Thursday, November 4, 2010

Crazy-A$$ed Week

Okay, just so we're all clear on what's happened this week:
*My little sister, 13 years younger than me, got engaged. I am not.
*I showed up at the gym with no water bottle and two different shoes.
*I have tried not once, but twice, to sign up for Weight Watcher eTools, unsuccessfully. (see below)
*I have been stood up. (see below)
Add to this, a raging case of PMS and you have enough tears to put out any forest fires currently burning and leads me to ask WTF?!

eTools: I confessed that I am a Weight Watchers meeting attendee who does not actually track and just tracks my points in my head.  I love spreadsheets, charts, my Mac, and my BlackBerry and with the pro-eTools comments on that post I was excited to sign up.  Just like the website said, I faxed a copy of my weigh-in booklet, my info, and my Canadian postal code.  It says that it can take up to 7 days to receive your access code but that you'll likely get it within 2 - 3 days.  I waited impatiently and I got my code near the end of the 7th day.  They did warn me.  The link they gave me took me to the US site.  Naturally, that didn't work once I started entering my Canadian address.  I went to the Canadian site and tried the code "this access code is not valid".  Sigh.  I emailed back explaining that I was in Canada and was given a code for the US.  The following day I heard back with a new code.  "This access code is not valid".  Double sigh.  Now I've emailed her back again saying that I apologize for being such a pain and I'm pretty sure I'm not doing anything wrong but that this code is not valid as well.  If I don't hear back by lunch time tomorrow, I'm taking a long lunch and walking down to the head office to straighten this out.  Trouble is, I was pms-ing, already upset and was actually excited about eTools.  Seriously, I'm mostly a rational person and realize this sounds silly but during a week that feels like the big things are crumbling on top of me, I'd just like for the little things to work, you know?  That first day, I had the access code in my email, I decided to walk the 20 minutes home instead take my transfer bus just so I could enter the activity in when I got home and signed up.  Once the access was denied I didn't even want to go to the gym.  I went and did the run and the Barbell Blast.  So glad I did.  It significantly improved my mood.  I increased the weight I was lifting and the instructor was in a crazy mood and he cracked us up all through the class.  Such a long paragraph, all for eTools.

Next up, yes, I got stood up today.  My old Learn to Run clinic instructor who was also in my Half Marathon clinic over last winter contacted me and said she really missed me and wanted to get together soon.  I got back to her and we set up a date for today at 4:30 at Boston Pizza. (Don't worry, I'd already picked out the salad I was going to have)  I got a table, ordered a pint and then sipped it over the next 30 minutes while I waited.  Big Sigh.  I hate waiting.  Even more, I hate waiting at a table with two menus, two glasses of water, one beer and me.  All I can say is thank goodness that the pms broke yesterday or else I probably would have been a sniffling puddle while paying for my beer and leaving.

The Positives:  Yes, there are positives.
*After bawling my eyes out over my sister's engagement, I still did my run and my Barbell Blast class.
*After forgetting my water bottle and having two different shoes, I still did my run and my Barbell Blast class.
*I walked the 20 minutes home yesterday instead of taking my second bus.
*After not being able to sign up for eTools, I still did my run and my Barbell Blast class.
*While sitting in the lounge for 30 minutes by myself, I was self-conscious but I wasn't so uncomfortable that it was unbearable.
*After being stood up, I didn't shed one tear, I just went home and cracked a Bud Light Lime.
*Despite not being able to get into eTools, I have tracked everything for the last three days.  I will get into eTools dammut!
*Tomorrow night I have another dinner date with a friend and I'm going to give her a quick call to confirm. ( I paused here to call her, not only is she meeting me, she's excited about it!)

16 Year-Old Me
And finally, Chibi Jeebs wrote a post about tweeting your 16 year-old self.  Very intriguing thought.  I'm not a tweeter.  I have a twitter account.  I don't really get it.  I'm a one tweet wonder.  I admit it.  However, I will post what I would tweet to my 16 year-old self, if I tweeted.  :)
*YOU ARE NOT FAT!!  STOP FRICKING CALLING YOURSELF FAT!  If anything you may be too thin.
*I love you.  You don't love you, but I love you.
*You kick ass at math, calculus, physics & english and that is so damn cool, own it.
*You are not the parent.  Don't pressure yourself like you are.
*You will move out of your parents house and be self-sufficient really soon, so don't worry about it.
*Don't date men 10 years older than you till you're at least 25.
*Don't try to make everyone else happy so much, do what makes you happy.
*Ignore that a-hole pervy volleyball coach and keep on playing.

That's what I could think of off the top of my head.  Hehe - if I was tweeter, I could keep adding to this.

Thanks everyone for sticking with me through the dark week!!  Totally thought I'd lose blog followers but I gained three!  Whoop Whoop!  I'm not promising there won't be dark weeks ahead, see me in 28 days :)


  1. "Don't try to make everyone else happy so much, do what makes you happy."

    I was always trying to make my mom happy.. but she never was with me for some reason. I finally let that go as soon as I moved out

  2. I heard someone say not long ago that we all have bad weeks/days, so when they come just know that it's your turn. So there, you've had your turn and hopefully it's over and next week will be better. In the meantime, I'm sending you another big hug because you definately need it!!! Hang in there're doing so great. Just think, despite all that's happened you've still has some awesome NSV's this week.

    I love what you had to say to your 16 year old self. I've never even considered what I'd say, but it's worth the thought.

    Have a great weekend my friend!!!

  3. "I love you. You don't love you, but I love you."

    This made me tear up.

    "You are not the parent. Don't pressure yourself like you are."

    This made me nod head so hard I thought it might fall off my neck.


  4. Wow, you can be oh so proud of getting to the gym, when it would have been so easy to feel justified and head of the couch with some tissues and a drink (with something to nibble on too!).

    I reckon these little achievements all add up to someone who is getting her Mojo back! Go girl!

  5. Excuse the great language of the last comment - had a power failure before I could edit and it somehow loaded it - spooky!

    I meant to say 'head for the couch" - oops!

  6. I tweeted my 16 year old self and said "I need to lose weight" - which I didn't but it's the only thing that ran through my mind at 16. So, I hear ya!

    Good for you, still working out! That is so inspiring to me this week. Thank you!

  7. I'm going to add you to my inspirations section this's a little thing on my sidebar. :)

  8. I have just found your blog and I think it is great! It's amazing how good a workout can make you feel!