Friday, February 1, 2013

Messy Week

Or at least a few days.  I think I'm getting a cold.  I've felt like that for quite a while.  Every day starts off very stuffed up and seems to get better as the day goes on.  Add to that some minor aches and a ridiculous case of PMS and I'm not in good shape.  I know the minute I start craving horrible food like chips and candy and chocolate that I'm pms-ing.  Throw in some irritability and it's a sure thing and I'm unable to say no to myself it would seem.  Then I get all "woe is me" and feel all blah and then magically in a few days, I'm all good and can't remember what was so awful.  Sheesh.

I skipped my run on Monday, I did the yoga on Tuesday and nothing the rest of the week. There's something else I've noticed too.  I've managed to completely stay on top of the cleanliness and tidiness of my condo for two months now.  Even making my bed every day.  Yes, EVERY DAY.  While I'm still making my bed, over the last few days, the rest of it has hit a stand-still. It's easy to want crap for dinner when you'd have to clean first in order to makes something healthy and delicious.  So the connection I've FINALLY made is that my eating and my activity seem to be on track when my home is on track. So tonight and tomorrow night, my project is going to be getting that together.

Oh how I miss my days of super motivation.  Hoping it returns in the next 7 minutes.:)

And a cheer up just arrived!  My sister just sent me a picture of my niece in a t-shirt she just bought her.  So adorable.  Love the shirt.  She gets her eyelashes from me too.  Haha - okay, my sister has pretty great eyelashes too.

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