Friday, May 4, 2012

Cheers to the Freakin' Weekend!

Thank goodness it's the weekend!!!  Actually, this week has been a pretty good week in a couple areas.  First, my most annoying co-worker was away three days this week. Seriously, it was like I was on vacation at work.  Even though a few of us had extra work because one was missing, it was pure joy.  Everyone was so light and relaxed and fun.  I kept thinking that this is what it could be like once she retires.  She says "one year" but I hear from others that she's been saying "one more year" for about three years.  Gulp.

It was also a good week in the area of eating.  In my previous post, I talked about some changes I was making and it's still going really well.  Even though this would be the week that I had the most temptation to eat really badly (wink wink nudge nudge), it just wasn't there for the most part.  I had one evening where I wanted to eat purely emotionally and for comfort and instead, I went to bed and read my book.  I've never ever eaten in bed so that's a good safe space.  Then tonight, I was doing the whole "i need salt, I need sweet" dance so I went to an organic market that has all sorts of vegetarian, vegan, and organic stuff I've never heard of.  I left with all dressed pretzel chips, like pretzels but hammered flat and Almond Dream Vanilla ice cream.  Both were incredibly amazing.  I'm totally happy I got them and consumed them and I don't feel bad about it one bit.  It's weird to feel that I indulged but I don't feel bad about it.

Here are the other recipes I tried this week.  The first is the Healthy Banana Cranberry Oat Bar from ohsheglows.  They were so amazing.  I will definitely make these again, likely this weekend.  I took one to work every day this week in place of my normal fibre one bar.  I also gave one to a co-worker and she loved it.  And I served it as dessert when my sister and her husband came over for dinner this week, they both loved it.  I love recipes like this where if you have the base ingredients, you can throw whatever you want as the add-in.  I ended up using cranberries, coconut, some sliced almonds, and leftover crushed cashews from the Sweet Potato Lasagna.  The next time I make them I will use a larger pan.  Mine ended up being thicker than hers in the picture so they were more of a soft square rather than a firmer granola bar.  I measured the base of my pan and it's 7 inches not an 8 x 8 like I"d always thought.  Weird.

The other recipe I don't have a picture of for some reason but it was the Mushroom & Onion Stroganoff from Engine 2 Diet.  VERY SIMPLE!  It was really good but I made some minor adjustments purely for my own tastes.  I found that it wasn't saucy enough.  So I ended up adding more "milk" (of your choice) and a couple dashes of Worcestershire sauce.  The next time I make this, instead of starting the sauce right in with the mushrooms and onions, I will make the sauce in its own small pot and then add it to the mushrooms and onions but this is definitely one I will be making again and next time I think all add some corn or broccoli as well.  I'm a huge mushroom fan so it wasn't hard to love it.

Now on to the activity . . . I danced my ass off while tidying up today.  Okay, I didn't really clean up, I just danced but it counts a little.  I also pulled this ↑⇑beauty⇑↑ out of my storage room yesterday and pumped up my tires.  I haven't been out for a ride yet.  Here's where I choke.  I let my weight stop me from doing so many things and it's stupid.  I know it's stupid.  I have no idea why I worry so much about what people think of me.  I really shouldn't give a shit.  But I sit here and worry that I'll look silly or stupid or make a fool out of myself.  I need to suck it up and grab some self-confidence.  The weather tomorrow is supposed to be a smidge rainy and then cloudy all day.  I can deal with cloudy and even a little rain so my goal tomorrow is to get out for a ride.

Now I'd better get to bed so I don't waste Saturday napping!!

Oh!  And I bought some kale to attempt kale chips this weekend . . . anyone had great success??  I've been searching recipes and ideas and everyone seems to have a different way although it sounds like low temp for a long time seems to be the winner just for the crispiness and lack of burning.

Have a good weekend!!  Saturday is a free day for me that is going to include some cleaning, groceries, a new recipe and a BIKE RIDE!!  Sunday, I'm going to see The Five-Year Engagement and then for sushi.  Mmmmm sushi.


  1. Sounds like you had a great weekend planned! I feel the same way about my bike. Probably even worse then you as I'm bigger! Once I get out there I just think, ah to hell with it! I'm excercising! Kale chips=yum! I bake them at 350 with just a little EVOO massaged in and a sprinkle of S&P, but you do have to watch them and keep tossing them! How was the Five Year Engagement? I heard it's funny. I'm doing Sushi this Saturday for our family Mother's day dinner. Nummy!!

    1. ooh thanks for the kale chips recipe. Yes, the kale is still in my fridge. Five Year Engagement was good! funny - I love Jason Segel and Emily Blunt. And of course, since I went to San Francisco last fall, I kept thinking "i was there!!!"

  2. I was super excited to get my bike out this weekend as well - morning was nice and frigid rain in the afternoon.

    The bars look great - what a good attitude towards the food and feeling good for the choices you've made.