Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Zumba Love & Weigh In

Tuesday is my weigh day and start of my new week of points.  I weighed in at 204.2, so down 2.2 pounds.  YES!  I was really needing a good loss mentally because if I'm working my ass off and not seeing it on the scale, I get discouraged and it makes me want to eat, because what's the point!  So to see the scale go down was just the boost I needed.

At lunch, I did the 45 minute Sculpt class and then in the evening I had run clinic.  Our distance was 5 km steady run and I actually did it.  No walk breaks, just 5 km straight running.  Slowly, but still.  That's the longest I've ever run without a walk break.  Even before when I was covering distances shorter or longer, I was always running 10 & 1's.  It was funny because the more the time clicked away, I just kept checking my Garmin for the pace rather than 'when is my walk break?' It also seemed to make it easier to keep going knowing that I wasn't going to walk.  I just have to keep going and stop when I'm back at the store.

Next up, ZUMBA!  I knew I liked Zumba.  I've been doing a 45 minute Thursday class at lunch at work.  I was looking for something to do on Mondays and a groupon came up for Zumba classes.  It was super cheap so why not!  Two friends from work also got them so the first class I went to, I met one of them there.  It was 60 minutes and oh man, it was SUCH a workout.  Every song was fast-paced and I could totally feel that extra 15 minutes.  I LOVED IT.  Coming up that weekend, I wanted to go again so I actually just went by myself on Saturday morning and it was just as awesome.  Once my 10 classes is up from the groupon, I'm definitely buying passes for more classes.  I'd like to do them Monday, Thursday (yes twice on Thurs, work and eve) and Saturday morning.  It goes by so fast and I sweat just as much as when I run, if not more.  On Monday night, my whole ponytail was soaked.  Gross and awesome, haha!

As far as my goal for 13 races in 2013, I'm on track.  However, tonight I was registered for a small fundraising run.  It wasn't a set distance, you choose your own number of laps around the park.  I was falling asleep on the bus home and when I got inside, I set the alarm on my phone for 30 minutes and I lay down on the couch.  I woke up 2 hours later, run already in progress/over.  Sigh.  I think I am still, even with losing this one tonight, on track to finish the 13 because I registered for a Halloween run.  It's a twilight spooky run 5 km.  I just need to come up with a costume.  I'm thinking something easy that I can make and that I can run in.

Meal regret - I had lunch plans with some work folks and I had previously looked at the menu and chosen what I was going to have.  The veggie goat cheese omelet with side salad.  Then we got there and the girl at the next table had a crazy awesome looking burger and then everyone at my table ordered the burger and before I knew it, I was ordering the burger. . . with fries.  Don't get me wrong, it was delicious.  And I counted it, overestimating as I do when I'm not sure but I really think I would have liked the omelet just as much.  Must remember that for next time.  Choose ahead of time, don't open the menu.  

So for the rest of the week -- two Zumba's tomorrow.  Friday, I'm going out for a delicious breakfast and then driving to North Dakota for a race weekend.  Doing a 10 km on Saturday morning, followed by shopping, shopping, shopping.  Drive home on Sunday and back to my regular week by Monday.  Depending what time I get home on Sunday, I'll try to get in some Zumba on the Wii so that I can get  some activity points.  My goal is 70 points a week.  Not necessarily 10 per day but 70 over the week.  Last week, I JUST made it and this week, I'm off to a good start.  :)

Hopefully, I'll get a race weekend recap up early next week instead of months later.  Woohoo!


  1. Seriously awesome week! Congrats on the loss and really good job with the exercise! Keep up the good work!

    1. Thank you!!! I really hope it keeps being fun!

  2. Hip hip hurray to the weight loss! Rock on!!!

    I'm sick and twisted and take pleasure in my sweaty dripping pony tails also!!! :-)

    Good luck this weekend, can't wait to read about it!!!

  3. Thanks! Hey wait -- did you just call me sick and twisted? ;)

  4. Amazing! Keep up the hard work!!


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