Monday, December 13, 2010

Weigh-Off Monday & Public Transportation Hates Me & AN AWARD!

You know those days when your alarm goes off and you open your eyes and think "I should really just stay here".  You lay there for another couple minutes contemplating a sick day before dragging yourself out of bed.  That was me today and it did not get better from there.

I weighed in right after I got up.  I stepped on the scale.  The scale said "L".  I get off the scale and do it again.  "L".  I'm hoping "L" stands for "low battery" and not "loser".  I'm going to just register today as staying the same because I don't feel lighter or heavier and I didn't have a particularly good or bad week.  So I'm going to take the damn thing apart and see what kind of battery it takes.  Or I could blow some unnecessary cash and buy a cool scale.  Hmmmm.

Let me just tell you that it was -38 C this morning when I left to catch the bus.  Keep that in mind.  Brrrrrr.  I got my butt out of bed an hour later than usual.  Not a whole lot of people would be in the office today so I knew it wouldn't be a bit deal.  I got myself ready and then checked the bus schedule online as soon as I was ready to get out the door.  As luck would have it, there's a bus in a few minutes.  This is what the schedule showed, I'm going for the 7:44 bus.  I get bundled up like crazy.  Nice long North Face warm jacket, toque, face covering, big mitts, and my Columbia boots that are rated to -32 C.  Yes, it's -38 C currently but hey, I'll only be out there for a few minutes right?  Yeah, right.  I'm the first one at the stop and over the next two minutes six more people join me.  And we wait.  Then we wait some more.  Ten minutes after the bus was to be there, a bus rounds the corner, we're smiling at each other and chuckling, pretending we weren't really worried.  The bus comes closer and we see that it's a School Charter.  Two people leave the stop.  We wait some more.  I pull out my cell phone and call the number on the bus sign to see when the next one is.  The machine tells me 8:09.  It comes at 8:12.  By the time the bus came, there were only three of us left.  The three that looked like they could rob a bank in an igloo and never be identified.  The kids in the thin jackets lasted 5 minutes.  So we waited 30 minutes in that cold.  My toes actually hurt when I got to work and took my boots off.  Then I look up the transit site again, completely pissed off because online, they are supposed to register what busses have delays etc.  This is what it looked like when I got to work.  Now what good does updating it after the fact do the poor people who were freezing out there!!

My luck with public transportation was not any better on the way home.  I grabbed my first bus just in time only to get to my transfer point in time to see the rear end of my second bus through a cloud of exhaust.  Sigh.  Thankfully, it's right at the end of a grocery store parking lot so I ran in there and spent $8 on fruits and veggies just to stay warm until the next bus came.  Now I'm on the sofa in flannel pj's and fuzzy socks sipping a mug of hot chocolate in the light of my Christmas tree and fireplace.  No, I don't care that it is only 7 pm.  :)  See picture to the left.  I love how my cat George got his head in there.  Haha!  And I love my Charlie Brown tree to the left.

I ALMOST FORGOT!!  I was just about to finish this post when I realized that I forgot about my very FIRST award!!  Given to me by Katie @ Finding the Thin Within, very exciting.  This is very cool because I have really enjoyed this blogging thing and honestly didn't think I would stick with it this long.  I credit a lot of that to the wonderful people following and commenting!  No one has ever made me feel bad, lazy, or lame on a bad week and quite the opposite actually.  Thank you!!  I am charged with passing this award to five other bloggers so without further ado, in no particular order . . . oh and it didn't say that I had to tell them why I chose them, but I wanted to.

1.  Kimberlynn @ Minding My Weigh - because she's so damn nice, you can just tell.  :)  And wonderfully supportive.
2.  Daisygirl @ A Future Success Story - because I'm pretty sure we are related somehow and she is a wicked meal planner which has helped me immensely.
3.  TJ @ tj's test kitchen - because she is so creative with food and shares it with all of us and because she is brave beyond belief.
4.  Stephanie @ I'm My Favorite - because she's honest, she posts pictures, and one day in particular, she got me off my butt.  And she makes me want to try Zumba.  Bad.
5.  Stephanie @ Fit Mom in Training - because she's a real life treasured friend and her motivation and fitness level is staggering.  Seriously, I know her!!  She has a baby boy that is so cute, you could eat him.  You really could.  And if you're looking to be challenged, she's your girl.

Well, I'm off to notify my awardees and catch up on some blog posts and a refill of the hot chocolate is in order.  My public transportation woes & toes are far behind now.  :)



  1. :) Thank you so much! This was very cool of you to pass on to me and for saying such nice things about me too! :) I appreciate the support!!!

  2. Love the trees.. and I totally feel ya on the scale issue.. I got one of those kind of readings a little bit ago, and I found the battery.. and the damn thing won't come out!! So I'm stuck with mine for now.. lol.. hope you figure out what to do with yours..

  3. Your home looks so cozy. It's been unusually cold here in Tennessee too, but nothing like where you are. Oh my!!! Thanks for the award Michelle and for you kind words. I'll be sure to pass it on.

  4. Thank you so much for the award! I agree - we are sisters!!! I'm certain the only "loser" your scale might mean is referring to weight! I had a scale episode too, although mine was my food scale. I really do appreciate the award - I found out about it at work today and you brightened my day! : )

  5. "L" for Loser - I'm going to assume it means Loser in the weight loss category and not anything else. (that did make me LOL!)

    -38C - really? can you survive in that? It's 4C right now and I have the heat going and sipping hot tea. Brrr - but good for you getting up and out of bed on such a cold morning.

  6. Bus's always suck in Winterpeg...hang in there!!!!