Tuesday, March 25, 2014

NYC Part 2 of . . .

You can read Part 1 here . . .  I wake up on Thanksgiving Day and it is a beautiful, crisp, clear day.  I had looked into going to the Macy's parade but heard that you pretty much have to save your spot at 6 am and stay there for hours till it's over.  In a tight crowd.  Not really my thing.  My aunt had previously mentioned that no matter what my plans, if I had a clear day, I should head to the Empire State Building because you never know if the rest of your stay will be cloudy.  And hey, if every other tourist is at the parade, no one will be at the Empire State Building.  I got ready quickly and headed out.  And I was right.  No lines and I was one of about 20 people at the Empire State Building.

I headed back down with the intent of grabbing a coffee and a quick bite and heading to the Brooklyn Bridge and then I realized I could actually catch the end of the parade from close by the ESB.  

Parade?  Check!

Now I'm off to the Brooklyn Bridge which I loved loved LOVED.  Walking across it was one of the top hundred favourite things I did.  : )  On my way to the train, in my wandering I walked past the NYC Public Library and Grand Central Station. (I did go back and do a proper visit of both).

And now the bridge!

My first glimpse when I came out of the subway. 

I walked all the way across the bridge and into DUMBO to get this picture of the Manhattan bridge from Brooklyn.  It's just so weird to see this huge bridge peeking through a side street.

Walking back across the bridge to Manhattan, I just couldn't believe all the buildings and the amazing blue skies.  

Then like a mirage, I see the Waffles & Dinges cart.  I'd sent them on Eat St or some other show like that and it looked tasty.  It was.
The Turtle - waffle, hot fudge, dulce de leche, icing sugar.

Next up, since I was in the area and it was a beautiful day, I headed over to the Staten Island Ferry.  

And now the sun is setting and I have to move fast to get back to the apartment as my hosts Beny & Wes invited me to join their Thanksgiving dinner!  I had so much fun and it was so delicious.  A couple bottles of wine and dancing (yes, dancing) and I had a bunch of new friends. :)

Don't worry.  There was gravy, it just hadn't circulated yet.
I'm in the back on the right side. :)
Once dinner was over, I went upstairs to my room and decided I was going back to the Empire State Building.  When you go during the day, you get a free same day admission after 10 pm.  I wanted to see it at night!  Off I went!!!  Night pictures don't turn out that well but it was so beautiful.

And again -- NO LINES!!  I was alone in the elevator!!!  Feel like a celebrity renting out the ESB.

And of course, the day wouldn't be complete with a quick visit to Times Square on the way home :)

At least this post was less reading. :)


  1. YAY!!! FUn stuff. I didn't know about the ESB giving you a free pass for after 10....I'll have to keep that in mind when I make it up to NYC next time!

  2. You got some phenomenal pictures!! I went to the ESB, but didn't realize you could use the ticket that same night...what a great idea! Seeing all the lights from up there it's almost more beautiful. Love that you got to share in Thanksgiving fun with your roomies :)