Sunday, October 14, 2012

I Don't Like Change

Every time I hear the girl who lives upstairs from me cleaning, I feel guilty.  No joke. Probably because while she's doing that, I'm sitting on my couch with my laptop while watching TV.  Every weekend, either Saturday or Sunday afternoon I hear her vacuuming, moving furniture and everything.  I look around my place as I sit and watch The Walking Dead marathon on Saturday and it is a DISASTER!  She got me up and I started cleaning on the commercial breaks.  Makes you speedy to see how much you can get done in three minutes, hehe.  Two loads of laundry and the kitchen got cleaned during the commercials. :) Proof of the mess.
Saturday morning spin class and barbell blast HAPPENED!  Set up my station in Barbell and then went to spin and left two minutes early and headed to barbell.  Now here is the change . . . My favorite class though is NOT pleasing me.  I loved the last three instructors.  Mike on Wednesdays which I miss now because of run club and on Saturdays, there were two girls that alternated.  Now on Saturday it's been the same woman and I'm not very fond of the way she talks to us (pretty much like she's the best thing to ever happen to weight-training) and she likes to talk a lot and we take way too many breaks.  I don't leave the 45 minute class feeling like I've worked every muscle like I used to.  Sad.  Next Saturday is the 10 km and the Saturday after, I'll give it one more go and if I still don't like it, I'll do my own arms and abs etc before spin from then on.  Oh and while on the topic of spin, there are some really funny spinning videos on youtube.  Spinning with Jimmy Fallon, ahahahaa!

Sunday morning Run club was good.  Only a couple of us showed up but it was a couple of regulars so we just chatted through the run.  Off and on that is, between gasps for air on my part.  Running first thing in the morning into a cold wind is tough on my breathing.  I feel like I'm dying.  As soon as we turned around to head back and the wind was at my back, my breathing was so much better and I felt like I could have kept going and before I knew it, we were back. I so wish I'd noticed that the watch was at 1.98 miles and waited till I ran across the street to stop it!

I hate that moment when you figure out there was something you were left out of.  That just happened this moment via facebook.  A wedding of a co-worker.  There were about 6 of us that ate lunch together every day for a number of years when we worked in the same department.  We've all moved around over the last 4 - 5 years and at times weren't even in the same building any more.  I probably haven't kept in touch as much as the others have I guess.  You know you suspect you're not in the thick of it anymore but when you just plain old don't get invited, then you know you're not.  And I think what bothers me more than not being invited, is the fact that I didn't even know she was getting married that day.  I knew she'd gotten engaged but I had no idea there was a date or that the others were going.  I've talked to these people, no one said boo about it so then I think there had to be a conversation like "i'm not inviting Michelle so maybe don't mention it".  That bothers me more than not being invited.  Ah well, just goes to show that you can get 20 years away from high school and still feel like the outsider.  Although, on the plus side, I didn't have to part with $75 for presentation.

I'm writing this on Sunday morning and I have to just say how much I love Sunday mornings.  I forgot that this is what Sunday mornings used to be like when I used to run. Get up at 7:45, quick smoothie, glass of water, toss on run clothes and out the door. Starbucks is right next to my Running Room so half the time I end up getting a fancy coffee (nonfat, no whip of course).  Head home, make a nice breakfast, have a cup of coffee and relax.  My relaxing is about to end now though because it's almost noon and I have to shower & get ready to meet a friend for coffee and to see a late afternoon showing of Argo. I had no idea what it was at first but when I realized it was the Ben Affleck/Bryan Cranston movie I knew.  I don't know why but I've seen that trailer on tv a million times and couldn't ever remember the title.  Can't wait!

I'm back!!  Argo was sooooo good!!!  Ben Affleck is great in it and he directed it.  Pretty awesome.  I was certainly proud to be Canadian. :)  

Once I got home I dove into the rest of the Walking Dead Marathon and finished in time to watch the Amazing Race and then . . . . THE SEASON PREMIERE OF THE WALKING DEAD!!  Oh man, it was so good and the last 30 seconds blew my mind.  

Thoughts on the episode:
- I think Carol is starting to get frisky.
- I think Carl is still going to be a pain in the ass.
- It still blows my mind that Rick Grimes has an English accent in real life.
- the last 30 seconds blew my mind.  When that prisoner said "holy shit", that's exactly what was going through my head!
- Maggie killing the walker in S.W.A.T gear and then popping all proud was hilarious!
Yes, I went back to this part to take a picture of my tv.

The workout plans this week:
Monday - run club
Tuesday - Sculpt at lunch, Spin 
Wednesday - Core & More at lunch, run club
Thursday - Spin
Friday - boot camp
Saturday - 10 freaking km race.  I could barf.
Sunday - run club (we'll see how I feel after that 10 km but I'll probably go because I haven't missed one yet and I'm kind of proud of that)

I bet if zombies chased me I could run faster.  Maybe.  Nah, forget it, I'd just be the next walker.  


  1. Change is good :-). I've also decided to start jogging too.

  2. Nice solution to the cleaning issue! Best of both worlds!

    1. I'm thinking I need to employ this strategy on a daily basis. Well except for right now, because I'm sitting on the computer ;)

  3. That really sucks about the wedding! :/ I personally hate going to weddings but I still want to be invited. ha! Hey you're doing awesome with the workouts and the running! YAY!! Thanks for checking in on me too, I'm still here just lagging so much with this blog, btwn work, school and working out ouch! I will update this wknd too, it's been fun :)

    1. Hehe - I totally hate going to weddings too. So I am a little relieved and so is my wallet. I would have needed presentation and something to wear etc.

      Thanks!! You sound totally busy. Hehe you don't have to blog you just have to email and text me and stuff. :)

  4. I can get a lot of cleaning done in 3 minutes. I wish I would use the commercial breaks for cleaning rather than the bit of exercise walking to the refrigerator.

  5. are you on facebook or instagram? I know I have you on twitter but I'm terrible at that too. lol

    1. Yes Michelle, are you on Instagram yet?? ;-)

    2. Okay, I do have twitter but I kind of suck at it and I JUST (like moments ago) registered for Instagram . . . .hehe - now what?

  6. Sucks about the wedding! I had a similar thing happen with my old Telus coworkers. They all got together and I wasn't sent the invite this time. Guess not being able to go when they planned it the last couple times has counted me out!:-(

    LOVED the Walking Dead! Can't wait for this week!! You made me laugh out loud;

    "I bet if zombies chased me I could run faster. Maybe. Nah, forget it, I'd just be the next walker." I'd be a walker too!! Hahaha!