Friday, February 10, 2012

Wanna See My Scrapbook?

Not sure how long I'll keep this up, but i'm enjoying it.  I swear, today at work, I was thinking in "blog post" thoughts.  Remember when facebook came out and you got all hooked updating your status with funny things?  Next thing you know, you're thinking in the third person "Michelle is . . . " all the time.  My thoughts today . . . 

1.  The Bachelor.  Oh man, I was delayed in watching this week.  I usually record it and watch it on Tuesdays.  My sister, her husband, and my awesome cutie pie niece  come over for supper and we watch.  I believe it's really important to start babies on a healthy diet of a meal while watching skanky reality tv.  Having it recorded is awesome so that we can rewind the moments missed because of the adorable screaming baby.  Or every time you think "she did NOT just say that!" or when Kacie skis down a San Francisco street  - ass first.  These moments need to be watched again and again.  Anyway, Courtney is awful but she didn't even stand out to me this week.  This week, there were two big cringe-worthy moments for me.  What made them so sad and cringe-worthy was that both were born out of sheer desperation.  Jamie and her little red dress so desperate for a kiss that she straddles him trying to make it sexy or romantic.  Outcome - the dress rips, she can't really sit right and then has the most awkward kiss ever seen in Bachelor history.  Maybe there are more awkward ones, but I don't remember one.  (Except maybe that crazy chick Michelle but I don't remember whose season she was on).  Anyway, I was so sad for Jamie.  She'd been really sweet up until then.  Nice girl, hadn't done anything embarrassing or shameful on national tv, then she does this and goes home with that fresh in our minds!  I can't wait till the Women Tell All episode.  
THE scrapbook
Second painful moment (I know it happened first but it was more tragic), Blakely and the scrapbook.  Oh Blakely.  I felt for her because at 34 (supposedly, there is much speculation that she’s older but I don’t think so), you start to get pretty nervous as a single girl that you won’t find your special someone especially if you want kids. I get it, I totally get it. Those ladies have a lot of time on their hands to think about Ben and daydream.  Those daydreams are the worst, they turn these “relationships” into so much more than they really are.  Hell, I’ve done this in real life. I think if I didn’t have to work every day and all I did was think about some dude, I’d lose it too.  When she pulled out that scrapbook with his name on the front, I swear, I nearly cried.  I knew she was going home at that moment and was so sad that she went out on that desperate note.  Really though, these two girls dodged a bullet.  He doesn’t deserve them but it’s sad that they both went home after they pulled their most desperate moment. Booo. 

2.  The Maze Runner.  After Harry Potter, Twilight, & The Hunger Games, I was looking for something else to dive into.  I so love a good trilogy or series.  When it's just one book and then it's over, I feel sad!  I've read on a number of blogs (of course, where else would I read it) that The Maze Runner trilogy is quite popular.  Also young adult fiction, shocking!  I dove in.  So far I'm intrigued, I'm loving it.  According to my Kindle, I'm 30% into the book, haha, I've grown to love the percentage.  Depending on what time I'm getting to bed, I let myself read a certain number of chapters.  Last night it was already really late, so I decided on one chapter.  So I get to the end of chapter 16, I'm tense, the walls of the Glade are closing on the Maze and Thomas is faced with a decision!  He looks out of the sliding stone wall doors and sees Minho carrying Alby who is injured.  Slowly.  They aren't going to make it into the Glade before the doors close and they will be trapped all night in the Maze with the Grievers!   Other Gladers are yelling at Thomas not do do it but Thomas can't help himself.  He runs out of the Glade into the Maze and the doors slam shut behind him.  End of chapter.  Noooooo!!!  How will I wait till tomorrow to know what happens!!  I wanted to stay up but knew it was already way too late and I'd been doing that all this very long week.  And now I know you want to read the Maze Runner too.    

3.  I've been thinking that I want and NEED to start exercising again (still no bouncing allowed).  So I'm going to start with walking.  I was going to give myself a little 5K per day challenge but I know that some days, I won't actually have time for 5K.  Like Tuesdays.  No time.  Then I figured maybe I would do a weekly total so that it doesn't matter if I walk 7K a few times or manage 5K every day.  So I'm thinking 30K per week is a nice place to start until I'm allowed to do more.  I was going to start today but it's -31 C.  For the Americans, that's - 24F, so I decided to wait until this painful, stinging cold lets up.  That's supposed to be Sunday.  I'm actually okay with -31.  I trained all winter outside for the half-marathon I did in the winter.  It's the wind chill that gets me.  I don't like to feel my face burning from cold.  So Sunday, I walk.  And eventually, I will run.

And now it is time to put on the pj's, turn on the fireplace, make some hot chocolate, and refresh my Walking Dead memory in time for Sunday's new episode.  


  1. I smile everytime I pop onto your blog. I'm sitting on my couch, with a blanket and the fireplace on, and my hubby and I were JUST talking about Sunday's upcoming Walking Dead!! See Twins I tell ya!!

    I couldn't agree more about the Bachelor. I really need to see Courtney leave. Now. Can't stand her!!

    I haven't heard of The Maze Runner.Once I'm done the HG I shall check it out. (I'm a slow reader).

    Excercise is on my must list too! Monday is my go day!!

    Have a great weekend my friend :-)

    1. AW thanks!!!

      I actually bought an US Weekly which I never do and only because Ben & Courtney were on the cover. If they created her for ratings and money, it is so working!!!!