Monday, June 30, 2014

NYC Part 10! Last Part!

It's Friday, December 6th.  Last day.  I have to be at the airport by 3 and I have to somehow manage to fit everything into the suitcase I brought with me that was already kind of full when I arrived.  But I wanted to use every last minute and have one last wander around.  It was alternating between drizzle and raining.  I'm so so so happy that it was raining the evening I arrived and the day I left and not once in between.  I mostly just strolled around the area, got a coffee at Starbucks and went to Times Square.
Daytime wet Times Square.

Then of course because I had to . . . the Soup Nazi!!!

Look how exhausted I am!!

I ordered the lobster bisque and the lobster roll.  And here too, they packed it like a lunch!  I got an orange, a bottle of water, and a Lindor chocolate in the bag.  There was nowhere to sit where you wouldn't get rained on so I just started walking back toward the apartment.  Then I saw some outside sheltered seating outside a deli and no one was using it so I sat there to chow down.

And now I'm headed back to the apartment to pack.  One last stop in front of Letterman.

I went back and JAM-PACKED my suitcase.  I knew it was overweight but there wasn't anything I'd be able to do about it so I was prepared to pay. I said goodbye to my sweet awesome host Beny. He even said he didn't have anyone staying again till the next week and told me I could stay a few more days if I wanted.  I wanted to so bad!!

I hung my little keys back on the rack.

And got into my last NYC cab.

One word of advice when heading to the airport.  Look at your ticket and see which terminal you are flying out of.  When I arrived, it didn't matter, there's cabs everywhere.  However, when you are leaving, it helps to know that.  The cab driver asked me which airline I was flying and I said Westjet so he drove up to a terminal and I paid and hopped out.  I get in there cutting it a little too close for time and I'm running up and down the terminal looking for my airline.  I finally find a map and realize I'm in the wrong terminal.  I get shitty directions from staff, get lost one more time, then finally find the shuttle.  I run up to the Westjet gate, dangerously late considering I still had to get through security and I'm pouring with sweat and about to cry and then the agent says that my flight from NYC to Toronto has been cancelled and they've booked me on the next one.  Which still puts me into Toronto in time for my connection.  I was so relieved to now have a few spare minutes to get myself together.  But on the other hand, if I'd known that flight was cancelled, I would have tried to change it to Sunday and stayed with Beny for two more nights!!  On the plus side though, my bag was very overweight and she said today they weren't going to worry about that.  Phew!!  Also, once we were on the flight, seeing as how the majority of that flight had been bumped, they gave us a free drink.  

We arrived in Toronto and there was a DAVIDsTEA in the airport!!  I swore it wasn't there when I left and sure enough, they told me they'd been open for six days.  Before that, it was just a big white wall.
This is kind of a funny story for me anyway.  On the second flight from Toronto to Winnipeg, there was a grumpy woman behind me and I heard her order red wine so the flight attendant opens the bottle and hands it to her with a cup and says $8 and right away she said "no, it's free."  He said it wasn't free and only non-alcoholic beverages were free.  She said it was supposed to be free because our flight was cancelled and he said that was the previous flight and the flight we are currently on left on time as scheduled.  So she handed it back to him.  Then he came to me and I ordered a diet coke.  He finished his rows off and then when he was coming back, I guess because I was in a row by myself, he leaned over to me with the bottle of red wine and said that no one else ordered it and asked if I wanted it :)  Hell yes, I want free wine especially free wine that was from the grumpy woman behind me!!!  Hahaha!  It was delicious.

Then I arrived in Winnipeg and this was the line for cabs.  And we don't have cabs lined up and waiting like NYC.  I waited 45 minutes to get in a cab.  I was exhausted.  EXHAUSTED.  It was after midnight.  And it was -40C.  

I finally did get a cab and then I was home.  

BUT . . . BEST TRIP EVER.  Best idea I ever had.  Wouldn't change a thing.  

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