Thursday, October 11, 2012

Can't Stop Now!

UPDATE!!  Just adding this at the top of this post in case you read it this weekend!  30% off everything in Old Navy this weekend if you print this page or show it to them on your smartphone.  They will not tell you about it in the store.  I just showed them a screen shot and she said okay, and 30% came off the bill.  I've been washing my same two workout outfits every day.  Such a waste!  I was desperate for more clothes.  I got 4 tanks, 2 t-shirts, 2 pairs of yoga pants, 1 long sleeved running shirt, and a pair of pjs for $80.  Get there this weekend!!  This is the screen shot I showed them, feel free to take it.  Oh and the yoga pants?  Between the sale price and the 30% off of that, they were $9.80.  Take that lulu.  Also, the sizes were fantastic.  They had everything from XS to XXL.  Depending on the top, I was a Large or an XL.  

Start of original post :)

Hey Peeps!  In my last post, I introduced you to ↓this↓ and dedicated my week's workouts to it.

Which is a good thing because now it looks like ↓this↓. SO WORTH IT. 

On my way home from spin class tonight I was thinking about how much I loved it and how it would be really cool if an audio workout existed so that it would give you cues to crank it and get up and sit down and so on so that you could do a spin workout on a bike even when there isn't a class.  I will be googling.  If you know of such a thing, let me know!

Here was my plan for this week and so far it's looking good!  

Monday - Run (moving up to 2 & 1's x7) -- NOPE
Tuesday - Sculpt at lunch, Spin in the evening. DONE!
Wednesday - Core & More at lunch, run club in the evening DONE!
Thursday - Spin in the evening  JUST DONE!
Friday - boot camp at lunch, run in the evening (if not, it's Sat am)
Saturday - Barbell Blast in the morning, there is a spin class right before and one right after but I'm not sure how the timing will work since people arrive early for all three of these classes for a spot)
Sunday - Run Club

Monday's run didn't happen because it was Thanksgiving here in Canada and our run clinic was cancelled.  I was going to head out on my own and then ended up washing my bathroom and kitchen floors on my hands and knees and I was actually sweating.  And oh man, I cannot let that much time pass.  I don't even want to discuss my bathroom floor.  Hairspray, shower steam and hair create cement apparently!  My other change to the schedule will be tomorrow (Friday).  I didn't realize till yesterday that I'm off tomorrow (nice surprise) so I won't be at work to do the boot camp.  I'm going to check the Y schedule after this and see if there's any day classes.  If not, I'll just do the run on my own.  

Run Proof!

I don't know what the hell I'm doing but judging by the new little bruises, I keep doing it.  I'm sure the big ones are from holding weights on my legs during Sculpt class for inner leg lifts.  I think the little ones are from bumping my bike seat during spin class when we are doing the "hover".  I noticed tonight that I brushed it a few times.  Maybe once my legs are thinner, I won't do that anymore!

I love that after spin class I am totally wiped.  As soon as I got home, I peeled off my clothes, showered, put on my pj's and cracked open this.  I swear a beer has never tasted so good.

Serious problem with all this exercise. My PVR is getting full.  I'm pretty much behind on my shows by Tuesday.  I know the solution for normal people would be to watch less shows but no, that is not an option for this girl.  I like my shows.  I catch up on the weekends.  Although, it really does show me which ones I go for first and if a show starts to build up, I should just let it go.   One this may be happening to is the Mob Doctor.  I really liked the first two episodes and now the third & fourth one has just been sitting in my PVR.  And the other is Revolution.  I think I might just record them until I find out if they are being kept.  Parenthood, as always, I try to watch the night it's on.  I love that show and it makes me cry buckets, especially the story line happening now.  Wow.  Even the preview for this past episode made me cry.  I'm not loving Grey's Anatomy but feel the need to stick with it.  I really hope this is the last season.

Loving Survivor and I feel so bad for the tribe that keeps losing!  It's awful!  So glad Russell is gone, dude was getting on my nerves.  I really hope poor Denise and Malcolm can pull out a win.  If they do, I'm betting they fall to their knees and cry tears of joy.  I would.  I just might if they win!  Loving the Amazing Race.  One of the best reality shows out there really.  And I've actually started watching Bachelor Canada.  Seriously, I had to.  I can't very well watch all the US ones and then not watch the Canadian one.  It's like the US with a poor man's Chris Harrison and "eh".  Baha!  

Good thing I'm off tomorrow -- it's like bonus day for catchup!!  Gotta get that PVR % down!  I'm also determined to cook some stuff this weekend.  Still having trouble with speedy suppers so I stopped at Safeway and bought a few Lean Cuisines and a few bagged salads.  I so love the Pear Gorgonzola one.  Yum!!

Well, I think that's all that's happening.  Hope everyone is having a fantastic week!

Just a couple more days!!


  1. OUCH! That makes my legs hurt! We stopped having our DVR and it's almost the most freeing feeling ever. As much as I love them, I feel so overwhelmed when they build up, and I find myself making time to watch them. lol I'm not active enough as it is, the last thing I need to do is schedule time to watch tv ;)

    PS - Holy COW I need that pumpkin delight in my life!

    1. Stopped having the DVR???? You're my hero!!!! I could never!! At least though, it's showing me which shows I really do like and which ones I just watch to watch. This morning I actually deleted a couple without watching them and then deleted them from the series recording. If they aren't there, I can't watch them :)

  2. AHHHH those bruises are terrifying! :)

    1. I know, they look brutal but I'm thankful they don't hurt at all!

  3. I was having HORRIBLE bruising problems awhile ago. I am not sure if you like bananas - but I started eating one once a day (in the am) and after a few weeks I saw a drastic improvement.

    1. Interesting! I do have a banana 5 days of the week. Usually not Sat & Sun, maybe I'll start taking one for an afternoon snack as well.


    Your poor legs! Gah!

    1. I've been watching the marathon all day. I really should be cleaning. Maybe I will clean on the commercial breaks. :)