Monday, February 7, 2011

So That's The Answer!!

Who knew??  I knew.  So funny how I've always known the answer to losing weight is to eat healthy foods and exercise yet it's the execution that is the huge stumbling block.

This last 7 days has been really great as far as following through with the plan.  I've just finished supper on my 7th full day of tracking.  My goal this week was to go to boot camp and the two barbell classes and do some cardio time before them.  I did all three of those.  And I was rewarded for my efforts.

-2.8 lbs!

I'm so pleased! A few things that have worked for me this week . . . 

  • I made a doable goal to just do those three classes at the gym and fit the cardio in before them. I had company in each one too so that helps!
  • Committing to track the consecutive days of tracking worked.  I don't want to start at day one again.  In the past, if I had a bad day, I just wouldn't track it.  Now I'm going to track it regardless.
  • A budget.  In the new year, I made myself a budget which included a budget for eating out and groceries.  With less money squared away for eating out, I've been saving that for meals out with friends not take-out for supper because I'm too lazy to cook.  Everything I make is better for me than what I would order.  The budget thing is just an added bonus.  
  • Getting a little more creative in the kitchen with what I have.  I have to start writing them down so I remember!
  • I made a very simple excel spreadsheet (very basic) of my cardio, classes, tracking & weight.  I was inspired by Sheryl @ Ms Bitch Cakes.  She never ceases to inspire whether it's to get out there and DO something, be more mindful of my eating, and more recently to track, track, track.
I've been thinking about the classes at the gym today and about how I don't want anything to interfere with them.  If I had registered and paid for a 10 week session of Tuesday night boot camp, I would never miss one.  I've done it and didn't miss any.  If someone asked me to do something that night, I would say that I couldn't because I had boot camp.  And that's what I'm going to do now because I PAY FOR THE MEMBERSHIP.  So yes, I'm paying for it!  From now on, Tuesday evening, Wednesday evening and Saturday morning are off the social calendar . . . unless they want to come to the Y with me!!

The goals are the same for this week - tracking, hehe, and tracking my tracking, the three classes with cardio before them.  I could be doing a little better with water so that's on the list!

Have a great week everyone!

Michelle :)

ps.  I have a fancy GPS Garmin watch that I always used for outdoor running and last night I ordered the wireless heart rate monitor piece so I can track the calories I burn on indoor cardio machine and in my classes more accurately.  Might have to add a column to the excel spreadsheet already!!


  1. COOL!! I love that list. Goals are so important, there are days I have to just do one hour at a time. But it's all possible. Good luck my friend and have a blessed evening.

  2. Hi, new follower. Great blog. Im working on my first 5k.
    congrats on the loss, that's fantastic. Those are great goals. I have a hard time getting all my water in as well. Looking forward to following you

  3. Yippee!! Great loss Michelle, and your post is beaming with happiness!! I'm feeling your's contagious!!

  4. I started tracking again as well. It's such a great tool to use. Thanks for the reminder.

    and congrats on the weight loss! great payoff for all your hard work!

  5. Hey there Michelle...I'm finally back online after several weeks of technical difficulties with Verizon...ha ha!!! It's so great to see that you're still completely on track and doing so well. Tracking is absolutely the key!!! I've been tracking faithfully for eight+ months now. Some people look at tracking as a chore, I look at it as a blessing. Keep up the good work my friend!!!

  6. Great result! Don't you just love when it all comes together like that.

    Ooooo a spreadsheet. I LOVE a good spreadsheet!

  7. woohoo!!! Congratulations on your loss this week!

  8. Congrats on that great loss Michelle! Tracking works, even though it takes, time and commitment so excellent job :) and Sheryl made a mention of you on her post as well yay.