Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Who Knew.

Yep, that's about right.
A couple of months ago I went to the doctor with an all over exhaustion and occasional pain.  I could be sitting completely still and feel all of my muscles hurt.  I was tired.  Sometimes dizzy, sometimes short of breath.  I figured it was my Synthroid dosage for hypothyroidism.  Went back for blood work etc.  Turns out my thyroid dosage is fine, it was my hemoglobin that was really low.  He then told me to start taking iron supplements.  It's about six weeks later and I haven't noticed an improvement in my energy or anything. They both need to be taken on an empty stomach so I've been taking them both first thing in the morning and also taking iron at night.  I turned to Google.  Turns out they shouldn't be taken together! The iron makes the Synthroid ineffective.  Really awesome.  As of today, it's Synthroid the minute I wake up and the iron a little before lunch and at night.  Geez, it's hard to time these things.  Hopefully, I will start to notice an improvement soon.

I started to wonder if I could make smoothies ahead of time and freeze them so I wasn't adding something to do in the morning.  I googled (i love google) make ahead smoothies and found quite a few sites.  Pretty much it's make your own smoothie and freeze them.  But what was new was the freezer jam containers I didn't know existed!  They are the perfect size.  I attempted two different smoothies and I added chia seeds to them and the texture for me was terrible.  I choked it down yesterday but couldn't do it today.  From now on I'll save the chia seeds for oatmeal and for smoothies I make for immediate consumption.  I'll try the freezer smoothies again but without the chia.  Love the cups though.  I got the Bernardin plastic freezer cups in the 473 mL size.

After my crappy run on Saturday morning I was feeling pretty discouraged.  On Sunday evening, I wasn't feeling very well so who knows, maybe I was coming down with something.  I just rested.  Today though?  Back at it.  It was the first class of the new session of lunch workouts at work.  Today's class was Core & More.  I figured it would be a whole bunch of different crunches, planks, etc.  Turns out it was MORE.  Bicycle crunches, toe raises, lunges, squats, push-ups, planks, some yoga, lots of stretching.  It was a WORKOUT.  Way more challenging than I thought.   Can't wait for my six-pack!!

After work, I headed to the Y to get my run on.  I had to do it.  I've slept terribly the last two nights but if I let any more days pass, it's possible I wouldn't start again.  This run was better.  I managed the first 90 second segment, the first three-minute segment, the second 90 second segment, and then the second 3 minute segment, I bailed at 2:30.  ARGH!!  I walked a couple more minutes and then added a bonus 2 minute run and then another 1 minute run at a sprint.  I just need to string those minutes together!!
So ticked I hit the STOP at 29:59!

Tomorrow (thursday), I'm either going for a bike ride or hitting the elliptical.  I haven't done either in ages.  Need to do some cross-training and increase the cardio.  Friday will be the lunch time boot camp and a run 9 after work.  

Hopefully, I've sufficiently exhausted myself today and will sleep like a log tonight!

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  1. Pill taking sucks! I'm on thyroid too and take that first thing an hour before eating anything! You pretty much can't take anything with those babies ;)

    I have never thought to freeze smoothies. Great idea! Awesome job on the workouts! You're killing them! I can't wait to go full speed again. My leg ultra sound is tomorrow AM so hopefully I can get the A-OK to go ahead...fingers crossed ;)