Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Weigh-In, Good News, Bad News (short post)

I apologize right now for it being this long since my last post.  I've tried to be consistent in posting 2 - 3 times per week but it just wasn't going to happen in the last nearly 10 days.  Sorry!!  I will post more about the last week and a half either tomorrow or Friday.  And reply to comments!

First, weigh-in.  I was 209.0, down 2 pounds!!  I don't feel I necessarily worked for those 2 pounds but I will take it for every other time that I did work and the scale was not in my favor!  We all know those weeks.  I weighed in at home.  Because I'm actually a lifetime member at WW, I can get away with just paying for the weeks I go.  With it being so close to Christmas, I could really use the $15 fee elsewhere.  I'm still loving eTools!  I've been hearing all this stuff about the new WW Points Plus program as well.  I believe it rolls out in Canada on December 6 and will likely start reflecting the new values on my eTools then as well.  I'll go back to WW in mid-January to get more specifics on the program.

So the bad news -- "Spinster" is actually on wikipedia.  Seriously.  Short version, "unmarried woman, aged 38 or over" and something about being "past the conventional age for marrying".  Umm...OUCH.   I had no idea there was an age for a spinster so I'm going to stop calling myself that immediately!!!  Why am I talking about spinsters??  Because I thought I was one.  I just "celebrated", okay, yes, I celebrated my 37th birthday a couple days ago so I should not be calling myself a spinster just yet!!  Hehe - that's the good news, I'm not technically a spinster.
My 4th Birthday.  I know you're all crazy jealous of my Ronald McDonald slippers.

Besides, I can't be a spinster yet, I only have one cat!!  He's pretty fantastic though.  This is George Catstanza.  He's waiting for me to get out of bed.  After my alarm goes off, he will lay beside me and just look at me until I get up.  If I hit snooze, he moves a little closer and when I hit snooze again, he meows right in my face.  He's my back up alarm clock.

One more quick thing, I've had a couple requests for an email address and it never occurred to me to just create a secondary address on my internet account so now my blogging email address is:  Gee, I can't believe "chubbygirl" as a username was still available!  Ahahaha!!

Till tomorrow friends :)


  1. are so funny Michelle!!!

    As for being a spinster, I believe it's all a state of mind...whatever your age may be! So, you just keep telling yourself you're a beautiful, confident, and wonderful woman who is not willing to settle for anything less than what you deserve!!!

    In that...there is no shame!!!

  2. what an awesome cat you have! and you look NOTHING like a spinster ;)

  3. Congrats on the weight loss!

    I read the first line in your post, and thought I was reading my own! I have been absent from blogging for about 10 days, mainly because I was hiding from my followers because I hadn't been exercising, etc.

    Your cat is incredibly cute. One question, if I'm over 38, not married, and have 2 cats, does that qualify me as "spinster"? (I have been married before though, so that might cancel the term) LOL

    have a great day and weekend!

  4. George Catstanza - my husband is loving that name.

    I'm 43 and got married this year. (we're not going to mention being married before because that was very short-lived and I was 20).

    So when you lose all the weight, are you switching your email to ;)

  5. 2lbs is fabbo! Congrats, regardless of how it came!

    What a shitty word spinster is! Why don't guys have the equivalent too .... crappy me thinks!

    But I think you look gorgeous at 37 regardless of what stupid label they put out there..... happy birthday for the other day!