Friday, September 7, 2012

Boot Camp!

I'm supposed to run today, well, it's a suggested day today.   This will now be tomorrow morning because lunch time boot camp KICKED MY ASS.  It was a new instructor and although a lot of the circuits were similar to the old instructor, just throwing some variation in there or doing them in a different order can really get ya!  I also liked the new instructor.  She was friendly and wanted lots of feedback about what we like and didn't like, I hope she gets to stay.  The old one is now teaching a Sculpt class on a different day.  While he's cute, she has a fantastic body that she clearly works for and makes me want to wear Lululemon.  Gosh, I hate people who make me want to spend too much money for overpriced workout wear.  The only thing that I have ever purchased from there is a headband.  I've only been to the store once.  But I would be a liar if I said I wouldn't reward myself with a few things once I hit a happy weight.

LESS THAN A WEEK LEFT!!! So I'd like to plug this again . . . From Fat to Finish Line.  I am honestly shocked that this project did not reach it's funding in the first week.  With the number of weight loss bloggers or people trying to lose weight that just read these blogs, I'm shocked.  Also, the fact that there is 2000+ people liking a facebook page for a documentary that doesn't exist yet makes me wonder what they think they are "liking"??  Anyway, that's my vent about it and onto the plug --- Go check out the trailer -- at least do that.  43 seconds of awesome.  I think the potential looks like it could be amazing.  I love watching running documentaries, I actually just bought the Hood to Coast documentary and it was great.  It's so inspiring to see people from a variety of fitness levels working so hard and achieving what they've set out to do.  Also, this documentary would feature Katie at Runs for Cookies and Ada from the Biggest Loser doing the Ragnar Relay.  That's hardcore.

So that's it for now I think . . . have a great weekend everyone!!!

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