Friday, April 6, 2012

So far so good?

It's been too long!!  I know!!!  So in my last post I was back to tracking my points and counting the days AND I had started going to the gym again.  I'll back up so we can catch up.

March 19th -- weighed in at 220.  Decided that was the day that I had to get back to the gym.  Pronto.  That week I tracked everything I ate and I went to the Y Monday to Thursday and Saturday.
March 26th -- weighed in at 217!!  Woohoo!  So working out and tracking my food actually works.  Interesting, interesting.  I went to the Y Tuesday to Thursday in the morning before work.  Didn't do evening classes because it was spring break and they are cancelled and replaced with children's programs.
April 2nd -- weighed in at 214.8, down another 2.2!!  Woohoo!!!!  I made it to 14 days of all food tracked.

George Catstanza
Unfortunately April 1st was the day things went to hell and a little off track.  You see, my lovable, super affectionate, dog-trapped-in-a-cat's body, Georgie has been peeing outside the litter box about once a week for six weeks.  Not spraying or marking, but full urination.  I was at my wit's end when once again in the middle of the night, I was woken up by him scratching on the carpet in an attempt to "cover up".  I jumped up and cleaned it up and then started crying.  I had no idea what to do to solve this issue that I hadn't already tried.  I was exhausted and wondering how I was going to possibly keep him if I couldn't fix it.  Did some googling.  Made an appointment with the vet.  $213.96 of money I don't have for a visit and a shot of antibiotics for a "possible" bladder infection.  I'm paying him lots of attention and playing with him.  I've got two litter boxes, one per cat.  I've been emptying the "stuff" every night so that it's cleanest when he seems to do the peeing in the corner.  If after the two weeks, he still does it, I'm going to ask about the kitty prozac.  I will try everything before I resort to giving him away because he really is an awesome cat full of personality.  He plays fetch for crying out loud and cuddles like crazy.

Of course, the combination of my cat stress and pms (which my doctor suspects is pmdd) made this turn into a small binge of off-plan eating and the following day, I managed to cry three times before I got to work and twice after I got to work.  Thank goodness I was leaving early to take Georgie to the vet.  Did I mention that one of the times that I started to tear up was because I was on the bus and realized that I forgot my sweater??  Us chubby girls like our cardigans, admit it.  It's a safety blanket.  I went the whole day without it.  Again, thank goodness I was leaving early.  So the rest of this week was spent not feeling great.  I didn't eat out of control but I didn't make it to the gym either so my weight has actually stayed steady so far.  My goal is to not gain by Monday.  On Easter Weekend.  Hmmmm .  .  . no, I can do it.  No gain by Monday.

My niece.  She will get whatever she wants from  me!!
I'm in LOVE with her!
Now that the pms has passed and Georgie has gone five days without peeing in a random corner (that I know of), I'm super duper excited for this weekend.  Easter Monday was an option for us to take off so I opted to take it off and use a vacation day.  Four blissful days.  I've designated it home improvement weekend!!!  I'm getting all those little things that I've been meaning to do, DONE.  I painted my bedroom the first week after I bought my condo.  I copied the color from Carrie's new apartment in the SATC movie.  I love it.  And then over the next year I painted my kitchen and bathroom.  Both green. Then over the last year, I've been noticing little spots where I hit the ceiling or the door frames so I'll be walking around with a tiny brush and a can of white paint for an hour or so, hahaha!  I also want to change my light fixtures, bye bye 1985 brass!!  I'm hoping my fixtures will in by Saturday but if not, then likely the following week.  My new brother-in-law is an electrician and he's going to do it for me. I babysit my sweet niece in exchange, although, that's really a win for me.  She's delicious.  I also have to do some fixing in the porch.  I have a three-season porch on the front and above the windows for some reason is just lattice so basically, rain, snow, sleet, wind, bugs can all come in through those little holes.  We are going to block that off and then hang my sweet little patio lights.  I'm excited!!  After that, it's coffee on the porch on the weekends till October or so.

