Sunday, December 19, 2010

I'm Excited (and a little insulted :)

I'll start with the insulted.  I'm not really, but I thought this was hilarious.  In case the text is too small in the picture, here's what it says.  To me, from, subject line "Save on Bathroom Scales!" followed by a selection of bathroom scales that I could choose from. TOO FUNNY!!!  I had a problem with my scale this past Monday so I did go on to see what scales can do these days but I had no idea I was automatically logged in or that they send emails based on what you'd looked at.  They should really have a list of words or terms that they just don't email out even if people have done a search on them. Ahahaha!

Me, 1977 I think.
Next up, I'm excited!  I'm excited for Christmas.  For those that know me personally, they know that this is probably the first year I've said that since I was about 10.  Seriously.  So that's a new feeling.  My sister came by and dropped off all her wrapped presents for everyone under the tree and I put mine under there and my mom came to town last night and brought hers over.  Normally, I wouldn't be excited about the presents but this year it was different than others.  This year, instead of exchanging gift cards, my siblings and I actually went shopping and tried to think of things that the other would want so the fact that there are actually wrapped boxes under the tree and I DON'T KNOW what they are is kind of killing me.  I confess to actually checking the wrapping job on one to see if I could get at it and rewrap it!!  I can't.  And as far as my mom visiting...she took my sister and I out for dinner, we came to my place after and visited for a bit and then she left.  I survived, unscathed.  It was quite awkward at times.  But I survived.  I would have much more to say but I really am paranoid about her finding this blog by some weird fluke.  I will just share on thing as it pertains to this weight loss blog.  She is QUITE critical of people who overweight.  We were sitting at a table and a woman who was overweight (more than me even) walked by wearing a ruffly black dress with spaghetti straps and her hair and makeup all done and great heels.  My first thought when I looked at her was "DAMN! She looks so good.  I'm not that brave.  I bet that dress would look awful on me."  I saw my mom watching her.  Then my sister looked at me and whispered "wait for it..."  As soon as the woman got past our table, my mom started talking about her, how can she wear that dress, she shouldn't be wearing spaghetti straps because you can see her bra straps, etc.  It went on for a couple minutes.  I simply said "well, I'm envious, because I'm not brave enough to try on a dress like that, good for her".  Then I changed the subject.  Although I wondered what my mother would think of me if she didn't know me.

The next thing I'm excited for is the new year.  I've only been blogging for a few months so I wasn't around for last New Year's.  But I'm imagining that the blog posts blow up with New Year's themed posts.  Challenges, resolutions, plans oh my!!!  I can't wait.  I love making New Year's Resolutions.  I don't know why.  I love new calendars, lists, new plans and I'm excited to see everyone else's.  I've also seen plenty of challenges that have been year-long challenges that I came in on too late so I'd love to be in it from the beginning.

That's it for now!!


ps.  So far I've watched It's a Wonderful Life (in the theatre!), Elf, Charlie Brown Christmas, and Miracle on 34th Street.  I cannot begin to explain how unlike me this is!!!  That's actually the first time I've ever seen It's a Wonderful Life.


  1. I hated It's a Wonderful Life (I saw it for the 1st time this year)... I couldn't get over the age of the actors compared to the age of the characters they were playing for a chunk of the movie.

  2. I'm glad you are enjoying the holidays this year! We are too - we participated in an "Adopt-a-Family" program and scaled our own Christmas way back to get more for the needy family - the crazy thing is, it feels like the best Christmas ever!!!

  3. I came along in September so also excited to see new challenges for the new year. Glad you´re enjoying the holiday.. Have fun opening those presents ;)

  4. I'm so glad everything worked out with your mom. It's going to be weird, but like you said you'll survive it! Glad to hear someone else is as excited for the holidays as I am :)
    PS. It's a Wonderful Life is a classic, great movie. I cry every time I watch it. Time to break out the Christmas DVD's...
    PSS. Amazon is a jerk...haha!

  5. I've never seen It's a Wonderful Life (I know, I've been yelled at twice because I admitted to this.. lol), but I've heard good things.. and I am glad that this year is a good one for you Christmas-wise.. I hope that everything continues to go great with your get-together..

    And I'm with ya on the New Years things.. I can't wait to break out the new calendar, the resolutions, and see what everyone else is doing..

  6. I love new years, even new months!! A fresh clean slate. But really, every day is a fresh clean slate? I am certainly ready to do things different this year!