Sunday, April 27, 2014

NYC Part 7 of . . .

Now, this brings us to December 3rd.  I woke up with a mission.  That mission being Krispy Kreme.  I had looked up Krispy Kreme locations before I left and found that there was just one location inside Penn Station.  Penn Station here I come!!!

The funny thing about this too is that I wandered around Penn Station for a good 20-30 minutes looking for it.  I was walking past the same stores and same food places and same food court.  Finally, I googled "where exactly is Krispy Kreme in Penn Station?" and I actually hit on a post from someone else asking the same question and having the same problem.  Thank you Google!!  And someone actually answered with specific directions from a certain entrance and I found it about five minute later. I wasn't coming to Penn Station and leaving without the damn donut.

Found it!!!
I came out of Penn Station and noticed the post office.  I had no idea that whole saying about the sleet and rain was actually engraved on the building!  I thought it was pretty cool. "Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds."  Well, you know, except Newman. :)

From here I decided to attempt Macy's.   I hadn't wanted to go earlier because of Black Friday sales.  I'm not a great shopper anyway never mind if it's big sales.  

I sat at the tables outside in the above picture to enjoy my donut. :)

After sweating like crazy in Macy's for a short while (I only bought some super cute  sweaters for my nieces & nephew), I headed over to the Top of the Rock observation deck.  It was a bit cloudy but the forecast was just going to keep getting cloudier and I would have hated to miss it.  

It was so amazing!!  I can imagine it's even more breathtaking on a clear and sunny day.  Fingers crossed the next time I'm there I will have another clear day.  Next up, Grand Central Station!

Grand Central terminal is HUGE.  I took the subway from here to the next destination and I felt like I was walking through tunnels forever before I got to my platform.  It's just so crazy!

Of course, I couldn't come to NYC and not have Serendipity on my list!  Loved the movie and wanted to try the famous frozen hot chocolate.  It was funny when I got here because there was a line of people right up to the door so I pushed my way through to put my name in to wait.  I heard her say to a party of 4 that it would be about 45 min - 1 hour and then to a table of two that it would be about 30 minutes - 45 minutes.  Then it's my turn and I say "for one" and she says "oh hang on a second" and comes back a moment later and says "right this way".  Baahaha!  Oh the benefits to being a solo diner.

I was really hungry when I got there and the BLT was calling to me.  It did not disappoint.

The Frozen Hot Chocolate!!!

They put two straws in it.  I used them both.

I stopped in at Dylan's Candy Bar after but didn't buy anything.  I thank my full tummy for that.  

Then I headed home to have a quick nap and get ready for my night out.  I was super excited!!!  First I cozied up to this little fellow.

After my little rest, sushi & a show were on the agenda.  A little off the beaten tourist path I found this place.  It was delicious.

And then I was off to see Sarah Jessica Parker and Blythe Danner in a play written by Amanda Peet.  It was so good and the moment that they walked onto the stage I was "omg it's really them omg it's really them".  It was just so cool.  

And then I walked home.  Great day.  Once again.

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  1. Lol..."Newman!" That was a great recap, and another amazing day in NYC!! Thanks to you I want to see a Broadway, off Broadway, or any kind of stage show if I ever get to the Big Apple again :)