burn off the calories contained.  Ha - probably not great for their business but great for our choices.  Something like this . . . one 255 g bag ketchup chips.  Yes I've eaten this.  However, I didn't do the two hours of hardcore exercising to burn it off.  I could do the one hour of running at slightly slower than that pace however, I would be incapable of doing the following exercises vigorously for another hour.  And really, after eating those chips, I wouldn't have the energy to do anything.  Every time I think about chips from now on, this is what I will be thinking of.

Moving the clock forward is so hard!  I wasn't springing anywhere fast this morning.  Went to the group long run this morning.  Week two long run for my clinic was 7.25 km.  (Next week is 9km! Gulp.)  The first mile or so, I was wondering what the hell I was thinking.  Then I stopped thinking at all for a bit and the last 2 miles were actually pretty good and I was actually the one pulling the other two slowpokes forward as opposed to being pulled.   Now I'm sitting on the couch in my bright pink ProCompression socks watching 13 Going On 30 while my vegetable chickpea soup simmers and my slow-cooker pumpkin pie oatmeal slow cooks.

Compression socks and slippers.  It's cold in Canada.


  1. I think at restaurants instead of calories, it should list the number of burpees need to burn it!!

  2. My blog keeps me I can totally understand why you have it and what you are talking about. :-)

    There is an app that I have on my cell phone that I can put in a food and it will tell me how much activity it takes to burn it off.'s scary (it's the Gold's Gym don't have to be a member of the gym to have the's good stuff).

    Yay you for running!

    1. I must download that app RIGHT NOW!!! Thanks!