Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Run the Hell Out of It

It's funny because this year I started saying that I wasn't going to make resolutions.  I'm pretty sure I told people that and typed that out and so on.  Yet, I am TOTALLY a resolution person.  As soon as I start thinking stuff like "this year I want to . . . ", "this year I'm going to . . . " then I realize that I do still make resolutions.  However, my "resolutions" of past years have evolved.  Instead of writing a list of things that I have to do every day to make myself perfect, they seem to be bigger.  This year, my only goal is to run the hell out of it.  I want to run the hell out of 2013.  How cool would it be to do 13 races in 2013?  I don't know if I can or even if there are enough races around that I would want to do to hit 13.  I'm not going to do a race that I won't have fun doing just to hit 13 but it would be cool.

So far, here's what I'm registered for:
May 5th -- Police Service Half-Marathon relay -- super excited about this one.  My relay partner is a friend from work and she's speedy.  Hehe - I hope she knows that she's making me look faster and I'm making her look slower.  No wait, I hope she doesn't know.  :)  And there's a cool medal that we share and breaks in half, hehe, like a BFF necklace.
May 17th -- Fargo 5 km Fun Run (this is going to be so fun!  Going away for the weekend!)
May 18th -- Fargo Half Marathon  (and knocking off two races in one weekend, whoop!)
June 16th -- Manitoba Half Marathon (hoping it's not too hot.  I did the marathon relay in 2009 and I was the 4th leg and the course was closed due to unsafe conditions, gulp.  Also, registration was 35% off for one day only for their 35th anniversary and I managed to talk at least 6 people into registering for an event.  Sorry & you're welcome)
June 29th -- Fargo Run or Dye 5 km!!  (so excited to do one of those colour runs and I get to go away!)

The ones I will register for once registration is open:
August 17th -- Dirty Donkey Mud Run!  I've always wanted to do this too!  Registration is open but we're still putting a team together.  Check out the pics on their FB page from last year!
October 19th -- Fire Paramedic Service Half Marathon -- not sure if I'll do the 10 km or the half.  I have till April 1st to decide.  I'd love to do the half. :)
November ??  -- Vegas??  I turn 40 November 30th.  Gulp.  So it would very cool to do Vegas two weeks before.  WOULDN'T IT???

December 7th -- Santa Shuffle 5km  (nice fun little run to do that raises money for the Salvation Army.  It's cold, snowy, nice course and makes you feel hard core.  There are also delicious cinnamon buns nearby).
Yes, these are my eyelashes, frozen.  It was -45 that day.

So that's 9 so far and I know there are a couple races in September that I've done in the past and there is also a 10km river run in August that I've never done before and another run for women which might be in August too.  I think 13 just might be doable!  It will be fun to beef up this collection :)

In preparation of all of this, I bought a big desktop calendar and a pack of coloured pens to write down all my planned workouts and runs.  Yes, I love school supplies and I will use every opportunity to buy them.  I"m not ashamed.  I've even started writing in it.  Last week, I did Core & More on Wednesday and Boot Camp on Friday.  I did Yoga yesterday and Sculpt today.   

I also bought Matt's ebook for half-marathon training from No Meat Athlete.  It's really good information.  After I printed it off, I went to Staples and had it bound so it's really book-like.  Yes, I'm a geek and that's when I bought the calendar and pens.  :)

Soooo, crazy?  Yes, probably, but I'm okay with that.


  1. VEGAS!!! Do it! I hope to do the half in November too!!

  2. Look at all those races. They look like such fun too!!! You're going to have a blast this year!!

    1. I sure hope so! Thanks for commenting!

  3. Whew! Nice list of races! I'm jealous. We're only signed up for the one in July in Philadelphia (The Color Run). Hopefully, it'll be something I can remedy when I get back to working full-time.

    Thanks for posting about the Meatless Athlete. We're a family of herbivores here. I'll be checking his site out. Thanks!

    1. I love No Meat Athlete! Bunch of recipes there too. I like the energy/protein bar formula and the smoothie formula.

  4. Great goal - 13 in 2013 is totally doable! Vegas baby! How cool would that be? Definitely recommend the River Run - I've done that one for the past few years and always had fun. Keep me in mind when you're putting together your Dirty Donkey Mud Run Team...that looks like a heck of a good time :)

    1. Definitely you're on the Dirty Donkey team! Monica knows a few people who want to and there's me & Steph so I think the toughest part will be a team name, hehe.

  5. You are gonna run.....this year into smithereens! :-) LOVE IT!