Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I Feel Like a Rockstar

It's been over a week since I posted!  I'd feel bad except that I haven't posted in a week because I've been so busy WORKING OUT!  I'm not even kidding.  I feel like a rockstar.  And I'm going to keep it up as long as a I can.  I just kept adding one thing at a time.  Classes, run club, more classes.  I love classes!!!  So long as it's not aerobics.  Aerobics plus coordination, EW.

At the end of August, I started with one class a week at lunch, boot camp on Fridays.  Then the new session of lunch classes at work started up and I signed up for Core & More on Wednesdays and boot camp on Fridays.  Then my running clinic started on the 24th.  Clinic is Monday evening and the group runs are Wed and Sun.  Then the Y started up with their new session of classes so the awesomeness that is Barbell Blast is back on Saturdays.  Because I was away for a week and I will be leaving for BC at Christmas a week before the session ends, I will end up with extra tickets for my lunch classes at the end of the session so I picked up a Tuesday Sculpt class yesterday.

Last night, I grabbed some courage and decided to try spin class again.  I tried it once in May of 2010 and I kept up with the class the whole time and destroyed myself for a solid week.  I could feel every single tiny muscle tear in my thighs.  When I even took one or two steps down, it felt like my knees were going to collapse.  I even took my car to work for a week and paid for downtown parking because I couldn't walk down the bus steps or stand on the bus when it was standing room only without wincing in pain.  In preparation for the class, I went to MEC and bought myself some super sexy padded liner shorts.   I really wanted to like this class!!  Good news -  I LOVED IT!!!  I kept to my own resistance, the instructor was awesome and really made sure that newbies didn't overdo it.  My goal was to work hard and still be able to do my workouts for the rest of the week.  Mission accomplished!!  Honestly, I've never sweat so much in my life.  It was dripping into my eyes, off my forehead, off the tip of my nose, off the end of my ponytail!!  It was amazing.  I was going to get my friend to take a picture of me and then I chickened out, hehe.  It's Tues & Thurs at 6 pm which fits nicely into my schedule.  There is also two classes on Saturday morning but I'm not sure if I'd be able to get a bike because Barbell Blast is right before and ends the minute spin starts.  We'll see!!!  Hehe - my instructor was more like Dwight than like the instructor below.  Baha!!!

The only downside to all this working out??  My condo looks like a bomb hit it.  Every surface needs a cleaning and I've just dropped stuff everywhere.  I almost bailed on the group run tonight because I should clean and then I decided that was ridiculous.  I live alone.  My cat Sophie loves me so long as we still sleep, there's food & water, and fresh litter.  So if I'm getting in the activity and loving it then all this crap can wait till Saturday.  And this Sunday, I'll get a little more organized with meals.  I'm having trouble with supper because I get home from work with enough time to change, eat a banana, and get out the door.  By the time I get home it's 7 - 7:30 and I don't want to take forever cooking dinner!! I'd take a picture to prove the messiness and jazz up this post but it's THAT embarrassing.

My food goal this week was to get out the door every morning with coffee (made at home), a fruit & veggie smoothie, and lunch.  So far I'm three for three!!  Last weekend, I made an awesome veggie chili and cornbread from my new cookbook Appetite for Reduction.  This has been lunch this week.  Tasty!

My workout goals this week:

Monday - run clinic DONE!!
Tuesday - Sculpt at lunch, Spin class evening.  DONE & DONE!!
Wednesday - Core & More at lunch, run club  DONE & DONE!!
Thursday - Spin class evening
Friday - boot camp at lunch, run by myself after work (I'm not committed to this, it's just an idea to get an extra run in)
Saturday - I wanted barbell blast but it's cancelled for Canadian thanksgiving so I may just use the empty studio and run through it on my own.
Sunday - morning run club.

And now I must go.  I've been having trouble falling asleep.  Lots of trouble.  So I'm shutting down, dimming lights, and drinking sleepytime tea.

Good Night!!


  1. sounds like an awesome plan ....great workouts!!!

  2. Great job with all the workouts! And, I totally understand about the mess. I usually take my rest days whenever my apartment is a disaster and I need the time to get everything cleaned up. ;-)

    1. Oh my goodness, I'm so glad I'm not the only one! I just got home from spin class and collapsed on the couch but I'm determined to get a load of laundry in and do some dishes. Okay, determined is a bit of a stretch.

  3. You are rockin' it!! Cleaning can always wait (that should go on a t-shirt or something). We need to do our own version of BB class this Saturday. I bet we can make it even better...becuase we can add skipping hehe :) Oh and to quote a very smart girl "you are awesome. That is all."

  4. It should so go on a t-shirt!!! I also find cleaning way more bearable when I've had a glass of wine. When I've had two glasses of wine, I start donating crap, it's awesome. I think we DO need to our own version of barbell. Same time, same place.

  5. Damn, girl! You're kicking serious ass - good for you! :D