Monday, February 13, 2012

The Tablespoon

I really really really wish that these . . . 

were these . . . 

Seriously, when I'm counting my points, I feel like I am constantly washing my 1 tbsp measuring spoon. And my 1/2 cup measuring cup actually.  I'm going to google and see if I can buy a set of 1 tbsp's.   If not, I'm hitting up the dollar store and buying five and tossing out the rest of the set.


  1. I bought 3 sets of measuring spoons and 2 cheap sets of measuring cups and just kept the 2 .5c/1c and the 1 tbsp! It does makes it soooo much easier :-)

  2. I put magnets on mine...rinse and put on side of fridge after each use! ;o)