Monday, August 13, 2012

Can I Fit Through a Car Window?

Probably not.  Or maybe I actually could if it was closer to the ground, hehe.  Yesterday I went to see a movie.  I parked my car at 1:30pm and came out to my car at 4pm.  Short version of the story:  I suspect the jerk next to me hit my car because it is dented, has beige paint on the scrape and my fricking door won't open more than 8 inches.  So until it's fixed I will be going through the passenger side (so classy) or the window (no Dukes of Hazzard here).  I took a bunch of pictures.  I have an older car that already has a scrape on the other door from a parking lot jerk (unidentified) so at first I was just going to get the dent banged out so the door would work but then I decided I should go through insurance and get it fixed properly.  When I called the insurance company, they told me to bring the pictures with me to my estimate and that they are going to send the other person a letter and make contact in the hopes that they admit to hitting me.  If so, I won't have to pay my deductible.  If not, I'm out the deductible but I guess that's why we have insurance.  I also have to go make a police report and take pictures to them.

Yesterday I was so angry and sad about it.  I'm trying to save money to see my sister and sweet niece in September and to go to Vancouver to see the rest of my family for Christmas and some douchebag hitting me in a parking lot does not fit into those financial plans.  On my way home, it started to pour, hard rain, I thought at any moment it would turn to hail.  I did what any normal, self-sufficient, independent woman would do -- I started to cry my eyes out.  It only lasted a few minutes and it was a big release of the frustration.  It helped because then I just started to think that it could be worse.  My car could be not drivable but it's not.  I could have a higher deductible but I don't.  I will call this segment "of course you hit me!"

My car is the blue civic.

My drivers side front panel.

Looks like beige paint to me!

Looks like they've met a yellow drive thru pole too.


Ah well, on the plus side, the movie Hope Springs was AWESOME.  I cried a couple of times and laughed my ass off numerous times.  Amazing movie and I so love both of them.

In my last post, I talked about that boot camp class at work.  I tried it on Friday.  Holy sh*t.  It was HARD.  And fast.  It did go by fast.  I was still aching from the circuit at the gym two days before so by Saturday, it hurt my abs to cough and my legs to just sit.  I feel better now.  Still stiff but better.  I want to try the boot camp at the Y tomorrow night.  I might leave work early tomorrow so I can go make the police report and have enough time to make it to boot camp.  Fingers crossed. 

I don't want to make this post too long so I'll stop here and just add this little picture.  I video called my niece the other day and she was so so so sweet.  She was imitating me, reaching for the phone, she even licked it once, baha!! My sister had to wipe it off.  She can almost make the little kiss sounds, she concentrates so hard.  Love love love her.  

Now I'm going to make something hopefully healthy & delicious for supper and settle in to watch Bachelor Pad.  Hehe - deliciously gross and addictive.


  1. Hello there! Yes, I am the one who emailed you so very long ago. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. Just stumbled upon your blog via Happy Herbivore's twitter! Def loving what I see, and I hope to join your cause and let me be my inspiration!

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