Monday, April 7, 2014

NYC Part 5 of . . .

NYC Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 . . .

Waking up this particular Sunday morning was exciting.  I had a goal to run 13 races in 2013.  Once I knew the dates that I was going to be in NYC, I started googling races.  I mean, how cool would it be to not only run 13 races in 2013 but also have one of them be in NYC.  I missed the Jingle Bell Jog by a day.  But I was registered at home for the Santa Shuffle the same day so there was no sense changing my plans for that.  But after frequent checking I found the Riverside Park Hot Chocolate Run.  There was a 5 km and a 10 km.  I did the 5km.  Figured since I'd be walking all day every day, I didn't need to run 10 km.  I was a little worried about finding my way there and finding the start in the park but it turned out to be a breeze.
Waiting at the subway.

I got off and saw other runners!  I'm in the right place!  I followed them to the park entrance.

People hanging out and stretching.

Beauty park.

Ready to go!

Almost there!

Hell yeah I did!!!
Race #12 of 13 done!!

After the race, I was walking to the subway to get my day started . . . or so I thought.  Just when I was thinking that nothing looked familiar, I saw this. Monk's from Seinfeld!!!  AAAAAAHHHH!  This was on my list of things to see but I had no idea how close I was when I headed to the race and I wouldn't have found if I hadn't walked uptown instead of downtown when I left the park.  So happy!!

Within minutes I was at the counter.

And a few more minutes later, I was having bacon & eggs and coffee.  Totally reasonably priced too.

When I left, I was taking a few more pictures and a garbage truck pulled over to empty the cans on the corner and the two guys started talking to me.  One of them was a runner so he was asking about the race and then they asked if I wanted them to take my picture.  Umm okay!!

From here, I headed back to the apartment on the train to shower and get ready for the rest of the day.  Here is the block I was staying in and my little grocery store that I frequented.

I had a day of wandering planned.  I wanted to hit a few movie/show stops and the most incredible bookstore.  First up, some randoms as I was getting to my destinations.

Then the bookstore!!!  It did not let me down. 18 miles of books!

Aisle after aisle looking just like this one.

And I bought this super cool subway map reusable shopping bag.  Everything I've read says that New Yorkers always have some sort of subway map on them.  I even saw a few iPhone cases that were subway maps.  So cool.  I'd seen this bag too so when I saw it at the Strand, I had to have it.  I folded it up and used it the rest of my trip too.  Hehe.  I bought other souvenirs here too.  I may have to do a short souvenir post at the end.  I figured I'd just come home with my favourite magnet which is what I usually do.  THAT. DID. NOT. HAPPEN.

Walking distance from the Strand was the Starbucks from the SATC movie :)  I went in, had a coffee, and charged my phone and used the free wifi.

Then I headed over to Dean & Deluca -- Felicity anyone??  Of course I bought the t-shirt.  OF COURSE!!

And because I'm a huge Girls fan - if you don't know what I'm talking about, it's an HBO series.

Who are the ladies?!
Same place! Same frozen yogurt - yes, I'm a dork, I'm fine with

Shoshanna's apartment.

Tom & Jerry's featured in the show.
Next up, I did a little shopping.  Went to the Union Square Christmas market and a couple huge shoe stores in search of boots.  Ended up finding an Aerosoles store that was still having a sale so I bought my black boots in dark brown and some nice low black boots for work.

I headed home with all the purchases that were now weighing me down!  I had no idea what to do that night.  There are very few if any shows on so I ended up heading to a movie (Delivery Man) and having a big bag of popcorn and a giant drink for supper.  It was really weird to be watching a movie set in New York while in New York, hehe.  I was home and in bed at a reasonable hour and it was so nice to know I was going to be rested up for the next day!!

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  1. I love that you got a race under your belt, while in NEW YORK! That's a claim to fame right there. And that it led you to Monk's...awesome! I mean it could have led you to 1st and 1st and the Nexus of the Universe instead lol. That bookstore!! Wow, you could seriously get lost in there (and LOVE the tote bag). Lets get you some funding so you can start a travel blog :)