Monday, July 25, 2011

Ah, Week One!

I love week one.  I always have a big loss once I've gone back to WW after taking time off. I get back on plan and boom, down 5.0 pounds!  Yeah baby!!!  I need to get back to Onederland seeing as how I only spent 5 minutes there the last time :(  I've been trying to be very consistent this week by working on habits that make WW work for me.  Some of those, setting the coffee maker the night before, having a few frozen  dinners in the freezer just in case I don't have something to take for lunch, and always having some fresh fruit & veggies on hand for snacks.  I'm trying new things and using ideas shared from other bloggers.  One of which is this salad: romaine (I used spinach & romaine), strawberries, feta pecans, raspberry vinaigrette.  So delicious and so very pretty to look at (as you can see here).

I"m also a sucker for pudding. I always have been.  Since I was a kid fighting my siblings for a beater or the bowl!!  I have a cupboard full of sugar-free fat-free pudding that I bought in the States on my last cross-border shopping trip.  What can I say, they have some flavors we don't have here and the Canadians are ripped off!!  Below was my fave of the week, white chocolate pudding with strawberries and half a banana.  Yum. Yum. Yum.

I have to get working on the activity side of things.  I'm not putting a lot of pressure on myself at the moment though.  I really just want some good, solid habits as far as my eating and meal-planning goes.  Today marks the end of day 8 of tracking all my food.  I think that's the highest I've gotten since I tracked my record of 37 days.  

Victory Moment:  Today at work was someone's 40th birthday at work and they brought in a delicious cake.  I bolted as soon as we finished singing and went outside for a few minutes. By the time I came back in, cake was gone and empty plates were in the garbage.  

And a shout out to these two:  George Catstanza on the left and Sophie on the right.  This pretty much sums them up.   Georgie is a two and a half year-old goofball and Sophie is a serious 13 year-old who always has to have a paw on me even if she's sitting behind me on the couch and has to stretch.  They are such mood boosters, I should have named them Paxil and Zoloft.  Seriously, someone should do that, that's hilarious!!

So I will leave it at that.  With one question!  Have any of you tried those "green" bags or "green" containers?  Typical "as seen on tv" fare that is supposed to keep produce fresher for longer.  So if you've tried them . . . do they work, not work?  Thanks!!


  1. I just love fresh starts! It's so nice to know we can start again anytime. I'm so proud of you!

  2. Yay for 8 days and 5lbs!!! I haven't tried the green bags but I do use the ziplock veggie bags and find they do extend my fruit and veggies longer....but not sure it would be as long as the green ones :) Let us know if you try them out!