Monday, February 14, 2011

A Disappointing Loss?

I weighed in this morning.  I was so excited to step on the scale this morning so I could update my weight and do a blog post.  I was down 1 pound.  I should be excited.  I should totally be excited.  I'm aware of this.  However, I'm disappointed.  Before you start calling me a crazy b*tch in your head, that's okay, you can still call me that.  I'll tell you why I'm disappointed.  I tracked every day.  I stayed within points every day.  I did four classes at the gym.  I used the treadmill twice.  And I did those &%&*#$@ stairs at work (28 flights and 24 flights).  So honestly, I was so hoping for two pounds. Fresh off the weight loss math I had to do to get my butt on a plane, I really just wanted to lose two pounds this week and I really felt like I earned it.  So this is where the disappointment and discouragement are coming from.

The first thing I wanted to do was eat.  Eat poorly and eat lots.  I've repeated in my head about a million times today "If hunger isn't the problem, food isn't the answer".  I'll just keep saying it until it passes.  Even now as I sit here and type this, I'd like to go through a drive-thru or order pizza.  Part of what's stopping me is that it's Valentine's Day and that just really seems too pathetic for words.  Anyhow, I expressed this disappointment to my Dad who told me that because I had mostly been doing resistance training and weights, it's quite possible that in addition to the pound that I lost inches and gained muscle.  That makes me feel a little better.  I've never taken my measurements so I think I will do some today.  I also talked about being disappointed to Lindsay (friend, co-worker, & barbell blast buddy) and she said that one pound was awesome and to go to the grocery store and pick up a pound of ground beef and realize that that's how much I lost off of my body in one week and that's pretty awesome.  That reminded of a woman in my old WW meetings who used to look at the one pound blocks of butter and look at the stack and add  up what she'd lost.  It helps to picture something like that.  So I'm going to be thankful for the lost pound and appreciate that it's gone and keep on going this week.  I am going to add more cardio though.


Well, more annoying for me, but funny for everyone else.  Okay, it's funny for me too.  I laugh at myself A LOT.  I got to the gym for Barbell Blast class on Saturday morning.  Another girl from work was coming so I'd be meeting four people there.  We got there at the same time, walk into the locker room and I'm unpacking my bag and realize I only have one running shoe.  What I currently have on my feet are big Kodiak winter boots, so that won't work.  I was in disbelief!  The funniest part was that I just kept repeating in disbelief "I ONLY HAVE ONE SHOE!! I ONLY HAVE ONE SHOE!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE I ONLY HAVE ONE SHOE!!"  Then I threw all my stuff in the locker, asked my friend Nicole to pull out a bench and mat for me to hold my spot in the class and I grabbed my keys and raced home and then back again with my other shoe.  I got there about three minutes after the class started and jumped in.  I'm so very proud of myself for going home and coming back.  This is the best example of how having people to work out with helps me be successful.  Had no one else been there, I would have left and I likely would have hit the McDonald's drive-thru for a Sausage McGriddle on my way home.  So thank you to my gym buddies!!!  (only two of which know about this blog).

Plans for Tonight

As of last night, I was planning to go to the gym after work and maybe start the Couch to 5K training plan again.  Enter the disappointing weigh-in, the lonesomeness of a single Valentine's Day, a poor night's sleep, getting home later than normal from work, and a strong feeling of just wanting to stay home, I think I have a new plan.  Instead, I'm going to figure out how to use the new heart rate monitor accessory I bought to go with my Garmin watch, I'm going to write out week one (at least) of Couch to 5K on a small card so it's handy to take to the gym, get some new music for it, take my measurements, watch some TV, do some Zumba or Just Dance on the Wii and treat myself to some sushi for supper.  Oh yes, that's the new plan!!

Tata for now!


ps - anybody got any music that really gets them going for cardio like running?  I've been using the latest Girl Talk download but it's starting to get a bit old and I need to mix it up.


  1. I love sushi! I so should have gotten that for dinner.

    I totally get your disappointment with the weigh in. On one hand, you are losing. So that is good. But on the other hand when the loss doesn't match the work you put in, it can be really irritating and discouraging. But your dads right about the strength training. Just keep doing what you're doing - no McD's - and next week's loss will be more!

    I'm going to make a workout playlist page on my site soon, so check back for that!

  2. You really should measure the inches....that scale does not tell the whole story and never will.

    A pound is a pound. I have seen my weight change by 6 lbs depending on what time of day I step on the scale. Stick with it, Rome was not built in a day....

  3. wow I never really thought to think of one pound in terms of butter or meat. It really is more then i gave credit to

  4. Hubby bought me fat monitor scales - I'm even more disheartened than when I could just weigh myself. I tend to work on the basis that if my skirt fits I'm okay. You're doing really well. Weight loss plateaus periodically and that's when you suddenly think you're not achieving anything anymore...stick to it and you'll notice weight loss again later. The main thing is to keep sight of the end goal and enjoy your exercise and vary what you do. I used to be a personal trainer so I know what I'm talking about - honestly:-)
    As for music there seem to quite a lot of running and exercise CDs out there. Log on to and check out what they can listen to the tracks on some of the cds to see if you like them.
    Stick at it - I'm routing for you .

  5. Be proud of that 1 pd girl!! You worked hard for it and I agree with your dad, your toning!!

    That's funny about your shoe..but kudos for going back!

    Sounds like a good way to spend V-day. Hope you had a good night!

    P.S. I logged onto itunes see what Jillian Michaels downloaded for working out and there is some good tunes...(just an idea!)

  6. I know you are upset about the 1 lb loss not being a 2 lb loss, but I just have to say....woohoo you go girl! A loss is a loss! You are going in the right direction! Keep picturing the day you hit your goal and expect to see 0 change on the scale. That will be an amazing day, and you are now 1 lb closer to that day!

  7. Yeah, I know how that can feel. You know in your head all those things about the scale but when that number is flashing up, it's all too real in that moment. How have your clothes been fitting? Do you notice a difference there?

    As for music - I stream Pandora on my iPhone at the gym (they have wireless!) and use Plan B, Lady Gaga, or Black Eyed Peas mixes. Then I download the songs I like to make a mix of the songs that got me going for when I can't stream with my iPhone.

  8. Yeah I was soooo proud of you for going home, getting the shoe, and rocking back to class!!! That was the best reaction ever tho ("One Shoe!) :P
    Your Dad is bang on about building muscle vs. weight loss. Muscle weighs more than fat. You definitely gained muscle this week so probably lost at least 2 pounds or more of fat. You're making progress no matter what the scale says!
    Oh yeah, and sushi is always a good idea :)