Monday, May 7, 2012

If it ain't broke...

Hellooooooo!  Well, to start, my weight last week was 216.6.  This week. . . 211.4.  HELLS YEAH!!!  So happy.  I didn't feel deprived even once.  I'm getting more creative with food and by that I mean, I'm trying other people's creative recipes that previously would have seemed a little out there for me.

I went for a bike ride!!In my last post, I talked about feeling a little scared to go out for a bike ride.  Mostly because I'm self-conscious and don't want to look stupid.  Three or four years ago, I had a nasty spill over the handlebars of a bike.  Something on the front tire snapped, I was going down a slight hill and the front tire stopped dead and I went right over.  Bruised the hell out of my legs in the handlebars, scraped all the skin off my left forearm, scraped my chin, my shoulder and actually cracked my right elbow.  Oh and I yelled the F-word about thirty times fast while crying.  Classy.  It wasn't my bike so I never did ride again until I bought my own bike last year.  Even then, I only rode it a few times.  I plan to do this much much more this year!!

My breakfast of the weekend was one I hadn't had in ages.  Why oh why!!!  So delicious and comforting and right and tasty.  Squirrely bread toasted with Trader Joe's peanut butter and sliced banana.  Heaven.  Also in the peanut butter & banana theme, I was out of spinach this morning so I made a smoothie of almond milk, frozen banana, bit of peanut butter and a scoop of chocolate Amazing Grass.  So delicious.  Yum.

In my attempts to eat more veggie meals, I was on the hunt for vegan and vegetarian blogs.  I stumbled upon Lindsay at Happy Herbivore.  Lifesaver!  She's amazing!  She's got a blog, plenty of recipes, meal plans (awesome), and I discovered she's got two cookbooks.  I ordered both off of Amazon.  I almost ordered the Kindle version and then thought it through, how can you flip back and forth and scan recipes on a Kindle??  You can't.  Just a few days later, these beauties arrived.  The Happy Herbivore and Everyday Happy Herbivore.  The cookbooks are beautiful.  Nice pictures, simple recipes and lots of definitions and suggestions which are great for the non herbivores.  I'm tempted to pull a Julie/Julia thing and make every recipe in them.  My first was Cheater Pad Thai.  Oh and another thing I love is that in some recipes, there is the base recipe and then variations listed as well depending on what you want.

I think the only not so great thing that happened was my oat bar incident.  I was out of oat bars and had to make a batch.  Then this happened.  At first, I just stood there getting super pissed off.  Then I realized I hadn't yet put in the flour or the baking powder and the bowl did land right side up.  I swept up what spilled and put back in the bowl.  Baha!  Just kidding, I eyeballed what was spilled and replaced the oats.  I had used the last of the craisins so this batch just had less.  The expired craisins are officially done!!  And the oat bars taste just fine.  
So I'm going to just keep doing what I'm doing.  I'm making the pad thai again tomorrow night for my sister and her husband.  And I'm going to flip through the books and finding a couple more to try this week.  There is just so many to choose from!!

Anyone got a favorite workout song right now??  My playlist is dying for an update. 


  1. That is the most ADORBS picture of you in the helmet! So glad you made it through the worrying and got out there on your bike. You rock! Oh and that Pad Thai looks even yummier in the picture than described in the recipe. Rice noodles and bean sprouts just went on my shopping list :)