Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Out of the Fog

I've spent the last few weeks in a fog.  Eating like it's an Olympic sport and I made the trials.  Gaining weight like it's also an Olympic sport and I've won the gold medal.  And couching like it's also, you got it, an Olympic sport.  The new triathlon.  Eat Gain Couch.

BUT!!!  Today was a good day.  It started off like all the others.  But then I got to work to an early morning email that the race dates and course for the Fargo Marathon had changed.  GULP!  In an instant flurry, I was booking a new room at the hotel I had already booked at.  Then thought about it for a moment, reviewed the new course and then hunted for a new hotel.  Within moments I'd booked another one.  Just in time to watch that hotel climb in price by $85 over 8 hours.  I got in there just in time.  Nothing like the feeling of getting a hotel walking distance to the start & finish line for badass price.  Then I started getting excited about the race. It's a ways off and I have other races before it but this one got me excited again.  I will be registering for the half marathon again.  Definitely hope to better my time.  DEFINITELY.

Twenty minutes later . . . because I was doing this blog post and I went to get that screen shot from the site, I noticed that the dates were different.  I quickly went to the Fargo FB page and saw they just announced that they changed the dates back!!!  OMG!  So much for my good deal hotel room!  Thankful that I didn't book an even cheaper NON-REFUNDABLE rate.  I got the same hotel for a good price.  Not as good as originally but still good.  Phew.  I'm not canceling the other one for months.  Till I'm sure this is the last change.

Anyhow, so where was I - yes!  I was getting all excited about running again and then I went to a workout class at lunch, Core & More.  It felt so good to be active.  It was hard, I felt huge, it's humid and hot here.  But I felt good.  Looking forward to Zumba at lunch tomorrow.

I also made some changes to my race schedule for the rest of the year.  I added a 5 km and a couple 10 km's and I scrapped the half marathon and am doing the 10 km instead in October.  I wouldn't be ready and it was a relief to change it.  I feel good again.  And tomorrow evening is my next 5 km race.  It will be tough because I haven't run in a month and it will be hot but I'll get it done and it will only help my confidence.

That's all for now!

Big ((HUG))!


  1. Love the feeling of excitement about a race or an event! So weird they kept flip flopping the dates, but good on you that you're prepared now either way. So excited to cheer you on today at the race :)

  2. Seriously the race organizers need to get their act together....make a decision and stick with it!!!!!

    You will do great on your upcoming 5k....and it's probably just what you need to get away from the 'Olympic training' that you have doing of late!!!!

  3. Gah! How frustrating! Glad you got it straightened out. :)

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