Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Oh Sweet Relief

I was down 0.8 pounds yesterday.  It's a miracle.  As of Friday, I was going to be up 2+.  I was freaking out.  Enter my friend Lindsay (thank you Lindsay).  She emailed me on Friday and said she often goes for a bike ride after she puts her kids to bed and she rides right by my place.  She said she would text me when she was leaving her house and if I could come great, if not, no biggie.  Sounds good to me.  Friday night I was sitting on the sofa just before 8 pm thinking "i wonder what time Lindsay puts her kids to bed", "what am I going to wear if she texts me?" and once I couldn't think of anything, "what can I say so that I don't have to go?".  Less than a minute after that thought, I got a text that said "i'm leaving in two minutes, be there in five".  Gulp.  I said okay and then around like crazy throwing something on and grabbing a bottle of water and dragging my bike out of the storage room.  By 9:15, I was home again after cycling 9 km.  All sweaty and happy.  It woke me up.  I ate fruits, veggies and egg whites all weekend to keep all the points low and under control just hoping that I could manage to salvage the awful week I wrote about.  I was really just hoping for no gain so to see a loss of 0.8 is really amazing and I'm so thankful for it.  The bike ride also motivated me to FINALLY put the basket and fenders on my bike.  They've been sitting here for months.  The fenders were pretty finicky and for the front one, I almost took it to the bike shop but I took a little breather and looked at it again and figured it out.  I hate paying people to put stuff together!!  My tires were low too and the convenience store next door JUST put a coin box on their air compressor so I bought a fantastic pump for home.  It's also small enough to put in a pack.

Napoleon Dynamite would love it.
I was so relieved for Monday to come as well just so that it was a new week.  Fresh weekly points, I haven't ruined the yet, I'm not in the hole, I"m still tracking everything.

So for this week, I have to get some walking in.  I swear I will probably have burning legs just walking around on my trip to San Francisco.  Incidentally, 10 MORE SLEEPS!!  There is also a baby shower that I am NOT going to and as per my last post, I'm buying soft fluffy towels that match as soon as I see them on sale.  :)

ps.  I so appreciate the comments and email support I got from you ladies.  Makes me feel like less of a freak knowing many feel the same way about the wedding/baby shower circuit!


  1. your bike is so pretty!! congrats on the loss Michelle! :) NO baby showers! hehe

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  3. Yay! You sound like your in a better place this week:) Love the bike..and good for going. I'm just getting accustomed to this excercise thing and convince myself a lot why I need to go! Haha!