Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Damn You Jillian!

The week has started off well with a 2 pound loss, woohoo! Really?  Tracking works? Really?  Yes, yes it does.  Today marks 23 days of tracking and I'm determined to get past my previous record of 37 days.  While I am encouraged that the scale has gone down three weeks in a row, I'm so irritated that this is where I was in March.  Losing weight that I've lost already is so infuriating.  I just hope I"m mad enough this time around to keep it off.

What's working . . . salad.  I've never been a salad fan unless it's made by someone else.  I hate the washing, chopping and preparing.  By the time I'm done all that, I don't even want to eat it.  I've been eating two different salads that are easy to prepare with minimal chopping. Caesar salad (I use the PC Yogurt Caesar dressing) and the romaine/spinach with strawberries, feta, pecans, and raspberry vinaigrette.  I've had a giant salad every day for the last week +.  I have it as soon as I'm done the workout after work and then I start making supper.  It keeps me from being too hungry and overeating at dinner.   I'd like to add another salad choice to the mix though, preferably something with blue cheese dressing, I love blue cheese dressing.  Anyone have a simple salad or favorite blue cheese dressing that is point friendly??

I mentioned in my last post that I was going to do the 30 Day Shred for 30 days.  I didn't start for the first couple days.  I needed to work up to it.  I started on Saturday, August 6th and I've done it every day since including today, that's 4 days.  I've muted her now and I just play my iPod.  My experience so far:

Day One . . . damn you Jillian . . . I did the whole thing but took about a 5 second rest at the end of each segment.
Day Two . . . damn you Jillian . . . same as above.  I did a bit of yoga this night as well and I think that helped with the muscle stiffness.
Day Three . . . damn you Jillian . . . I did more push-ups in the time allotted this time, I took less breaks.
Day Four . . . damn you Jillian . . . same as above and I discovered Two Door Cinema on my iPod, must listen to them more.  Today I also did 10 minutes of Zumba after just for some more cardio.

The cover of the video says "lose up to 20 pounds in 30 days".  I'm not going to get there because I think it's lofty but I'm going to take a run at it.  The morning I started Shred, I took "before" pictures which likely won't see the light of day, and I took lots of measurements.  I'm going to keep that up weekly.  I want results!!!
Sweaty after Shred and then even sweatier after the added Zumba, my hair was stuck to my neck.  EW.
Next up . . . Yoga.  Any yogi's out there?  I'd really like to get into yoga.  Especially since I did just 10 minutes on Sunday and I think it saved me from the major muscle pain that starts about two days after I start doing some work outs.  I have Rodney Yee's Power Yoga but I knew after the first ten minutes that it was more of an intermediate DVD as opposed to beginner.  I need a good beginner DVD.  Any recommendations?  I've looked into the beginner DVD with pose instruction by Rodney Yee but can't find it anywhere so I'd have to order it.  Does anyone have it and like it?  Or have a different beginner DVD that they love?  Thanks!!


  1. You did the Shred AND Zumba?!?! You are my hero! Wow! I did the Shred awhile back and it kicked my ass! But you've motivated me to double up on the exercise!

    And I so know what you mean about thinking you were "cured" and didn't have to track points anymore, but thankfully counting works so we know what to do! Great job today :)

  2. I love the shred... I'm on day 4 today. I also know I won't see the major loss, but I did take measurements and have pictures to compare before and after with!

    As for yoga, there's a few options I'd suggest if you want to do it at home. Just be sure to really watch your alignment and positioning so you don't hurt yourself...

    I like Gaiam A.M. and P.M. Yoga and ennifer Kries: Energy Flow Vinyasa Yoga - Beginner Level personally :)
    I also really like

  3. Hmm...never tried it, but PC has a "Blue Menu" (their lighter fare) Blue Cheese dressing. I've tried their Ranch and California dressings and really like them. That and their Veggie Flax Tortilla chips which are one of my fave snacks lately. Apparently I should be their spokesperson...haha. But maybe give it a try anyways. So proud of you for getting back on track. You're an inspiration!

  4. I've been making salads to take to work. One good prep tip for a protein is to roast 2 chickens per week. Shred all the meat from the bone into a large bowl (no skins). Bag up in 3 or 4 oz portions in a plastic baggie. I freeze all but 2 days worth. Each day, I take out one bag, pour dressing in the baggie of chicken, and it is defrosted by the time lunch comes around. I pour over my salad. I also do the same with pre cooked shrimp. Great job! Keep up the good work.

  5. Sorry, didn't go past the salad thing and went back to read about Yoga. I love Yoga. I started with Biggest Loser Weightloss Yoga. Don't let the title fool you. Then I bought Bob Harper's video Yoga for the Warrior. I also have Shiva Rea's Daily Energy which allows you to select the Yoga exercises to put together a routine. I have other Yoga DVDs, but those are my go to. Also try a class because they can ensure that you are getting into the right poses.

  6. I haaaaaate sweaty hair stuck to my sweaty neck. It's my least favorite part of working out. It's so gross, I can't stand it.

    I really like Rodney Yee's AM/PM Yoga. They're 20 minute work-outs and I think he's a lot less annoying than other yoga-on-DVD teachers. Plus I like that he has a voice-over instead of talking while he does poses. I feel like most of the workouts on the DVD are for beginners, but I've also done yoga off and on for the past couple of years so maybe it's not as beginner-y as I think.