Thursday, August 4, 2011

Weigh-in and Randoms

So this past Monday was a stat holiday here in Canada so we didn't have a WW meeting and I just weighed in at home.  Down 2 pounds!  Yes I'm pleased.  Getting closer to Onederland again and can't wait to get there.   And once there, I want to stay there . . . FOREVER.

This will be random, I apologize.  I can't ever think of anything to write about and what I've come up with as being the problem is that I'm boring.  So here are my random thoughts and tidbits for the week:

I was thinking I would do the 30 Day Shred for 30 days.  The most I've ever made is 10 days. Anyone want to do it with me?

I normally take the bus to work and today I took my car.  I was thinking I should come up with a list of errands to run on my way home to make the car at work more worthwhile.  The only things I could come up with were that I needed cat food and a box of red wine.  Those two stores are side by side so then my dilemma was, is it more pathetic to take a bag of cat food into the liquor store or a box of wine into the grocery store to get cat food??  I chose to walk back to the car and put the booze in and then get the cat food.  I decided both options looked equally as sad.  hahaha!

I got an iPhone!!  I love love love it.  I downloaded the WW eTools app and it is so awesome to be able to just enter everything I eat right then.  Makes keeping up with my consecutive days tracking much more convenient (notice the 18!).  I love the iPhone for so many other reasons too.  The only flaw I've discovered with the iPhone is that it can't take a picture of itself so I can post it. :)  Anybody have some favorite apps that I can't live without?

Well, I think that's all the random I have for now.  See?  Boring!!


  1. I'd love to try to do JM 30 day shred again...I've only made it to day 3 :P Also, thanks for the review of the Iphone my hubby and I are debating getting it.

  2. I have no idea how people do it for 30 days... I've done about 5 and give myself 'just one day off' and never go back for months... lol.

    I hear the WW iphone app is much much better than the Android one, which I'm jealous for!

  3. YAY on the loss! I have an ipod touch (which is exactly the same, minus the phone calss) I LOVE IT!!! so many great apps to help with this journey. Congrats on the loss. I'm thinking about the Shred, I have the vid but I don't know that I can do it for 30 days straight. :/

  4. It's funny how booze and cat food could give some people the wrong impression. LOL

    I don't think I could handle 30 days of Jillian. I swear at her everytime I attempt the Shred.

    Congrats on the 2 pounds, you'll be back to onederland soon.

  5. Hey MB -- if I do this in combination with a swear jar, I could really finance the wine!!

  6. I have a itouch and I love the WW app too! Great job on tracking! I see 21 now!! I'm inspired girlfriend!