Sunday, June 15, 2014

NYC Part 9 of 10, I promise.

Thursday, December 5th, my last full day in NYC.  I had a bunch of little randoms and a few big ones to get done and was hoping so much to fit it all in.  I got up and headed straight to Bryant Park which is next to the NYC public library.  I checked out the park while waiting for the library to open.  I so wish I had time to skate, I wanted to skate on the Rockefeller Rink, Bryant Park rink and the Central Park rink and so far I hadn't on any!!!

You see a Wafels & Dinges and you stop.

Would be so cool to see these filled with people!
Once the library was open, I went over.  I have always wanted to be inside this building.

And then some views I couldn't wait to see!!

This picture makes me want to go back to school and be a super awesome student and study all the time in a beautiful library.

Then I walked to Grand Central to marvel at it quickly once more and caught a train from there to lower Manhattan to hit some of my randoms. :)

I didn't go in but I was RIGHT THERE!


Cupcake shop and steps from the show Girls.  Yes, I'm a geek.

Walking down the street and came across Epstein's.  Any Felicity fans??  This doesn't have anything to do with the show but I thought it was cool that there was an Epstein Bar.  :)

Saw this place on Eat St and had to come.  From looking 

From looking at the menu online, I knew I was having The Salty Pimp.
Vanilla ice cream, dulce de leche, sea salt, and chocolate dipped.

Right after this picture, I realized I was dripping all the way down the front of my shirt.

After that, I half walked, wandered, and trained my way uptown to see the tree and rink in daylight and to check out the Sak's windows Christmas story.  I'll spare you ALL those pictures.  

One of the Sak's 5th Ave windows.

The LOVE statue!
I was on my way back to the apartment to get ready for the evening's events when I noticed that HELLO DELI was open!!!  Every other time I walked by it was either closed or a huge line.  So I went in and Rupert Jee made me an egg salad sandwich!!!  His wife took my order and what's even cuter is they put it in a brown paper bag with an orange and a candy.  Like they just packed my lunch.  Then I quite timidly said "do you think I can get a picture with Rupert?" and she was so sweet.  She said "oh yes dear. RUPERT, NICE LADY WANTS PICTURE" and he popped around the corner for a picture.  So funny.  This is totally his smile.  Every other picture I've seen with him looks like this.  Hahaha!  So I didn't take it personally.  If you never watched Letterman, you'll have no idea who he is.

Then I walked the last two blocks back to the apartment, ate my sandwich and got ready for the next Broadway show . . .  KINKY BOOTS!!!!  If you've never seen the movie, do yourself a favour.  I loved it so seeing Kinky Boots on Broadway was a no brainer.

IT WAS SO AMAZING!!  I could see this show over & over again.  Next up, VERY IMPORTANT BUSINESS.  I'm now down to my last 16 hours of time in NYC and I need to fit a night of sleep and packing and cabbing to the airport in there.  But more importantly, I want desperately to skate on the Rockefeller Rink . . . AT NIGHT.  Anytime really, but night would be optimal.  And that night was my only option.  No skating on the night the tree was lit and I'm leaving the next afternoon.  Last skate of the night starts at 10:30 pm.  I got out of Kinky Boots and RAN to the rink.  It was hard to figure out with all the people where the people watching and where the skating line was so because I was just one person and everyone was confused about where the line was, I just kept inching forward and when they came out to clarify the line, I was in it!  YES YES YES!!!!!  IT WAS SO MUCH FUN.  I'm pretty good on skates so I basically just weaved in and out of falling and slow-moving people.  Then one lady asked if I was from Canada, bahahaha!!  The stereotype lives on.  Then another girl stopped me and asked if I would take her picture.  She laughed and said that I looked least likely to fall while holding her very nice camera.  We chatted a bit and she was also travelling alone and she was from Switzerland!!  I can't imagine going to Switzerland by myself.  Maybe one day I'll be brave enough to travel overseas by myself.  

Seeing as how I was having the time of my life and I was exhausted, I decided I should just keep going.  It's my last night!!!!   I'd been there for 9 days already and I still hadn't had cheesecake and since Junior's was still open for a few minutes, I ran over there.  It was so warm out (14C - 57F) that there were quite a few of us sitting at the patio tables with cheese cake.  It was delicious.

And then also because it was my last night, one more visit to Times Square at night. :)

This is how and when I found out Nelson Mandela had passed.  

Since it was so warm out, I present to you the Naked Cowboy.  Says so on his underwear.
And now that I've seen a man playing guitar in tight whitey's, cowboy boots, and a hat, I'm ready for bed!!  I plan to be up early for my last half day to take advantage of every last moment I have. :)

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