Thursday, February 16, 2012

Social Situations

I got to thinking yesterday about my timing of jumping back on the WW bandwagon.  I started counting my points again this past Sunday.  I've counted every single little thing that has passed my lips.  Trouble is, my sister from Vancouver arrives tomorrow (Friday) and is staying till Tuesday.  She's staying with me and there is basically going to be a lot of meals and a lot of wine.  At first, I started to think that I should have just started the day after she left but then came to the realization that that is just wrong thinking.  There will always be something.  A weekend away, out of town company, Thanksgiving, Christmas season etc.  It's always something, it's life.  I need to learn how to navigate these things without letting it be a free-for-all which is just a slippery slope into my previous habits.  I weighed myself this morning and I was 210.6 so I've lost 1.8 pounds so far this first week.  My next weigh-in is supposed to be Monday morning.  My goal now is to just not gain from this 210.6 while my sister is here.  Friday night, it's supposed to be burgers at my other sisters place.  I'm going to bring my own light cheese slice and my own bun (one of those whole wheat sandwich thins).  I'm supposed to bring a salad so I'll bring a delicious salad and some mixed veggies and dip.  My brother is bringing chips and pop so I'm bring my own coke zero and a small bag of pop chips.  I don't feel silly bringing my own stuff just because it's just my family, they know I'm trying to lose weight.  Monday night is tacos at my place and I find those easy to make point-friendly.  Everything in moderation!!!

Next up, Valentine's Day.  I usually dread it.  Haha - I did actually dread it but it turned out better than I thought.  One of my FB friends called it Singles Awareness Day (s.a.d), I thought that was hilarious.  He said it's because he's never more aware of being single.  Anyhow, my little sister and her husband and the new baby have been coming over every Tuesday for the last 5 or 6 weeks.  I make supper and steal the baby and we watch the Bachelor recorded from the night before.  We have a good time.  It wasn't until Sunday that I realized that our next Tuesday fell on Valentine's Day.  We'd already decided what we were having for supper, "breakfast for supper".  When I realized, I offered to just babysit so they could go out on a date and they both said no, haha!  They wanted the eggs benedict and the bachelor.  So it was just like any other Tuesday but this little cutie pie had a Valentine's Day card for me and she was decked out in hearts.  She was the best Valentine I've ever had.  Haha - all the previous ones turned out to be d-bags in one fashion or another.

And now the segue (not a weird word when you say it, but totally a weird word when you type it) to the bachelor . . . Oh Courtney.  She is just so unreal, I wouldn't know where to begin.  What stuck out most to me this episode was how much she doesn't look at him.  If you still have it on PVR, go to the part where she & Ben are having dinner.  She glances all around her and then all of sudden looks fake interested in what he's saying.  So bizarre.  Then, the whole cocktail party thing when she was acting weird and talking about her pina colada and talking about how confident she was, OBNOXIOUS!  However, the worst was when she was sniffing her rose and waving it Emily's face and then sang her little "see ya, wouldn't wanna be ya" as she left.  How does Ben not see that???  He's RIGHT THERE.  He doesn't want to see it and his penis is incapable of seeing it.  Anyhow, internet rumors have long since said that he picks Courtney in the end and I really hope he does.  I hope he picks her for two reasons: first, none of those other girls would be having a fun time right now.  Imagine, he picks you.  Then you have to sit and watch this whole season and how he carries on with Courtney. Awful.  And the second reason I hope he picks Courtney?  the aftermath.  This aftermath I think will prove to be delicious reality television for both the Women Tell All and the After the Final Rose.  Delicious.  Yes, I'm a junkie.  If you haven't watched this yet, please do, it's hilarious and unfortunately, the tune is a little catchy so it will get stuck in your head.  

Hometown dates next week!  I'm kind of wondering if Courtney hired a family, hahaha!!  And if she used her own family, are they embarrassed by her behavior now while watching the season??

It's a terrible show and I love it!  I was going to include some Survivor thoughts in this post but I'll do that on the weekend.  Sneak preview, the women are driving me nuts and Matt is so arrogant and cocky that I hope he goes first.  

So what say you Bachelor fans?  And how do you stay on track for special occasions and/or out of town company when you know there will be lots of food and socializing?


  1. That may be the cutest Valentine I have ever seen!

    I agree with you 100% - Courtney is a fruit loop. I like Ben less and less every week when I see how he reacts to Courtney. I heard he picks her and then they break up two weeks later. I can't wait to see what really happens!

  2. Love your blog! I totally know what you mean about how there is always something going on in your life to derail the diet. If not one thing it's another so might as well just move on through it and do your best. Good idea about bringing your own cheese and bun! The baby is SO cute!! I'm also a big fan of reality tv shows like Bachelor, Survivor, Big Brother. I happen to know who he picks b/c I read all the Reality Steve spoilers. I'm really bad about doing that with the Bachelor b/c I got sick and tired of them never picking who I wanted!! lol..this way I'm never disappointed b/c I already know who it is in the end. Thanks for that youtube clip. I hadn't seen it yet!!

    1. HI Holly! Thanks! I'm a huge reality tv fan. I just can't help it. Although, it was killing me to watch Big Brother this past summer because it was so obviously fixed for Rachel to win. Can't stand her!!! When I found out she was on AR, I was devastated! I checked out Reality Steve too a few weeks ago because I was so sure it was her, I had to know!