Friday, October 19, 2012

It Is Upon Me!

Well, it’s official.  It’s here.  Picked up my race kit yesterday afternoon.  I can’t believe I’m doing this.  I fluctuate between being excited about it and wanting to bail.  A friend of mine is signed up for the 5km.  She’s never done a race before and started getting really active over the last year and made it her goal to complete a 5km this year.  Last Sunday, she told me she wasn’t going to do it.  I gave my best sales pitch and she was back on.  She told me I had to email her every day and tell her that it’s okay to walk, she won’t be last, and that even if she was, that it would be okay.  I have emailed her and every single one of those things is true.  Truthfully, I have those same fears myself and I’ve been telling myself for months now that it’s really okay if I walk most of it.  And my goal is that when I have to walk, I’m going to haul ass doing so.  I’m really hoping it doesn’t rain.  It’s been rainy for the last couple days so on Wednesday night during run club, I was soaked and my feet were all squishy wet.  For 20 minutes or so it’s doable but I certainly don’t want that for my first race back in action for over an hour. 

I did the Monday run - no picture proof.  The leader set my watch to intervals and it didn't give me the same totals screen?  I need to learn more about the watch., 
I did the Tuesday sculpt class at lunch and the spin class in the evening.  That spin class room was so hot, it was hot yoga hot.  Everyone was pouring sweat, myself included.  It was the first time I had a little puddle under my bike starting.  I took a picture of my back, you can faintly see the outline of the sweat.  I wish I'd been wearing a colored tank!  Oh and fyi, i'm wearing a tank!!  I never do that.  It's reserved for spin class only so far. I sent this picture to my friend Tracie she called me swexy.  I'm totally using that.

I did the Wednesday run.  It rained, I was soaked with squishy feet.  She had us do a little speed work and although it was fun at the time, my shins hurt later that night and part of yesterday so I think speed work was a little too early in the game for people who are only up to running 20 minutes with a run/walk combo.

Didn’t do the Wednesday Core & More class because we have a substitute right now and she’s basically teaching it like she teaches the Sculpt class the day before but more awkwardly, so I’m not really enjoying it.  If I’m going to keep all this up, I need to be enjoying it.  I hear we have a new instructor next week so I’ll be going for it again.  

Thursday night I did spin and I gave myself a break on today’s boot camp.  My thighs were really sore and tired from the spin classes this week so I decided that Friday could be the rest day before the race.
Here’s the dumb thing I did for my ‘rest day’.  About two weeks ago, one of my neighbours invited a few of us other girls in the condo complex for a wine & cheese tonight.  I replied right away with a big “YES”, all excited to have something on the social calendar and it wasn’t until a couple days later that I realized it was the night before the run.  I should have emailed back right then and said that I couldn’t go instead of just saying that I could still come but would be leaving early because I really don’t want to go but feel it’s too late at this point to bail.  I stopped at the grocery store on the way home from work to pick up some veggies, crackers, & hummus.  And stopped to get a bottle of wine.  

Now I'm wondering what time people are heading over while writing this and thinking about what I'm playing to wear for the race tomorrow.  The temperature has been a little tricky lately.  Although it will be cool in the morning, my race distance starts at 9:35 so it will have started to warm up some and it's supposed to be sunny.  I'd rather start off cold and warm up, then start off comfy and get too hot.  It will be a game time decision I'm sure and I'll be cramming my jacket into my bag to check.  

I will leave you with this little girl who brings me endless joy and I can sit and look at pictures of her all day long.  ALL DAY.  



  1. Good luck!!! Rock that race :)

  2. I'm late now but hope your race went wonderfully & that the weather cooperated for you!!