Thursday, November 11, 2010

TAG!! You're It!

I was tagged by Stephanie at I'm My Favorite to answer a few questions.  The rules are that I answer the questions, pose four new questions, and tag four new people.  Here are my answers to Stephanie's questions:

1.  If you could tell your 16-year-old self one thing, what would it be?
This is easy because in my second last post I covered this question.  Copy and paste!  Here is one, to see more, go here.
*YOU ARE NOT FAT!!  STOP FRICKING CALLING YOURSELF FAT!  If anything, you may be too thin.

2.  Do you eat the skin of baked potatoes or just the insides?
I eat the skin.  I love it.  When I was a kid, my stepdad always told me that's where the vitamins were.  I have no idea if this is true.

3.  Once you hit goal, are you worried about gaining the weight back?  Why or why not?
Once I hit goal, I'm actually not worried about gaining the weight back.  I'm not concerned because I gained it back once before and have learned where I went wrong.  I'm also attacking losing weight differently this time.  I am using Weight Watchers again but this time instead of just being concerned about staying within my points, I'm also concerned about the quality of those points.  I'm also more focussed on activity this time around.

4.  What was your first job and was there a specific reason you took it?
My first job was pretty funny actually.  I was 13 and I took a job at the local rifle club.  I was the kid who sat up in the big ladder chair with the umbrella on top.  My job was to push the button to release the clay targets for the skeet shooting and then keep score of who hit what.  It was pretty fun and a couple of classmates worked there with me.  I took it because I was 13 and it paid $200 for a one week tournament.  It beat babysitting!

Now the hardest part of this is coming up with new questions.  I'm going to keep one because I like it.
1.  Once you hit goal, are you worried about gaining the weight back?  Why or why not?
2.  What is your favorite vegetable and how do you prepare it?  (this is selfish question for me because I need ideas).
3.  How does blogging help or hinder your weight loss efforts?
4.  What, if anything, are you giving yourself as a reward once you've reached goal?

These questions go to:
1.  Char @ Fat Hair Day
2.  Anna @ The Weight Lost Diaries
3.  Kimberlynn @ Minding My Weigh
4.  Sarah @ My F.A.B Challenge

I wasn't actually going to post tonight but decided I should get on it because I had these questions to answer and it's going to be a busy weekend.  I'm watching my friends two children for the weekend.  Thankfully, I don't have to go over till Saturday around lunch time so I'll be able to do my class at the Y. This week has been nearly null for exercise.  I think I've been fighting off a flu of sorts because I've been exhausted since Monday evening when I thought I had a fever.  I did get in two brisk walks though.  I'm hoping to actually walk home from work tomorrow.  It will be 7 km.  Well, that is, if I can get my act together tonight and pack my lunch, bag, running shoes and so on.  I make no promises!  If it's not tomorrow, it will be next week.  

Hope everyone is having a great week!

Michelle :)


  1. Good answers! If you do walk home from work tomorrow I hope it's not quite as wet out as it is right now. Also you will be my new hero...I know how long that is!

  2. Good answers...and good questions. I will get to answering them right now. :)

    Thanks for including me!

  3. Hello from your newest follower AKA Michele ;)
    hope you stop by

  4. Hope you're feeling back to 100% soon. Great that you've got so much activity in regardless. Pat on the back! :)