Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I Choked!

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Hello!!  Well, I bailed on the first workout of the week.  Sunday morning run club.  I couldn't get to sleep on Saturday night (still thinking about the creeper) and when I woke up Sunday morning, I just felt terrible and my stomach was bothering me.  Then I turned off my alarm clock and rolled over.  Well, that ends that!

In the afternoon, I had a home jewelry party to go to.  It was pretty cool, I got a simple necklace just for everyday when you don't have some specific bauble type stuff to wear and a pair of small square faux diamonds also just simple.  Now what's funny and scary about going to this party?  After the demo was over, I noticed a food spread untouched in the dining room.  No one had broken into it and I walked into the room and popped a strawberry in my mouth and turned to go back to where everyone was looking at the product and the strawberry slid right into my throat and just like that, I was CHOKING!!  It can't even really be called choking because i was making no sound, getting no air and I felt like my eyes were as huge as they could possibly get.  At that moment, a friend of mine walked around the corner and could tell something was wrong because I was just standing there with my hand on my throat.  "did you eat something? are you okay?  are you choking?"  I just nodded and then felt it move.  Grabbed a napkin, bent right over and coughed it out.  Then my eyes start watering immediately because it hurt!!  You'd think that would have stopped me from eating but come on, there was veggies & dip and cheese & crackers and cupcakes!!  I didn't have anymore strawberries though.  I've choked twice in my life before.  Once I was 11 and choked on a sliced carrot.  My mom did the heimlich and up came the carrot.  I cried my eyes out.  Then the next time was about ten years ago.  I was alone and driving and sucking on a hard Werther candy when it just slid down my throat and stopped.  I pulled onto a side street immediately and stopped the car and panicked for a second and then ever so slowly and painfully, it slid down.  My throat felt bruised for a day or two.  Always makes me think of that SATC episode where Miranda chokes.  I always think of that living alone.  Scary!!!  Haha - I searched youtube for it but it wasn't there!!  Whaaat???  So i popped in my dvd and recorded it with my phone so it's really good quality, hehe.

A few months ago, I backed a project on Kickstarter for the gps watch by bia.  At the price point I backed at, it gives me a watch & gps when they come out and a couple straps, plus the bia technical fabric shirt right away.  Apparently, the red shirt was so popular that they were backordered and just got sent out a couple weeks ago.  I kept seeing tweets of people getting theirs and I knew mine was taking a little longer because it had to go through customs and into Canada but Monday, it arrived!!!  I saw the package in my mailbox on my way out the door to running clinic.   So happy it's come and it fits perfectly!!  Love the red.  And I like the v-neck and I think the cut is quite flattering.  On the other sleeve it says "first".  Nice touch for all the people who were the first to back them and get them to their project goal.  I didn't want white because I figured it may be see-through and I didn't want bright pink.  That's not really me although I do like it on other people.

And once again, I came home from work, tired and really didn't feel like going to running clinic. I went though (thank goodness because that's when I got all happy from the package).  Although, I was huffing & puffing, I felt good.  I could keep going and i'm actually looking forward to Wednesday run club.  The leader asked if anyone was coming to club on Wednesday and about three people said yes so I'm assuming since she asked that only one or none showed up on Sunday morning.  Kind of annoying that others aren't going because she shows up for nothing otherwise.  I feel bad about that.  I've only missed two out twelve so far so i'm definitely doing my part.  What's got two thumbs and is super happy about going to run club??

Although, in all the dragging my butt I did, I was rushing around to get out the door in time and I forgot my garmin!  I was super pissed when I pulled up to the store and realized I'd forgotten it.  I just love having the numbers and being able to SEE my improvement because I can't always FEEL my improvement.  Oh, how I love the numbers.  I paid attention to how far we went down the street and then mapped it when I got home and I knew we did 4 sets of run 4 minutes, walk one minute and on the last set, I ran the last minute as well so 20 minutes total.  Hehe - I made my own, ahem, adjusted, watch picture.  Yes, I'm a dork and I like having pictures in my posts.

Tuesday lunchtime Sculpt class was good.  Another new instructor and I really liked her.  She is supposed to be doing our Core & More on Wednesdays for the reminder till Christmas so I'm happy about that!   Unfortunately, my condo annual board meeting fell on Tuesday night so I had to miss spin class tonight.  Waaaaah!!!  Gee, it's just so much fun waiting at the hall for at least 50% to show up so we can actually have the meeting and vote on stuff.  I don't understand the motivation to not come.  This is your money!  Come and have a say!  We JUST made it.  We had exactly half the people but we had to wait a half hour for enough people to show.  I could have done spin class and showed up at the same time as the latecomers.  I will definitely have to go Thursday night and Saturday morning now.  I'm finally getting to the point where my butt doesn't hurt anymore while doing it and my tailbone only hurts a little bit now.  I've been experimenting with where to position myself on the seat to not aggravate my tailbone.  

Hmmm what else . . . I made another recipe from Happy Herbivore.  Cauliflower-Pumpkin Curry.  I really liked it and since it's so much veg, it's calorie and point friendly.  I also added some chickpeas to kick up the protein and I wish I had some more sauce or put in a little less cauliflower to offset it.  Still good though and I've got lunch all week.

Well, that's all I've got!  Just occurred to me that run club is right when kids will be out nabbing candy. Oh boy.  I'll tell them that my costume is Finely Tuned Athlete.

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  1. Hey it happens, but at least you got right back on again and that's the important part. That shirt is killer!! So sharp and really flattering on you. Yeah you can definitely pull off FTA...or Superwoman :)