Monday, August 27, 2012

I'm Boring.

For the most part though, I'm okay with being boring because I'm kind of a hermit.  So because I'm a lame hermit, I did not in fact get out on my bike on Saturday.  I know.  My bike is making me feel guilty.  Like that Special K commercial.

However, I did go for Run 4 on Sunday morning.  It was really good, I felt great.  

Today after work, I went for Run 5.  About halfway through, both of my knees started to hurt.  Right above my knee cap.  I suspect my shoes.  Only because they haven't hurt to this point and both started at the same time in the same place.  While my shoes don't have a ton of miles on them, they do have some miles and they have been sitting for over a year.  I have a newer pair that have next to zero miles on them but they too have been sitting for a year or more.  I will try those on my next run on Wednesday and if not, I may have invest in a new pair :(  Unless anyone else has any suggestions on my knee pain!!

Tried another recipe from my Happy Herbivore cookbook.  Enchilada Casserole.  Pretty tasty.  Loved the Queso sauce on top of it too.  Pretty sweet to have lunch for the next couple days all ready to go.  

And tonight after my run, I was so hungry so naturally, I had a Gardenburger.  It's my quick and easy meal that I can be eating in exactly ten minutes.  I loaded it up with so many veggies, it was probably equal to a side salad on it.  Added some corn and some refried beans.  TASTY.

My plans so far for this week:
Monday - run - DONE!
Tuesday - elliptical and then a freaking massage!  Giddy-up.
Wednesday - weights with the girls & run - test out the other shoes - please oh please oh please no pain.
Thursday - elliptical
Friday - boot camp at lunch and run after work.
Saturday -- BIKE BIKE
I suppose I could get a bike ride in on any day that's nice . . . 

Anyone else experience the knee pain and if so, what did it end up being?


  1. I just recently went through some knee issues. I've always had some pain in my knees, it unfortunately runs in the family, but it got worse when I started running again just recently. I got new shoes too, but it didn't help. My pain was right under my kneecap, toward the inside of my leg a little. The doc said, and I couldn't believe this myself, that I strained my hamstring muscle, which connects to the knee right where I was experiencing the pain. He gave me a cortisone shot and all is well. My main problem? I need to lose weight. The extra weight I'm carrying is exactly what caused the strain in the first place. I hope this helps! Don't push it too far for too long, you'll risk a serious injury. :) Great job on keeping up with your goals!

    1. OMG - you mean I'm fat??? Hahaha! Yeah, I was doing some googling and sometimes knee pain is caused by a weaker thigh muscle and causes it to go a bit off track. So I'm trying my other shoes and doing some squats and wall sits to strengthen my thighs.

  2. That casserole looks delicious!

    When I was running, I used to get terrible hip aches. It was weird but it went away as I got better at running.

  3. I hear ya, the only time I ever got hip aches was from the last 30 minutes of a half-marathon a couple years ago. Never had them again but I"ve also never run that far again!