Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Road Back to the Gym

I have had a membership at the Y for a long time.  For the last 6 - 8 months I've been their best customer in that I pay and yet take up no space there whatsoever . . . until now.  My week one goal to walk every day for 30 minutes was nearly thwarted before it even started!  I had pulled out my gym clothes, gym bag, running shoes, membership card, and water bottle and had them all ready to go.  It came time to go and first I pulled on the pants.  They were tight.  I mean TIGHT.  Then I went to put on the sports bra which I desperately need and I thought I wouldn't get it done up but I did, barely hanging on by the last clasp and it is working hard!! I decided to go with the tight pants and all until I walked down the hallway to the door and I sounded like a 5 year old in ski pants!!   SHUSH SHUSH SHUSH.  No way could I hit the gym like that!  I was already wearing the XL in the MEC pants so Walmart was my next best choice for something affordable.  Thank goodness they had some quick dry capris that are the softer fabric so although my thighs rub, they rub soundlessly, just a little smoke.

I walk into they Y early on Saturday morning, heart beating, trying to suck it in.  As soon as I walked into the gym equipment area, I breathed a sigh of relief.  There were only about a dozen people there.  A couple guys in the weights area too in love with their own reflection to notice me, an elderly couple walking on side-by-side treadmills in track suits, a larger woman on a mat doing some exercises, and one woman in front of the windows doing a choreographed (in her head) dance to whatever she was listening too.  With all the dancing, gesturing, and sometimes out loud rapping, everyone else was looking at her.  Phew!  She was quite entertaining actually and I thank her for taking the pressure off of me.  I hope she's there next Saturday morning as well, maybe she'll teach me the dance :)

After the first ten minutes on the treadmill, I felt at ease and it was good to be back.  To return this morning (Sunday) was even easier.

There are all ages, shapes and sizes there so if you're sitting there reading this (doubtful) and wanting to go back as well, just do it!  It's a shame I didn't do it sooner because the road back to the gym was easier than I thought.


  1. I felt like being nostalgic and re-reading your very first posts. And you know what I especially love? The fact that I know exactly who that dancing/rapping girl was...and that she's STILL doing her routines there lol. Also the truth in this post that the road back always looks more daunting than it really is :)

    1. did I ever tell you that a long while after that, my friend Kristi asked her what she listens to and it's Aerosmith!!! Totally not what i was expecting. at all!