Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Hardest Part . . .

The hardest part is getting out there.  I'm not one who loves exercise.  I'm not one who likes exercise.  I swear it takes me an hour to convince myself to exercise.  Once I've finally convinced myself to do it, it takes me half an hour to get ready to exercise.  So it takes me twice as long as the workout to just get to the workout.  Why is it so hard to just get out there and do it?  This morning I did just that.  Then I got outside and rode my bike and it was great.  I decided where I would go and then when I was done I decided to do more so I did another loop.  I mapped it when I got home and it was just over 12 kms.  So it's always been great when I get out there, I never regret exercising, and it's good for you and you feel good after . . . so why is it so fricking hard to just do it??

My motivation to get out this morning is that it's likely to pour rain this afternoon.  We had thundershowers all last night so it was great I got those fenders on!!  I biked far enough down the bike path where there a new road going in.  Because it's the weekend, no construction workers were out so I head on down the new road and it was like my very own traffic free, people free, kid free, dog free bike path!  I'm not quite as confident on a bike yet to take pictures of myself like Bitchcakes but one day!!  I took this shot with my phone of my solo bike path and and cloudy doom.  Hahaha!  That so does not look like a nice place to be biking but hey, the path was empty, perfectly smooth and the air was fresh and cool. :)


  1. Good job on getting out there!!!! I love being on the path at my house when no one else is there too.

  2. Just found your blog. I look forward to watching your progress!!

    Keep focused!

  3. just checking in.. hope all is well with you :)