This week I watched season one of The Killing.  Natasha recommended it.  It was so so so so good.  I kept staying up too late because I needed to know what happened next!  Now that I'm caught up to what AMC is playing on TV for season two, I don't know how I'm going to be able to wait a week for each episode!!!  At first I wasn't sure how I would see the lead female investigator as anything but the sister wife from Big Love but I got over that really fast.

So here I go getting ready to attack my to-do list!!!

Anyone else had a cat peeing outside the box before?? And solved it??


  1. I knew you'd love The Killing! How can you not right?!

    Michelle my cat Jasmine has been having issues for over a year. She peed 5 times on my leather couch(did I mention I was still paying for it too?) until I realized it. I couldn't get it out and had to throw out my couch.I cried!! Turns out she had a bladder infection too. She has since had it 3 times. I've switched her onto Urinary track food from the vet and it's helped. I make sure to keep her box very clean too and now I lock her in our animal room(has dog crates, lamp, radio, cat beds, litter box) at night so she won't go when I can't see her. So far (I don't want to jinx it) we've been okay. I can relate!! I thought I was going to have to put my baby down and was so devastated! Now I put her in her box periodically and watch her go to make sure there is no straining. Was yours straining at all? Jas would sit in her box like she needed to pee but then only a drop would be there after 5min.

    Great job on the weight loss. It's nice to know I'm not the only one who goes through emotional bursts! Stress and PMS combo can do evil to us! Glad your feeling better now.

    I hate doing the home renos, but love the end result! Before/after pix maybe?

    Have a great long Easter weekend, and cheers to no gaining weight. My goal too!

    1. There was a spot on the front door carpet that he went multiple times. I never once caught him there though. I just finally noticed a darker shaded spot on the mat that didn't fit the pattern on it. I lifted up the corner and you could see underneath by the drying pattern, how many times he'd gone. Tossed the rug, cleaned it with the enzyme cleaner, bought a new (very cheap) mat and a plastic boot tray. He's since not gone in that corner. He went in bedroom (also carpet) in two different corners. One corner only once, that was the night before the vet and in the other corner I think it was twice. All three times were in the middle of the night and I caught him. He didn't appear to be straining and he didn't whine, the pee was coming fast and furious. He is using both litter boxes now and I've noticed that he approaches them slowly and sniffs around so I'm really wondering if he was just pissed about the litter boxes. Or the type of litter. In a pinch I bought a small bucket of a different litter so I dumped all of that and bought the stuff I was always using. Really hope this is fixed!!!!

  2. Ahhhh - poor Georgie. He is just TOO cute! I hope he's back to normal ASAP. Great work too in March. I am proud of you girl!

    I am going to have to check out The Killing - sounds like it's right up my alley! xo

    1. He is so sweet!!!!! Definitely check out The Killing. I'm hooked.

  3. Sorry to hear about your cat. Hopefully he gets well soon...
    I started watching the Killing on Netflix. I made it to ep. 4 and so far I like. Looking forward to finishing season 1.

    1. Nice! Glad you're liking it, I was hooked.

  4. I'm a new reader and love your blog! WTG on the weight loss! Sorry about your cat and the peeing issues.

  5. Okay so I can't relate to you about the cat LOL (so sorry :( hugs), but I can relate with the rest. The stress, the weight, yadda yadda. You did amazing though - 220 down to 214. Seriusly I would love that kind of weight loss right now. Keep it up! You can do it! Think positive :)

  6. Well, I feel like a dope! I've missed ya on Twitter and here is a post.. I'm sorry about Georgie.. I hope it gets better.. we had a cat that peed in certain places, and it was the infection.. I agree with the food change possibly, but start mixing it with his current stuff first so he'll actually eat it.. lol..

    I'm glad things are going well with WW and losing.. I'm proud of you for not letting your momentum completely stop, as that is way too easy.. You'll find a schedule that works for you, and it might be one week heavy, the next week a couple days.. ANYTHING is better than nothing.. :)