Monday, November 1, 2010

OK, I'll Take the Gain

I'm up two pounds.  I'd rather take the gain now than spend the whole week trying to catch up just to stay the same.  I hate backpedalling!  Better off to register the gain now and treat tomorrow as a fresh start.

For the last few days, my eating has been unstoppable.  I need to climb out of the funk I'm in and I think some of it might actually be pms.  Hmmm . . . so at least this mood will alleviate slightly in a few days.  The rest of the funk is my life lately which really only bothers me some of the time but has been bothering me a lot over the last few days which again is magnified by the pms.  Oh woe is me!  What a rambling post, I apologize!

Mini-NSV - I actually nearly made it through Halloween without having any yummy bite-sized treats!  Nearly.  I only had two.  One bite-sized twix and one bite-sized snickers.  It was my neighbor's fault!!  Okay, it was my fault.  It actually happened because I convinced the neighbor in the condo across from me to creep up the stairs to the other neighbor across from me on the second floor and . . . steal her lit pumpkin for her own window.  Oh yes I did.  I had the best, biggest, deepest belly laugh watching her creep slowly up the stairs and then drop to the ground when the other neighbor came out and caught her.  Don't worry, I know both of these women.  But oh was it funny. I went over to visit for a bit and she had a bunch of leftover treats, I took two.  It was worth it though because I so needed the laugh.

Usually my posts are not so blah and I promise I will be back to my regularly scheduled programming shortly!  I'd also like to thank my wonderful newfound blogging community for the eHugs (haha - that's totally what I'm calling it now) and encouragement!

Again, tomorrow is a fresh start and I have a massage booked tomorrow evening.  Aaaahh :)

Michelle :)


  1. Hi there!

    Ugh, I feel you.. I was up 2 lbs this week too!! :0(
    Let’s just work hard at it this week and hope for a better weigh-in.
    Best of luck to you and enjoy that massage… lucky :}

  2. Hey There just came across your blog!

    I know how it feels to have a gain when your trying so hard to lose!

    Will be back to read more!

    All the best to you!

  3. Ah yes, that time of month. You'd think we'd be better prepared but for some reason it always seems to creep up unexpectedly. Go figure.

    Hope you're out of the rut soon.

    eHug - LOVE THAT!

  4. I just hate PMS. When I feel like this, it usually takes me about a day or so to work myself out fo the funk. Sounds to me like you already have. Just keep going forward!!! Two pounds is nothing when compared to the big picture.

    Here's another eHug coming your way!!!

  5. PMS munchies are the worst...I always feel like I could eat twice as much as my plan calls for. You're on the right track just recognizing it for what it is. And yay for the NSV...that is fantastic!

  6. I'm there with you on the funky munchies. No good. >:| Hope you're feeling better ASAP. <3

  7. Don't let that 2 pounds get you down. Enjoy the massage and think about all the good you deserve.

  8. Yep, know that PMS snack attacks well ... unfortunately! Been feeling in a bit of a funk myself lately.

    But as you alluded, draw a line in the sand for tomorrow is another day and the slate is now clean. You've done such an awesome job so far, there's no reason to believe it won't keep going .... just a little bump in the road.

    For Weigh-In Wednesday, pick a mini-goal for the week and I'll hold you to it. If you're happy to do the same for me, I'm going to choose to walk each day until Wednesday and pick up the Kettlebells for a couple of minutes weights work too. Is it a deal?