Tuesday, September 25, 2012

See Ya Mean Girls!

Hey Peeps!  Sorry for the two week absence.  I was away visiting my favorite little person for a week and then when I got back my wireless router crapped out.  I did get a new one right away and hooked it up but the internet was so slow, my patience level quickly dwindled.  Me today could not handle dial up EVER.  Just got a new 'new one' and it's working perfectly.  

My trip to visit my sister was great.  I so love that baby more & more every day!  She's crawling like crazy and walks along with this little musical cart.  She has such a crazy little personality and she's so fun.  Here's a few sweet pictures.
My sister, my niece, and moi.

So to recap, in my previous post I told you about the mean girls in my clinic and how much I sucked and hated it.  Yesterday was the first day of the other running clinic so I had to decide what to do.  I called the store and talked to the manager about switching and she said no problem.  Next dilemma, now I had run club that night but my car was still in the autobody shop being repaired from getting hit in the parking lot.  ARGH!  I decided not to skip the first night and I left work early so I could bus home, change, and bus to the store.  So worth it.

This clinic group was AWESOME!!!  I can not even explain fully how much different this experience was.  With the bus I could either be 20 minutes early or 10 minutes late.  I opted for early.  I was the second one there.  I chatted with the manager and introduced myself to the other girl who was early.  Over the next few minutes, more & more people trickled in, everyone friendly.  In total, there's 16 in the group and every single one was great.  One woman even offered to lock my backpack in her car so I didn't have to leave it in the store when we went out for the run and another woman said she was headed close by my place so I got a ride home and didn't have to sit around for the bus.  And the run itself was great.  It felt good.  The group was actually pretty close together.  The couple of faster ones were less than a block ahead of me and the slowest were less than a block behind.  I think it's going to be an awesome group and I'm really looking forward to the group runs on Wednesday's and Sunday's as well.  Woohoo!!  Seriously so glad I switched.  I'm so sad I didn't take a giant smiley face picture of myself after!  I'll use this one because I'm just as happy in this moment.

The only pisser was that my Garmin crapped out right when we finished.  I was about 30 seconds from hitting stop on it and then poof, it said "battery 0%".  It's happened to me quite a bit and I read all these horrible things in the garmin 405 forums which basically describe all the problems I'm having.  I went in on the Bia gps watch but they don't come till Spring 2013 at the earliest.  So I bit the bullet and bought a 305 refurb with a one year warranty off ebay.  So excited to get it.  I know so many people who love the 305 and I wish I'd gone with that one in the first place 3 years ago!!

My tv update:
I don't think I've watched a Parenthood episode without crying and crying and crying.
I'm undecided on Revolution and The New Normal.  So far I like both of them but I need to give it a few episodes.
I can't wait for Big Bang Theory to start!
I love Survivor so much and I really hope Lisa (Blair!!) doesn't get voted out too soon.
Can't wait for Amazing Race this weekend.

Okay, now I gotta get my ass in gear and pack my bag for tomorrow.  I have Core & More class at lunch and then run club in the evening.  Also, my favorite class at the gym has started up again but I don't think I'll have time to get from run club to the class so I might have to pass on Wednesdays and just go to the Saturday class.

Okay, now I"m really going.  Shower, pack a bag, pour a glass of wine :)  Go to Bed!!

UPDATE! Just came back from Wednesday night club run and it was awesome again.  :)


  1. Great pics of the little one (especially love the vampire teeth shot...soo cute!) Could not be happier to hear you found a more supportive run group. THAT's what the fitness experience is supposed to be - community and support. Not Lulu Bit*hes (remind me to find them one day to run those circles we talked about - haha!) Totally hyped to watch the BBT premiere tonight too!

    1. BBT was so good!! And now with my kickass run group I have a supportive group everywhere! Speaking of which, I gotta toss those clothes in the laundry so they are fresh for boot camp and barbell blast.

  2. So happy for you that you love the new group. Mean girls eat sh*t! LOL! Your niece is so sweet! Glad you had a great visit. Did you watch Revenge last night? Love that show. The Good Wife started too, have it taped ;)

    1. You know what's funny about the mean girls? I haven't seen anyone from that group showing up for group runs! I think it was a weird vibe and they aren't gelling. Yes I did watch Revenge!! So good!!! I can't believe she's alive. I should have known really but I was shocked. The Good Wife was great too. In my other life, I want to be Kalinda.

  3. awesome pics ...love ur blog