Monday, February 21, 2011

Less of Me!

I worked hard, I tracked, and I conquered!!  I was down...drum roll... 

-3.0 lbs!

I know every week won't be like this but oh, how I love the weeks where all the work pays off with something measurable.  My activity this week consisted of:
  • One boot camp class
  • Two barbell blast classes
  • Three week one Couch to 5km run/walk's
  • Two days of the stairs at work

I continued to track every day and I stayed within my points.  The end of today makes 21 days!!  Three Weeks = Habit.  Right??  

What I'm noticing as well, is how much less I crave things.  I used to hear people say this or read it in fitness mags but I didn't truly believe I would crave anything any less.  I believe it now. The first week, I would have given my right arm for a giant bag of chips and dip or a chocolate bar (or 5).  Or anything "bad".  The longer I've gone without that stuff, the less I think about it or crave it.  The same goes for fast food.  I think it's been over a month since I had fast food.  OVER A MONTH!!!  I think I've only ever done that once before and that was years ago in a two month bet which I'm pretty sure I lost.

Also, previously when I've done WW, I've celebrated a great loss with food right after the meeting.  No, really, food.  Fast food (hangs head in shame).  It doesn't make any sense at all to immediately undo some of the great things I did.  Yet, that's what I did.  What's even more odd is that I did the same thing to console myself when I didn't have a loss.  Talk about sabotage!  

So this week, the activity goals are exactly the same as above except I will try moving on to Week Two of the Couch to 5km.  If it seems too tough, I'll repeat week one.  I don't want to hate it, burn out, or re-injure my ankle.  I'm not in a race to get to 5 km again, I just want to get there.  

A big thank you to everyone for their comments and for following!

Michelle :)


  1. I finally kicked my fast food habit, but man was it hard! The first week or so I would have traded ANYTHING for a Mango McMini, but now I don't even feel like eating them. I actually had a bite of a friend's and it just didn't taste the same. Congrats on 3 weeks of tracking!

  2. I've done that too. I used to have my weigh in day be like my little cheat day... but not right now since I'm working to achieve big goals.

    And I have to say my usual cravings are gone too! I used to crave chips and french onion dip, but now I don't want them even if I were to work it into my day. Very interesting...

  3. What a great loss! Congrats! I weigh-in on Wednesday and i hope to have a success like you! I am also following WW, and loving it! I did it 8yrs ago after my 1st daughter was born (I didn't have near as much weight to lose then as I do now) and now I am at it again :) Oh, BTW I found you on scale junkie :) Cheers to another amazing week!


  4. Congrats on the 3 pound loss. Just found your blog from ScaleJunkie. I just started a fitness blog too...hope you will visit mine too.

  5. That is a great loss this week!! You are doing awesome, 3 weeks is a great record. Keep it up!!

  6. Way to go on the 3 lbs! It's so nice to see the hard work paying off!